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  1. excellent equinox tip for id iron. I will surely use that technique when I get my own. Thanks
  2. Hi Nuke em, I see you are from the UK. Just wondered who you pre ordered your machine from to get it as quick as that. I ordered mine from joan allen on 28 th october but have heard nothing yet. Any how have a good hunting session with it . I am looking forward to hitting the pasture fields out here in west Yorkshire with it. Regards Mick
  3. Any one from the uk Heard anything? I have ordered mine from Joan allen on october 28TH . They have told me didly squat as yet
  4. Well many thanks Steve I have enjoyed all the threads over the last few months and feel like I half know the detector already. Job nearly done. A great effort. Best regards
  5. Hi Steve and all other forum members. Just wondering will the equinox control panel front keyboard user interface stand up to the rigors of heavy use especially here in the UK with gloves on and mud everywhere. I know it has a screen protector, but will there be perhaps an aftermarket control panel cover , say for instance like the at pro covers etc, I always protect this part of the detector if possible , Maybe a simple plastic bag would suffice. Thanks Michael
  6. Hi All and happy new year from the UK. I do not think this has been mentioned but does the equinox come with a built in speaker? Simply because during the hot summer months I like to go topless so to speak and not wear headphones especially in the countryside where there are no folks to bother with beeping noises. Thanks Michael
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