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  1. Doesn’t really matter which machine you are using, if you want to get gold jewelry you’re gonna dig a lot of trash. I’ve got 3 gold rings with the EQX so far and I feel they have had a more solid ID than similar trash targets. They IDed as 9, 15 and 19 and were a very consistent number ID. Can’t say they were tonally different but with 50 tone they definitely didn’t waver as much as similar pieces of foil, canslaw or corroded zincs. Someday someone will release the “magic” detector that can separate the aluminum from the gold...........but I wouldn’t recommend holding our breath for it!!!
  2. The Quest Scoopall works pretty well for little targets like splitshot weights and stud earrings. It’s around $90 if memory serves.
  3. Interesting, C-scope is an English or European brand. Most of there previous machines were analog controls (knobs and switches). Looks like they are moving towards the digital world, probably to avoid Tesoro’s fate. Since they show it hunting in a field I would presume it’s not a PI but who knows. They do make a rather affordable PI already, not waterproof but a simple machine that is a stable wet sand hunter.
  4. I would imagine that splash resistance is fine for 99.9% of the users. Just being able to hunt wet salt sand without all the falsing from a single frequency machine will be the selling point to most new users. Water hunting is tough work and the casual beginner will likely never submerge the detector. I would wager that the vast majority of AT series, NokMak Anfibs/Kruzer, and Equinox are never actually used in the water. I’m hoping that we are going to see these new coil sizes for the Vanquish offered for the Equinox.
  5. Appears that a dealer slipped an email through to the public. Saw this posted on a FB group https://minelabmetaldetectors.cmail19.com/t/ViewEmail/j/9595747D37B51BC42540EF23F30FEDED/4D4D7C2B363E32D96A4D3D471B02C3D7?fbclid=IwAR1zieN-LaN_n3dUYeC2uF-vn7WHqc3km28-GwJaeVm953q_6Sh27-Xko74
  6. Steve pretty well nailed it!!!!!!! 1...LOTS of research 2...LOTS of time with your detector of choice 3....dig LOTS of targets
  7. With gold prices on the rise, over $1500US an ounce right now, up from $1200 at the beginning of the year, I am tempted to sell an ounce of the broken 10 and 14K bits I’ve accumulated. Just curious as to what the rest of y’all do with your gold jewelry. Save it or sell it??
  8. Where are you located?? Someone from the forum may be near enough to lend a hand and a little experience.
  9. Colonial Metal Detectors is having a close out sale on the Pirate and PiratePro models from Detector Pro. A friend told me about it last week. The Pirate is $120 and the Pro $160 if memory serves. Good deal for an emergency backup detector.
  10. I wonder if they will eventually sell individual EQX pods. Before I learned how good the EQX is at gold jewelry hunting I was toying with getting a GM1000 for those tasks and I noticed that they sell the GM components separately. Already having spare rod bits you can get a control unit, single coil and AA battery pack for a lot less than the whole package.
  11. Mine passed with flying colors. Took it to a swimming hole as soon as it was charged. Haven’t tested the max depth though. Usually only get about shoulder deep with it. 🧜‍♂️
  12. Pretty sure there is a gore-tex vent at the base of the handle. There really has to be to equalize the pressure changes. Even the smallest volume of air space can change quite a bit with changing temps.
  13. Hard to say what the cause is without knowing the whole story. Could be a random production problem. Could be from an undisclosed impact. Could have been left in a super hot car/trunk. Fortunately they are all still under warranty and by all “known” accounts, not that many judging by the forums and FB, Minelab has dealt with them promptly and fairly. The big question for me is when are they gonna wake up and let CoilTek make us some elliptical coils for the Equinox!!!!!!!!!!
  14. When you say “filter” are you referring to the noise cancel setting??
  15. Just do it. If you’re new to the machine just start with park1 and hunt away. Pay attention to any patterns that develop as to where good targets are located. If you manage to hunt everywhere before they move more dirt then try park2 or alter settings in 1 and go over it again. Usually with construction areas they work so fast that you usually don’t get to hunt it all. Put the coil to the soil and go find some goodies!!🤠
  16. Definitely do dig them Phrunt!! My last two gold rings were a pull tab signal and a zinc penny signal. Both were in places I’ve detected before and can almost guarantee that I passed them because it was hot and I’d already dug my share of similar ID junk targets.
  17. Well done!!! Thats a neat ring design. Looks like a tire??
  18. Just dug a nice zinc penny too!!!! This was a solid 19 on the Equinox at about 2-3”. 16.6grams of 10K. Now to do a little research and see if I can find this kid by his nickname on the ring. The other is 10k gold filled over sterling.
  19. The only problem with not digging the foil in a playground is that any little gold jewelry that a kid is likely to loose( broken chains, clasps, earrings, gold baby rings) is going to register in the same zone as those bits of candy wrapper foil. Its a daunting job digging all that trash but most places the persistence will be rewarded with sweet shiny gold, albeit little tiny gold. I like to refer to it as “urban-prospecting” LOL I love my EQX for the majority of my detecting but in a playground I will always use a Tesoro Compadre or Mojave. When you get the sweep speed right yo
  20. Is it available yet?? I haven’t been able to find it listed for sale anywhere
  21. Finally took a look at the website. It says the EZ wander module is compatible with the Kruzers. Have to find a dealer that has them now!
  22. Hadn’t looked at the website yet but that is very interesting. Wonder if it might work with the MKruzer???
  23. Depends where or what you are going to use it for. If you are looking for a Compadre or Mojave for park/playground gold jewelry hunting then by all means get one! Beyond that I’d say it’s up to personal preference. Any Tesoro, even a 20+ year old model is still capable of finding treasures despite what anyone tells you about the necessity of multi-tones and visualID numbers. Just depends on what you prefer. They appear to be going under as a business but no one really knows for sure. Odds are that a new machine from a dealer will give you years of trouble free use but there is always a
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