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  1. I am 10/90............ Think I watched his D2 gold scale vid.
  2. I have run them all. The new machines are just more sensitive. Major manufactures recommend running the new MF machines in TRACKING GB, at a salt beach . That is exactly what I do! I think tracking GB really works great at wet salt beach and into the water. Tracking GB really helps with transition from water to wet sand and with pockets of black sand. I disagree with you on gold finds. Not only do the new machines find the big stuff better than most older machines it is killer on small stuff and chains. Another factor. In my opinion the new machines are better at identifying iron. Time not spent digging wrap-around signals is time spent to find more gold!!!
  3. LOL, My limit is WAY before that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Think I have my answers...it is the Simplex/legend rods they are using.
  5. So, I think some were running the ORX lower rod to stiffen the Factory D2 set-up. Does this work??? Does it extend, or shorten the original D2 shaft? Thank for any info.
  6. Speaking for myself. I never use the coil cover.
  7. I have zero experience with Canadian Clad. But did extensive testing with the Manticore and Mexican Bi-metal pesos. The Manticore is unique because you can use notches in very narrow iron windows. Testing in your conditions is the key. My goal was to see if the manticore would separate the 1-2-and 5-peso coin. On the bench the Manticore did a great job of putting the 2 and 5 pesos in one notch and the 1 peso in another. However, when in real conditions the one peso shifted into the same notch as the 2 and 5 pesos. No matter how much I tried to tweak it. I could not get any separation on these coins. HOWEVER, I could separate them from other iron with great confidence. Using those upper and lower-level iron notches on your particular coins and live testing will tell you what is possible.
  8. If he would ever stick his experiments on a Salt Beach one finds out that it will make a bench test/air test rendered useless.
  9. You are 100% correct. The level of depth is not affected for the targets out of discrimination on a D2. Although not tested I am confident depth not affected by level of notch either.
  10. There are a few people that think running the notch rather than discrimination to your set point on a D2 has some secret sauce. For instance, I start my Disc at 22 for beach hunting. Some seem to think that notching to 22 is better? I don't know. Never experimented with it much but going to do some testing this year.
  11. Congrats on the gold. MAN, that is lots of diggin!!
  12. I have done much testing and there is nothing to gain with Audio Response at 7 In a Salt environment a 7 setting can really hurt. I would only recommend 6 max.
  13. If you can cut Black Sand....I am interested!! Not sure how 90khz will be able to do that?
  14. WOW>>>I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!!!! Awesome finds!!!
  15. For me personally. Tiny gold is not worth my effort and does not pay the bills. The time lost chasing specks can lend itself to miss other opportunities.
  16. Mono programs are not even a consideration on a wet salt beach. Not sure why you are surprised or disappointed?
  17. Just to be clear. In depth testing on fringe targets we did not find Beach Pitch superior to another beach program.
  18. YES>I keep mine at 6. YES> I use the 9" coil and am VERY uncomfortable hunting past a reactivity of.5 I am not sure how you are coming to the conclusion that Seach Sensitive has 50% less power than Beach P. For the record I cannot stand Beach P even on wet sand. What is the most important is frequency weighting and hunting cleanly. If you can hunt pretty clean at a sensitivity of 92 with Beach Sensitive, you will NOT find another program on the Deus2 better for gold.
  19. To be clear, the Deus2 9" coil is actually 8 3/4 inches.
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