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  1. Ditto from me on the Nokta/Makro Multi Kruzer. Lightweight, good target IDs, easy to use, nice readable display, good wireless headphones. Great overall package. I use three tone in a really trashy park to pick out good targets, and four tone if not so much trash to search deeper.
  2. For regular beach usage, I agree. I use Mixed mode. It gives me more information than Disc. However, for trashy parks or yards, I've had some success with Disc mode, and it's less tiring to listen to.
  3. Aaron-- Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The video in this thread is about a quarter. The thread's title says it's about a gold coin. I think you put the wrong video in this thread. It's the same video you posted in your other thread, the one about a quarter. I look forward to your video about a gold coin when you post it.
  4. Whoops! This video is the same one you posted on the other thread, using a quarter, not a gold coin. Try again! Thanks for making the videos.
  5. The link in the original poster's message is no longer good. Here's a link in the same publication that mentions the finding of the hammer by a detectorist: https://www.plumasnews.com/keddie-murders-revisited-following-the-clues/ Note that the murders took place in 1981 and the hammer was found in 2016.
  6. Interesting videos. Seemed like pretty fair and reasonable comparisons. I would have liked to see the other two frequencies (6.4 and 12) tried on the MDT 8000. Variations in sweep speed and angle would also be nice. I'm sure some additional settings for the Nox would have also been interesting. Nox experts can suggest some, certainly. But that's the nature of test videos -- we all see other settings and techniques we'd like added. Glad to see these posted. Hope to see more!
  7. If I wanted a bigger coil, it would be to achieve more coverage on each swing. So I'd want something more like 14" by 10" or so. Adding just one inch to coverage with a 12" coil wouldn't be enough of a difference to help me much with coverage. I'm happy with the 11 by 8.5, especially if that's the size that optimizes depth. Bigger coils strain my arm and shoulder. I would probably want a smaller coil (8 or 9 inch, perhaps) for hunts to relieve the strain sometimes.
  8. Wow! Are there ANY detectors that can find targets even an inch into that NZ "sand"? I'd think even PI machines would struggle.
  9. My impression is that Tarsacci is a small operation and is NOT making anything like 100 detectors at a time. That being said, they might not be meticulously running a FIFO operation where the latest created unit goes to the end of the line for shipment to customers and has the highest, sequential serial number. My point was simply that we can't draw many conclusions from the serial numbers seen so far. In fact, I think the most likely conclusion from what we've seen reported is that the relationship between serial number and date of sale is pretty casual. On your other point, your i
  10. It looks to me like Tarsacci is not assigning serial numbers chronologically. I bought mine new in early January, 2020, and I have serial number 000055 R1. I'm guessing these non-chronological numbers are part of their plan to keep sales figures confidential. --Tom
  11. Nice results! Multiple silver finds make any day a good day. I see you had Black Sand ON at both sites. Was that just a random choice, or did you find that it gave you either better depth or less chatter, or what? I assume you didn't have any actual black sand at these sites. Or did you?
  12. I don't want to belabor the point about ground balancing, so I'll just quote from page 11 of the Simplex User Manual: SIMPLEX+ is designed to work without ground balancing in Field and Park modes on most terrains. However, for experienced users and on highly mineralized grounds, ground balancing will bring extra depth and stability to the device.
  13. Agreed, and I was not as reasonable (gracious? kind?) in my comment as I should have been. Let me try again. Yes, the video posters DID do a lot of work to create the test conditions and perform the tests. They were clearly more familiar with the Equinox and the Deus than they were with the Simplex. (Not surprising, since the Simplex is brand new.) I appreciate all that and don't want to discourage others from performing similar tests. Please, everyone, do more comparison tests! Make videos! However, I concluded they were a bit surprised the Simplex did as well as it did, and th
  14. I was surprised to see that they didn't (apparently) ground balance the Simplex+, or try different settings or modes. For the other two detectors, they ground balanced and tweaked. What's the point in comparing detectors when you don't give them all an equal shot?
  15. Your links didn't work for me to download the Simplex User Manual.
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