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  1. Thanks for the advice. Will be using the 15x12 commander to cover more ground. Going to let my buddy use the gold monster 1000 with the 5x10 coil. Two of the guys who found this spot back 6 years ago will be there as well with a gpx 5000. Will hopefully be some nice nuggets coming out of the ground. Fingers crossed.
  2. So this Saturday im heading back out to the property that produced 4 nuggets with the GPX 4800 last time, using the 11 inch coiltec elite. The area we will be focusing on has mainly been known for producing larger nuggets in excess of 5 grams. My question is, is there any advantage to use the 11 inch coil vs the 15x12. The 15x12 obviously gets more ground coverage but would think the two would be about equal on depth to larger nuggets. The 15x12 is probably less responsive to smaller nuggets compared to the 11 inch. Which would you use on ground that was just clear cut with targets that will generally be on the order of 5 grams or larger? Thanks for the help
  3. Not exactly a gold prospecting video, but it still deals with placer gold. My fiance and I decided to make our wedding bands from the gold that i have found in Virginia. At first we tried actual forging, which was way to hard and required to many specialized tools. So after a little more research we decided to try sand casting. This process required a few tools, but none were very expensive, and this process was easier to do. That being said it took about 10 failed attempts to make her ring and 1 failed attempt to make mine. Something to note is that the smaller and more intricate the item you are trying to cast the harder it is to get it to work properly. This video is just of making my band. All in all i am very happy with the results and i actually like the little dimples and imperfection that are in the band, it gives it character, and since im not perfect my band shouldnt be either lol. (FYI her band is perfect because she is lol) Hope yall enjoy the video. Thanks for watching.
  4. I have my garret carrot on a bungee lanyard as well. I use a tool pouch from Lowes as my find bag and it holds my pin pointer and scoop as well. Ill get a picture of it this evening when i get home.
  5. From back in May when i first found my little nugget patch. Some of the smaller pieces of gold in this spot would ring up to the iron side, but since almost every target in this spot is gold, it shows you that on small gold the probability indicator should be ignored. Some nice gold for only an hour or so spent detecting. Will have more videos to come, im slowly working through my backlog. Thanks for watching!
  6. Your equinox 600 can be pressed in use as an effective gold prospecting machine. While it does not have a dedicated gold prospecting mode, my understanding is that Park 1 can be used for gold prospecting, since in multifrequency i believe it runs up to 40khz frequency. Steve Herschbach should be able to comment on this more, since if I remember correctly he is the one that i learned it from on one of the equinox forum post he did. The other option would be to sell the equinox 600 and upgrade to the 800. Which is pretty much the best multipurpose detector out there and can detect nuggets as small as what gold monster 1000 will.
  7. Welcome to the forum Joe L! New York is definitely not known from having much gold even for people panning, so finding a natural gold nugget there is pretty slim. But some of the states to the Northeast of New York, mainly New Hampshire and Maine have had some pretty good gold finds. That being said most of the finds i have seen have been by people using dredges, but thats not to say with lots of research and prospecting that detectable gold nuggets couldnt be found. Also the Mid-Atlantic states such as Virginia the Carolinas and Georgia all have a great history of gold being found. And i have found a number of areas in VA that have produced detectable nuggets. With that being said the east coast is much harder to hunt for gold nuggets when compared to the western US. This is due to 1. simply less gold being in the eastern states, 2. most all the old gold mines are on private property and require land owner permission to prospect or metal detect. But it can be done. Below are some pictures of gold found in VA with the gold monster 1000, which the Equinox can pretty much detect pieces of gold just as small. Best of luck on your search, and welcome to the addiction.
  8. True, regardless its interesting to watch its progression. I occasionally like to drool over other detectors, but i put in a ton of research before i pull the trigger, which often dissuades me from changing my current setup.
  9. The QED is sounding more and more interesting by the day. I hope to see it get a foot-hold in the US. At its price point and weight and now features i might be willing to trade in the GPX for the QED. Time will tell currently. Keep us updated on features and finds!
  10. 1) What detectors you have purchased in the past couple of years? Bought the GPX used about 3 years ago, gold monster new about 2 years ago and the equinoix 800 new about 1 year ago. 2) Where you happy with your purchase(s)? Yep ive been happy with each of them, though frustrated with them at times. Living in an area that has almost no nugget shooting happening, it has taken more time then normal to get on detectable gold. 3) Have you had to do a warranty claim on it, how'd that go? Nope, no issues with them. 4) If you had your time again would you still buy those detectors or do you regret it? Yeo id buy them again. 5) Do you still use any of your other detectors, if so why? The three detectors listed are my only detectors, and ive used all of them in past 2 weeks. last but not least...... 6) Your favourite detector of all time I cant say that i really have a favorite, each detecor i have serves a different purpose and they serve them well. But if forced to i would say the equinox 800 just due to its versatility, going to the beach no problem, detecting around my sisters house, worked amazing, nugget shooting in the creek, why not, picks up tiny gold, going dredging on the river bring the equinox and go snorkling and relic hunting. Its just an awesome all purpose machine.
