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  1. UGH I have already forgot more than most people know........😁
  2. Remember the flash card on frequency change! I forgot out on the beach and wanted to try a different frequency. 😁
  3. For me at the beach, the 12" seemed to separate well. I did not hunt in Disc. mode. I would think if anyone had an issue with target separation in a certain spot. They could easily switch to Disc. The Disc mode is an insanely narrow response.
  4. Minelab 550 meter SOLD. Just the two Coils and coil covers left! Thanks !!
  5. Time to be a STAR!!!! 🌟🌟⭐⭐
  6. No, I fully meant one tone. I have spoke on several reasons. I will elaborate on two more. 1. My detector runs just as stable in Horseshoe mode, and in water contact one understands when the disturbance of the waters effect has subsided better. 2. Secondly, I hunt in Mexico and the 1,2 and 5 peso coin are ferrous. These coins like to iron wraparound. The deeper and crustier the more wraparound will occur. Since it required lots of secondary checking of targets going to Horseshoe mode, I made the decision to stay in horseshoe mode as a time saver. As there are many of these coins on
  7. I think you posted correctly Chase. The user also received a recommendation to use beach 2. We can only guess if the advised setting of recovery 6 was used? Anyway enough time spent at the water trough. I hope the user finds another coil or detector to compare.
  8. Is that seaweed on the beach? I have heard of others having falsing on seaweed, maybe Dew can chime in. My detector sounds nothing like yours. I can run sensitivity 24 on dry sand even wet sand no water contact. I can tell my black sand ticks from targets. When I clearly have visible black sand pockets my detector is stable. You are going to have to slow down your sweep speed and keep your recovery at 6 with those close responses. I have never been forced to block out detection ranges, but as others stated this might be a strategy at this point. I would surely back off on c
  9. Seems like more than one coil is coming broken. πŸ™„
  10. In the black sand where I hunt, black sand is easily heard differently as interference. What sensitivity? I think you need to find someone use that has an Equinox to compare. Or get a different coil to test.
  11. Those pins are too close to the bottom of the shaft. Or at least the bottom one is. Expect more to break.
  12. Do you think they will add another 1/8 of plastic to each coil ear? Or will that cost put them over the edge?
  13. There are upstanding, and outstanding members here. However that is part of the scam. A "member" give you a tip. But it is nothing more than a first contact form a scammer. Someone did that on another detecting forum to me, hey my "friend" has one of those. I smelt plenty of fishy and backed out luckily. With cell phones everywhere, I have been asking people to send me pictures with a current date hand written in the picture. That way at least I know they have it.
  14. Man, that coil cable looks real short. Are tall people detecting on their knees? Is there a cable shortage?
  15. If your in wet sand running beach 2 horseshoe mode, it is not less targets but less falsing. Yes the VDI will start to jump on deep targets, however it will give you groups. The best way is single or double ring on deep targets. When you get over targets. Swing slow to see if they double ring. I highly suggest you take a bobby pin and nail with you to test the sweep speed for that double ring. Stay away from that water contact until you feel up to speed.
  16. What part of the beach are you working? Wet sand? Then beach 2. If you are going to try the whole style, then set to Whatever is FE6 equivalent. Hunt in HORSESHOE mode. This should accomplish two things 1. a higher sensitivity. 2. The ability to hear every target and automatic sorting of iron by double rings and VDI numbers. Remember to dig all single ringing targets at depth regardless of what the readout says. With the problems you have been having I would bring a hard wired set of headphones with you. I have on average about 1 metal target for every two-three swings. Wh
  17. Just to back up what Jeff said. I spent a whole year comparing targets with the user program. Regular program IB 6 Recovery 6. User program IB 3 Recovery 4. Almost never did the user program change my mind on digging. When it did NOT ONE target of value was recovered. I really find the BETTER guide is single ring or double ring as I have been discussing.
  18. Are you talking about the shell of the coil that holds the epoxy compound that the coil components are set into is cracked? How would you see an internal crack? Do you have a Picture as example? I had broken coil ears with no falsing issues. Guess I need to know what you are looking at?
  19. What am I supposed to learn from this vid??? PS I do not hunt the dry sand much unless I am called into it to find something.. What we know. We know he Equinox has issues with targets on edge. We know when you open a hole the Equinox has issues with seeing the target especially if the hole fills with water. In the vid, the person doing it is swinging the coil too fast to see if the target single rings or double rings in horseshoe mode. This is why coil control is so important. I do not know the rest of his settings it would of been nice of him to share. Impractical to ke
  20. I have used both machines in my moderate black sand. I was able to find settings that would allow both machines to run at peak levels. I would say my black sand does effect the Nox a little more.
  21. Well again, in your smattering of settings no one ,not even Minelab recommends them at the beach. It would not be an issue if you were happy. However you are clearly disappointed in noise and other detector issues. It IS because of your settings. I suspect you are not willing to change and will not be effective at the beach. I hope you are able to get a different 11" coil and compare it to the current one on recommended beach settings. Good Luck.
  22. Cracks or cracked off areas around coil ears would not cause falsing or sensitivity issues. Dave
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