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  1. You earned that gold Gerry. Stop by Harbor Freight, pick up a cheap pick, mount a magnet on it with a screw and some epoxy,lol. Maybe get a couple of extras just in case. Like those yellow rocks you found!
  2. Way to go Gerry, nice specimen. I'll get by to see you this next if you are in town and maybe you can give me a demo of the GM 24K.
  3. Good point, since White's will ship head phone adapter it would an additional income stream to sell a coil adapter for "dry" use only. I too have the Shooter coil and the WSS SEF coil that may be killer on the MX Sport for small object and nuggets. Hmm my mind is spinning.
  4. Once again Steve you have out done yourself by finding and passing on more information than anyone else has been able to find about the MX Sport. For the type of detecting I do and the places I go, this is a no brainer. My MXT is smooth as silk at the salt beach, but would not dare take it past chin deep water. This detector looks like it will take a dunk in the ocean and be fine to pack on my trips out west as well. Have a couple of White's machines that may soon sold off the save up cash for this machine when it is available. Wish White's would let me take one for a test drive on the
  5. I'm as green as you Quant. Thanks to Steve and all the others here that have posted I've been picking up information here and there. I am thinking just like real estate, the 3 most important things are location, location, location, then experience and equipment. Are you a member of Gold Prospectors Association of America(GPAA)? Membership includes a Mining Guide access to claims and gold pan, woo hoo! At least you will be on some claims where you will not get shot. Got my detectors down to the point that if I get in a gold bearing location good chance I'll be able to find it unless it
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