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  1. George and chase please post about your results in hot dirt. Here in amherst virginia my dirt where I hunt is 4 and 5 bar most of my spots, I have to turn the nox down to sensitivity 14 speed 4 to cut out some of the ground feed back. So really looking for the best hot ground vlf and not seeing alot on these new detectors in hot dirt
  2. Actually you are supposed to kind of preheat the flu. You burn a quick hot flame of some sort to push out the cold air plug and to start the draw of the flu then you never get the backdraft of smoke from a just started "cold" fire
  3. If default is 90 on deus and that's what it ground balanced at then could it also be right for the nox to balance at 1 since 0 is its default?
  4. Tom is saying f2 at 4 is equivalent to fe at 0. So yes you were essentially running the same. Something else may be happening that i dont know about and he hasn't said though. But he said every number under 4 is the same as taking normal fe negative by a quarter. So that f2 0 is the same as if you could run fe at negative 1
  5. Steve do you ever find yourself going to 8? So far 7 is as high as I have really run the nox much.
  6. I had tried factory reset on previous occasions this was something different. But not really caring why it is smoother now just glad it is!
  7. My problem seems to potentially have gone away. I was going to the spot I detect when I only have a hour or 2 to swing, this spot is one of the places I got a lot of -6 to -9 readings. Before I left the house on a whim I swapped back to the original software and then reloaded the update. When I started to detect the super low negative readings were gone all I was getting was repeatable -1 through -4 readings that I could actually isolate. On the whole the machine ran much smoother and not random acting like before. So not sure what happened the first time I updated but very happy with performance today. Found 2 no date standing liberty quarters and a wheat. The quarters had stars under the eagle but no box for the date so have to be 1917 through 1924 I think. Going to be interesting to check some of my older house sites now that the nox seems to be running correctly
  8. Ground balance in this area is normally 66 or so on the equinox, I have not tried tracking but will next time I go. Don't think I'm having that much problem with wrap around it does false a lot but that seems to be just iron falsing, once gain is dropped to around 16/15 or below the -6 to -9 readings will drop off some. What I was concerned about is if I keep the gain up and all metal off so I don't hear those negative readings and go over a non ferr target will the ground noise I know is there cause a target to be undetected?
  9. Thanks for the replies! I am in Amherst county Virginia near the Appalachian mountains. My only concern was that it was potentially going to mess up detector response on good targets if I had gain up to high with the ground/hot rocks feed back. Thanks Steve I will read those tonight
  10. Yes. I have ground balanced the detector and still gives the very low readings
  11. Many of the sites I hunt will have a whole lot of -6 to -9 readings when having a gain of 18 and above. Is this the mineralization in the ground making the detector false? If so should I drop sensitivity even further until the readings stop? Just curious because I half way thought I remembered Steve h saying something along those lines
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