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  1. How close were the machines while checking the targets?  Were they noise canceled near each other?  Different noise cancel selections?   So many random RF variables come in to play when these machines are within 10 feet of each other it’s hard to pin it down really. 

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  2. When everything at the grocery store has gone up in price it stands to reason that our toys will too. Our government has printed so much money this year with the stimulus bills that we haven’t even seen the real start of the inflation that is coming. A $50 increase for a MD that was massively undervalued when it was released is just the tip of the iceberg. If you stop and take it all in it’s just depressing, so my advice is to turn off the TV and go hunt for treasure!!!   Treasure always makes us smile😊😊😊

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  3. When I first got my 600 I ran the FE at 0 after experimenting with it.  Since the F2 option came out I’ve switched to running F2 of 0 and haven’t switched since. 50 tones and low recovery speed really gives an intelligible sound to commingled targets, once you get used to it anyway. 

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  4. I use Sennheiser APTX earbuds when land hunting. I have a wm8 module that works fine and I’ve experimented with different headphones but it’s one more thing in the chain and I’ve just stuck with the Bluetooth for land.  I have a pairof wired waterproof earbuds that a seller on ebay makes that are fantastic for water hunting. 

  5. In our mild dirt/sand down here there are places I’ve found plenty of fringe depth coins(10”+) that you really had to be going slow to hear.  I may be tempted to try the 15” and see if it offers any extra punch.  I’ll have to wager the cost versus the reports when they finally hit the streets though.  

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  6. 5 minutes ago, afreakofnature said:

    Is it just me or why would you need the 14 x 9 or the 15 inch round when Minelab already has a 15”.  What would be the difference in performance or usability?

    Depth is usually somewhat physically tied to the smallest of the two coil dimensions, so in theory the 15”round should offer some potential extra depth when compared to MLs stock 11” or the 15x12.    Not sure where that leaves the 14x9??  Maybe just offering that because they already have the mold from the ctx version Coiltek makes??

  7. 2 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    That's not bad. I was afraid it would be $300. I'll get one for that price.

    Same here!  I was messaging with a friend who is a dealer earlier and secured a spot on his list. He wasn’t sure how soon he would be getting any yet though and now that we have info from Coiltek it looks to be March at least.  Still it’s progress.  

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  8. I still don’t quite grasp the coil ear problem. I’ve used mine for almost 2 years like a maniac in a slasher movie when in the overgrown woods I tend to hunt and have never had any problems fortunately. I was nervous when people were talking about it on the forums but all has been fine with mine. Guess it’s just the luck of the draw?? Or maybe some batches were molded too hot or not cooled correctly????

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  9. On 8/29/2020 at 12:36 PM, devilsrenegade said:

    my grandkids broke one of the battery door push pin connectors to my amigo II, does anyone know where I could find a replacement one? It appears to be exactly like the one on my old whites goldmaster II. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank's to all that reply.


    Shoot me a message with your address. I can send you a complete door. I have a dead Amigo that I robbed some components from to fix another, anyway, I have a spare housing and can gladly donate the battery cover.  Always good to see a Tesoro getting used by the younglings!  


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  10. Will definitely be sad to see them go if that’s what ends up happening.  Seems like Whites and Tesoro met the same fate of making products solely for the “hobby” market.  First Texas and Garrett seem to generate the majority of income from products outside the hobby market. 
    I wonder what the odds of First Texas buying them out.  Would be cool if someone with more modern manufacturing capabilities could bring the Whites MF platform into the future!!!!

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  11. 6 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    Who knows. When a dealer has one I can buy and a price I’ll buy one. If it’s so limited only special people with special connections can get one... well the product will be a failure and I won’t care. Any company that can’t make enough of something that people want is not worth doing business with. I refuse to buy into any of the “Limited Edition” and “Special Edition” stuff. Yeah, like the F75 Ltd, so limited you can still buy them new 20 years later! :laugh: but seriously, if FT is not making and selling these for at least a few years, then it is a business failure. Maybe the first few units are “Limited” in some way, but making just 20 units would not begin to cover the cost of even designing and tooling up for the battery case.

    If FT only makes 20 and quits... did you really need one after all? Think about it. The only way that happens is if it does not perform to a level that people are willing to pay for.

    Hopefully they just do factory direct like the Teknetics sales model.  Kind of amusing hearing “dealers” talking about pre-orders for a machine that the manufacturer has barely even acknowledged 😂😂

  12.   “MultiFlex” was the technology name used in some of the early Vanquish “info” on the tabloid MD sites.    I wonder if there was leaked info about this that got mixed up with the Vanquish???  Or maybe it’s some kind of VFlex tech collaboration or licensing????

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