  11. Agreed! Im on a few other forums and while i have not seen some of the bad stuff, the other forums dont generate as good of content and/or seem to be getting a lot less people participating as time goes on, but they are still a wealth of info if you are willing to dig for it.
  12. Yep the gold pyrite belt runs in north east southwest trend, this also leads to the gold bearing veins running in a NE-SW trend as well. Most of the early mining started as placer mining and eventually turned into hardrock. So while the MRDS descriptions may say underground or hard rock for most of the sites, almost every mine site in VA was also placer mined at one point or another.
  13. There are lots of old timer workings all over the place. Both hardrock and placer.
  14. I also took some video of both days so once I get those put together ill post them as well.
  15. Thanks guys! And I would bet that if the east coast had a similar climate to Arizona or Australia as well as open access to land and not private property, that you would see a lot more nuggets coming from the east coast. The area that I detected with the GPX, like I said was detected before, about 5 years ago, and the gold they got from it is nothing less then amazing with the biggest piece being 7 ounces and many other large nuggets as well as small ones. Needless to say I cant wait to get back to this spot and hit it hard.
  16. Got to go detecting on Saturday on good gold ground that was just recently clear cut. This area has been detected in the past but it is a huge area and the clear cutting has surely made more gold detectable. One of the guys who originally found this spot came with me. Having first hand experience on hand is always helpful. I was using the gpx 4800 with a coiltek 11 inch elite mono. I started off in normal and at the factory presets, after digging a number of hot ground signal, I switched to enhance and this removed the hot ground that was giving me issues. The first hour or so of detecting yielded normal small bits of trash, and one target that I thought for sure would be gold, but was a piece of rusty iron about a foot down in cemented gravels (that was a let down lol). We moved up to the logging road and began detecting it, after a few trash targets, I got a nice mellow signal, it was easily heard, and upon scrapping down about 3 to 4 inches out pops a coarse little 8 grain nugget, my first piece found with the gpx. I continued to detect this area of the road and pulled out three more small nuggets, the smallest being 5 grains and the largest just over a gram. By about noon the I was beat and the heat was almost hitting 90 with about 100% humidity. So we packed up and hiked back out. All in all I was very happy with the day, and it showed me what my gpx4800 is capable of, and now I have more trust in its ability to find small gold at pretty good depth. Then today I had to go down to my normal prospecting area and pull my dredge out, and while I was there I fired the gold monster back up and went to my little picker creek picker hole. Found some more nice little pickers with the monster, and finally got it over a larger nuggets. Man does it scream on bigger gold. The area that the bigger nugget was in looked like bedrock with no evident cracks. I had to bring the crow bar over and just ripped up the soft decomposing bedrock, and out pops a nice 1 gram nugget. I detected for about 1.5 hours and got 5 nice pieces with one being a little quartz and gold specimen piece. So all in all a fantastic weekend with gold from two separate locals, with two different detectors. Total gold was about 4.5 grams for the two short days of detecting in Virginia.
  17. Great posts on this one. The QED is interesting and when it gets a foot hold in the US ill take a harder look at them. For me right now im set with Gold monster, EQ800 and GPX4800. Simon - Something that may help you with your speed and coil control while detecting maybe to film yourself detecting then go back and watch it later. This is done in a number of other sports and hobbies and there seems to be something with watching yourself do something that hits home and helps you see what your doing wrong and right and take it to heart. Just a thought.
  18. Also recently we got another dog, so he is now in training. He is a king shepard border collie mix and is only 5 months old and 50 lbs, full grown he i will be around 110 to 120 lbs. So needless to say he is going to get a pack and carry stuff for me and ward off bears and other wild animals lol.
  19. Yep Jax the gold dog, he is my overwatch when my head is in the water.
  20. After much research and mapping, I believe I have narrowed down the area where the old timers found ounce sized nuggets back when my creek was actively being mined. Two areas in the creek fit the description. I had to piece together info from multiple reports and geologic descriptions, then use property boundaries, court house, records, geologic maps, lidar maps and lots of hiking and scouting to find these two areas seem to match. Only time and lots of dredging will tell if i got it right or not. Hope you all enjoy the video and stay tuned for more.
  21. Thanks for all that info Clay, it will take me little time to digest and commit to heart. Have you ever heard of any one getting permission to detect or prospect Indian Reservation land? Or is that pretty much always going to be a dead end?
  22. That screen shot was taken from the glorecords land catalog. Thanks for all the help.
  23. Another question, in the below picture over half of the area in 21N 5E is not gridded. What does that mean? Had is been withdrawn from mineral entry, and prospecting is not allowed? Its all in National Forest land, and is not part of a Monument nor is is private land. Also im using this area as an example, it is not an area that i am interested or has any gold or other valuable minerals.
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