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  1. Thanks! I can tell you my question is a very serious one. It is the reason I NEVER purchased a CTX!
  2. Any one have an idea on shaft length for tall people??? Or will I have to detect on my knees if I get a Deus?
  3. The marking β€œ750” means that 750 out of 1000 parts of that item are made of pure gold. In short, it's 75% pure gold which can be called high-graded solid gold. It's good news if you discover jewelry marked 750, as it's one of the highest-graded gold alloys used to produce jewelry.
  4. Will be looking forward to your thoughts on those two detectors!!!
  5. I just have to repeat this [again] Coil Stiffeners are USELESS unless epoxied to all surfaces of the original coil mount.
  6. Me TOO. Another 3-4 inches of Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass isn't going to break the bank.
  7. Not the only downside. The headphones you posted do not cut down ambient noise.
  8. PRICE DROP [for Christmas!] New, WM08 and charge cable now $80 shipped!
  9. Just think of the price the used ones will be when the Equinox turns out to be better. 😁
  10. Not sure. Lots of people putting lipstick on something that is not tested yet.
  11. Having three years now on the Equinox, I have devised a way that stops me from digging iron at any depth. I might have 1-100 iron targets that fool me. Luckily the places I hunt have enough target separation to help accomplish this. HH
  12. I love the older Black Widows. The speakers are crisp and the sound deadening quality is the top, bar none. I do not know what year they started using new speakers, but the new ones are not even close as I have a pair of those too. I have a set of older Sun Rays that had the conversion done to universal. They are not even close. HH
  13. I run the Equinox in auto GB for all of my salt applications. It is recommended by Minelab. After some testing, it is the most stable for salt.
  14. Just an update on my Plantar Fasciitis. Feeling at 100%. Had two weeks of therapy. Dedicated inserts for all shoes. Wore the night splint. Also had anti-inflammatory's for the two weeks of therapy. Going to find out soon. Headed for a beach stunt. Will be bringing inserts for my dive boots and the night splint!
  15. We can give you lots of help. I don't know another site that has more knowledgeable people on it. Detecting in all types of conditions. This is why the first member rightfully asked for a picture/link. Is your machine new? Used? Stock shaft, or after market. Yes, sometimes it is hard to explain things correctly. Good luck!
  16. I don't have a Deus Assuming this new Deus will have some Salt Water performance. This coil charging thing, Is this port really ocean proof ,salt water impingement proof? Ocean hunting is lots of detector abuse.
  17. Gosh I am late to this! After the last few years, a Mental Detector could be very useful, MHO. Now this unit as a metal detector, not so much.
  18. No doubt Jeff. Even on a Black Sand Salt Beach. The Equinox will solid lock on any target 4 to 6" deep! Sprinkle in slight EMI too.........
  19. Heck mine had water intrusion from being showered off. Since I am plus three years, only a damp cloth now. πŸ˜’
  20. I have been to different parts of Asia. Most would be shocked how far they are in front of us.
  21. Wouldn't a new Equinox be called the Equinox XS? Followed shortly by the Equinox XS-2? 😁
  22. Lots of people putting lipstick on something that is not in use yet. Will be interesting, indeed!
  23. With any release of the AQ platform I am now from Missouri>>>> Show-Me
  24. Epoxy a coil support on that baby!!!! Make sure it works firstπŸ˜‰
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