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  1. Not to mention the issues that would come up concerning warranty when something goes wrong by using certain items.
  2. I have never seen an entire family so motivated in this hobby. Im sure you are going to find what you are looking for, as long as you keep the fires inside burning. I know you can and will do great things.
  3. It depends on the area im heading into. Known areas I will take the big guns into. If its a new area, I normally pack 2, a GM1000 and my atx. I leave the big guns at home until I know there is need. I wont leave them in the vehicle. Sometimes im miles away and dont need to worry about them. Plus I like to get a feel for new areas before headng into it with alot of high dollar equipment.
  4. It is pretty tough riding those bike when you are not used to it. What I did was an electric powered assist mountain bike, makes it much easier.
  5. It is a good PI water prof detector. In the price range with a lifetime warranty its probably the best deal going. I was impressed by its performance a few weeks ago.
  6. One of the best books out there is Fists Full of Gold by Chris Ralph. Alot of good, easy to understand info. I highly recommend reading it..
  7. Very sorry to hear this, I lost 2 Labs last year, someone went around our neighborhood poisoning dogs. They got mine and 2 others on our street. Both were 14 years old, we rescued them when they were 2 months old, truly part of our family.
  8. Flex Seal works great also, now they make it in many different colors including clear. It also adds water proofing.
  9. Yes they do work great. Not really sure whats in them. I almost think its a Kevlar panel, they are lite and do not hinder me at all while walking.
  10. I dont have any pics, but I do wear them. In the winter I sometimes go without them, but they are also good for cactus and other low pointy things that can hurt you.
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