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  1. I just buy cheap mouse pads. Cut them to fit. Glue it down.
  2. Actually no. The equinox has gradual modulation just like many detectors do. The speaker or provided headphones with the Equinox will NEVER bring the Equinox to the level of performance required for complete knowledge of the detector. Only those who have performance hearing options will be able to understand the Equinox fully. {as with MANY detectors to date}
  3. I have looked at lots of TID charts over the years. The handful out now for the Deus2 clearly shows this detector throws gold all over the map. I am definitely surprised by this outcome.
  4. Surprised to see a gold coin at 85, and a large 10k ring at 90.
  5. If you are a female, I would not get a scoop over 6". The weight would be difficult with a larger scoop. Heck, a loaded 6" scoop of wet sand is a load for me. I still have this scoop [with some repairs] after 25 years. I would say a good starter scoop. Don't be afraid to drill a few extra holes in it! https://www.ebay.com/itm/185194488554?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=185194488554&targetid=1263094004786&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9027607&poi=&campaignid=16190447015&mkgroupid=128435277530&rlsatarget=pla-1263094004786&abcId=9300820&merchantid=114170729&gclid=CjwKCAjw7IeUBhBbEiwADhiEMQBWr36XZ8X74hp-sJ_09Kqi_jEX1vd62EWuTS-sNJH25vJwPyLDDRoCtIwQAvD_BwE
  6. You get what you pay for in scoops. No such thing as entry level and take a beating. There has been good advise in this thread so far.
  7. Hi Bill In 4 years only 1 or 2 have rung up in the 1-2 range. The rest have been higher. All of those either have a pendant or spade on them.
  8. Of course your not misleading anyone. I actually love these comparison chart tests. [i don't want to do them] Just an observation, Where is the Zinc Penny in the legend test? Also, I have concluded that the Equinox does in fact the BEST job of separation of keeping gold in a slot that works. If one were to slot out everything 21 and above they would lose little gold. Heck, in 4 years I have never found a piece of gold 20 or above. The Deus is a nightmare, it splashes gold all over the place, and the legend mixes it with crown caps and zinc pennies with gold [i suspect]
  9. Maybe XP should just make it with a center mount. Especially if not produced yet!
  10. I know there have been plenty that have changed their batteries. I am doubtful EMI is an issue with batteries that are not at full strength. Really think this would be a reported pattern by now. But hey, nothing would surprise me these days.
  11. Forget many gold chains if your lower limit is 40.................
  12. What is the base program for this custom program?
  13. Hi Rick All salt water finds. I mainly use the stock 11", maybe 30% of the time also run the 15" Minelab.
  14. I know Steve H gets a kick out of all the chains I find. Here ya go. From this last season. Actually, my conditions to find chains were not that good. 4 on the bottom are gold, 22 on top are silver. All Nox finds. Thanks for looking!
  15. I took the bait........sorry.........will try harder. 😏
  16. The horseshoe mode [all metal] works at every beach. It all depends on what one wants to tolerate. I never implied it is the right hunting method for every location. The horseshoe mode on the Equinox is the deepest mode to detect in. It clearly rivals the D2 if not succeeds it on the wet sand, with the ability to correctly identify Nonferrous targets that will not TID. Both the D2 and Equinox lose the ability to TID at nearly the same time. I NEVER advocate digging everything. In fact, because of the accuracy in which the Equinox can identify iron, my ferrous trash count has never been lower. I guess if you're digging lots of ferrous with the Equinox, you in fact do not know how to use it. I will say if you are using the Equinox in discrimination mode and comparing it to the D2, the D2 will perform better in this case. However, when it comes down to operating modes. One needs to understand that there is no all metal mode on the D2. Iron is always "on". So if your comparing machines one should compare the Equinox and the D2 the same. By putting the Equinox in horseshoe it enables the iron "on". You had the option as well to set boundaries and "bins" including volume levels if you thought the Equinox was talking to you too much. [just like the D2 that has an iron level adjustment] The distinct bonus of operation in horseshoe mode is the Equinox's ability to separate the ferrous and nonferrous bins much BETTER. In summary, most beach hunters in 2022 complain about not hearing any targets, so working with the detector hearing everything is not an issue. The amount of beaches that have iron issues is limited. Since the Deus machines in general are noted to be great in iron, I have no doubts you may have found the machine that would work best for your environment. Don't be afraid to post those killer gold finds. HH
  17. Friend, your statement is NOT what we focused on or tested for. What we tested for Was: Which machine could still identify deep nonferrous targets that would not TID anymore. The reliability at the edge of depth and which detector was deeper at doing so. We did not compare the Equinox at all out of the Horsehoe mode.
  18. Ya, no way would I try that. Not worth voiding warranty, better to be patient and get it covered.
  19. I am not a dirt hunter and others will comment on your settings. But right away I would lower recovery speed to 5. Keep you coil swing slow. 17 is not much for sensitivity, but best to start low, to let the machine teach you what to listen for. One tip though> You can usually bump the sensitivity up one or two points just to look at a particular target better! Now these targets that sound good but do not TID, should be dug. Different operating modes [frequencies] on the Equinox will have different results. However, in Beach 2 for example. With the horseshoe mode on I can hear the faintest of targets. If sweeping around the target produces a double ring or a breakdown of detection in any one direction the target is iron 100% of the time. If a target is nonferrous, it will give the same unbroken tone 360 degrees around the target. You will have a few pieces of deep iron fool you, but very few. This is the way to identify targets that do not TID. But I have no idea if this works in Park or Field modes. Experimenting on a deep buried dime or quarter will be able to show you this, also a deep buried nail to show a double ring or detection breakdown. I would get it down there at the edge of your ability to hear the target with horseshoe mode on. The Equinox has a great ability to identify deep nonferrous targets that do not TID anymore. Almost all of these targets would not even been heard at all, working with the horseshoe mode off. HH
  20. Your explanation is short of description to answer fully. Can you tell us what mode your hunting in and your settings? If I had to guess, I would say you are hunting with horseshoe mode on if you are hearing iron?
  21. How many of those goodies do you think were beyond the reach of a Nox or MDT? Very nice digs!!! What is the weight and karat stamp on the bracelet? Looks heavy!
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