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  1. Hi Joe, please put me on your list for a big battery. My two batteries currently have a run time of 2 hours 40 minutes and 3 hours on each battery, run strictly in all metal mode. Thanks.
  2. Yes a casing but not sure of size as I'm not familiar with ammo, I was on the North Shore of Oahu for this hunt.
  3. I hunted a new (too me) spot yesterday for a couple of hours from ankle to chest deep water, settings were all metal mode, delay 10, sensitivity 8, and ATS 5. The detector ran well with some chatter but nothing overwhelming and similar to my TDI BH, it's probably a given as with other detectors that I find how the AQ runs differs from beach to beach and can sometimes be run hotter or has to be turned down. Anyways near the end of my hunt is when I found the gold ring, it took a few scoops to retrieve it and I would guess it was in the 10" range, at first glance I thought it was a junk or gol
  4. I had the sensitivity at the preset mark 4, I suppose setting it lower could help reduce falsing but 4 is already somewhat in the lower range approaching 0. Yes the rings had a strong response, the Titanium ring I believe was a fresh drop and no more than a few inches deep.
  5. I received my AQ 1-1/2 weeks ago and have been out with it twice so far, my first hunt was last week Sunday for a combined 5.5 hours between 2 batteries (I purchased an extra battery). I hunted at a beach where I detected the previous weekend with my TDI BH so didn't expect much as far as finds but just wanted to get a feel for the new detector, I hunted in the water from shoreline to chest deep with the AQ in all metal mode and presets on the rest of the knobs except for the pulse delay which I tried out from 7 - 11.5. Running with the pulse delay at 7 was a bit noisy especially when swingi
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