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  1. Anyone who is a serious beach hunter has had those screws that clamp to the shaft fail. There is no way that style of mount can take repeated torque and resistance from wave wash. I don't care what shaft is on the Equinox. All three machines that worked where I am failed.
  2. What a horrible test. With ZERO usable information! These two had both those detectors on AND too close. I really need to get my resume in to be a company tester.
  3. How long are we going to be Guinea Pigs? WHEN will a 1.0 software come out???????
  4. I am one that thought the Equinox balance was fine. The washer on top of the grip gives you lots of control. I had one of the original Doc's CF shafts and have been beach hunting this way for over 20 years.
  5. The pod resting on your hand gets old because it is not comfortable like this.
  6. Guessing the razor blade has to do with lines of cocaine.
  7. Try to take that puck in and around water............
  8. I don't know how anyone can hunt without a light pair of diving gloves. Been water hunting with gloves for 25 years. 👍
  9. I saw it too. It surprised me, this was the first I have seen all of this cracking around the charge ports. Maybe other can chime in if they had problems in this location.
  10. I run holes slightly larger than 9/16. If you wash the sand out of your scoop [like I do] any hole's smaller take too much time or are not effective at all. Yes, a few small items might slip through. If I think there is a small target, I walk it up the beach and dump it. I see everyone using 1.5 mm thickness. Not all stainless steel is created EQUAL>>>>Quality metal makes a difference! HH
  11. Yes, this is a great point I did not explain. Also my terminology of threshold is not in historical regards. But raising the discrimination just moves the iron bin. That might be a better explanation. I ran the disc. at 27 with the combination of the iron volume at "1"
  12. I will add a little more. Just recently a Dues 2 ended up in the hands of a VERY experienced detectorist. He noticed that the "discrimination" worked more like a threshold than discrimination. Personally, on my last beach trip there was some very nasty Black Sand. So, I decided to run discrimination at 27. Several things happened. First> The effects of black Sand were mitigated much more than running the machine in the factory beach discrimination of "8" Second> So every target that was deep and was difficult to identify, I switched back to the factory Disc. mode of "8". In three days, not ONE TARGET was identified in a different way or was identification easier. [it was not harder at "8" or "27" either] I know three days testing on deep targets is not definitive proof. But in my opinion so far, there seems to be no difference in detection ability where the discrimination is set at. HH
  13. YES^^^ Double YES^^^^ Exacerbated by old eyes and large sausage fingers. 😃
  14. I have waves, all the time. Scoop choice is important. My scoops have more bucket>than bill.
  15. Don't be afraid to sneak that IB to Fe-6 and Recovery 6 to get more sensitivity/stability.
  16. BOOM!!!!! So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  17. If your eyes are still good enough to see this little puck. 😂
  18. Not trying to hi-jack [just talking mineralization] With the black sand I was hunting. Depth was severely affected on nonferrous targets. Also>>> Something else very strange was happening. Upscaling of ferrous, and down scaling of nonferrous. When the target would not TID anymore, I was working on trying to identify what was in the ground. It was very frustrating! With mineralization, Iron wanted to upscale, and nonferrous targets were down scaling. I just could not make a call to what I thought the target was by sound reactions alone. I was not even close to a 50/50 call on the target. This is frustrating for a beach hunter who just wants to know if a target is simply ferrous or nonferrous. Now I know what you're thinking!!! How could the Deus do both, it does not make sense. >>>>Yes, I know.
  19. Not sure how disappointed you should be? You had a great plan. Looks like lots of targets. Maybe just not the right ones. It happens, but you put yourself in the best position to come out ahead!
  20. Just to back-up the "mineralization" issue with the D2. Myself, Jeff, and Steve H were all working heavy mineralized sites about a month ago. Steve and I were Pm-ing, and Jeff chimed in, trying different solutions to get the D2 to perform at three different locations. Conclusions: All three of us were disappointed in how the D2 handled Black Sand/Mineralized soil. BE PREPARED, for several different issues to happen if you are running hot ground. The only reason I did not write this up was the fact my D2 was discharging while turned off. I cannot be 100% sure my D2 was functioning correctly. I will get get on the Black Sand again and will see if I can make progress. I was running the 9" coil too.
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