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  1. Small technical point: The Kruzer is waterproof to 5 meters, about 16 feet.
  2. TallTom

    Too Funny Not To Share!

    But I thought the Equinox was a game changer, not a head turner!
  3. Very interesting video. Thanks for posting the link. I'm looking forward to testing my incoming Kruzer at California beaches, among other places. This video will only make me go into the water sooner.
  4. TallTom

    New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Those of us who read forums looking for rational, intelligent discussion and reviews of equipment can quickly recognize that that's what you provide, Steve. We like it. (At least I do.) I'm betting that any equipment manufacturer that wants objective, intelligent feedback about their equipment will continue to ask you to keep providing it in the future. But you could be right about manufacturers who only want "yes-man" feedback, not objective, critical feedback.
  5. Kudos to you, TNSS, for doing all that work and documenting it. That was a big job and certainly indicates a lot of benefits from using Multi-IQ. Thanks for your efforts!
  6. TallTom

    The Simple Reason Why Equinox Is Special

    What you say about being a contrarian makes perfect sense, Steve. Only one problem. EVERYONE is buying an Equinox! You're not going to be a contrarian for long.
  7. VERY interesting tests. I hope you continue to do more. I didn't see that you stated explicitly, so I'll ask: Was the direction of coil sweep always parallel to the 2x4s during these tests? And always with the coil centered over the coin? If you tried sweeping at various angles, the results would also be interesting. I guess 45 and 90 degrees are the obvious other angles to try. I'd also be interested if you tried the Impact on more than the one test you mentioned for it. I'd also like to know what mode you used on the Impact, and what the other settings were. One minor suggestion: Your previous tests showed a ruler so we could judge distances. That was a great idea! I'd like to see it for these tests, too. I'm sure other people will suggest a dozen (or a thousand) other things you should do, either instead of what you did or in addition to it. That's the nature of research, I think. You run some measurements, gather some results, and answer some questions. But each of those answers cause you to think of a bunch of new questions to answer, too. That's why research never ends. Thanks for your work on this. Great stuff! --Tom
  8. Those 2-5 year olds have married mothers who wear wedding rings and tend to their children, sometimes dropping things along the way.
  9. TallTom

    Equinox In Wet Salt Sand. By Neil Jones.

    Thanks for the welcome, Steve! I'm a long-time lurker and admirer of your reviews and analysis. Regarding the wind and microphones, I'm no pro about this myself, but I continue to be amazed how much sound on videos is overwhelmed by wind noise. I'd think people would at least try to shield the mike with their body to reduce the problem. Have the wind at your back! Also try a little masking tape or, yes, a sock.
  10. TallTom

    Equinox In Wet Salt Sand. By Neil Jones.

    Does ANYBODY who posts videos about ANYTHING know how to shield a microphone from the wind?