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  1. At todays gold prices it will still be profitable to work the area by hand if need be.
  2. The Simplex is newer technology, and water proof with wireless head phones. The frequency is pretty close, 12 kHz compared to the MX5 13.8 kHz. The MX5 may have more coils to choose from but the Simplex has at least 4 different coils I believe. I’ve never had a Simplex but the reviews are good and I do like N/M quality of my Gold Kruzer.
  3. You may want to take the MX5 out for a few hours. With the right coil, such as a small coil (4x6 shooter) it’s a great single frequency detector. The one I had was as deep and almost as hot as the MX Sport. Personally I liked the tones better than the Sport. Pin point locks the ground tracking and the suspend mode was nice while digging a target. Heck keep it in your car or truck and use it as a backup or loner.
  4. That’s going way back and humans still can’t come together. Some things never change. Mans desire for gold has been around for a very long time.
  5. With that big 15” coil watch out. Next you’ll be digging up a VW bug like 4 feet deep, lol.
  6. That’s a sweet looking Gold Bug Steve. Should be interesting to find out how it performs when you get it back. I still enjoy tinkering with some of the old analog detectors.
  7. So happy you found your ring. Perseverance and enough time learning what to look for paid off. Sounds like iron was masking it but the Minelab came through for you. Congratulations!
  8. Contact the Lowcounty metal detecting club on FB or George at 843-518-8183. His email is jsmegm4423@yahoo.com. He lives in Summerville and detects at Folly and Isle of Palms most every week. I’m sure he will be happy to come help you look for it. Tell him I suggested you contact him.
  9. There are others that will assist you such as Lostmystuff.com, and local detecting clubs on FB. Where are you located? As far as the detectors, work with the one you have the most hours on. The smallest DD coil is a good idea and be sure to keep the coil low as is rubbing the top of the grass and overlap your swings by say 50%. The ring you are looking for is most likely not over a couple of grams in weight. It should be a low number most likely. Slow down and try different directions like Dig5050 said. If the grass was mowed with a grass catcher bag there is a chance the ring was sucked up into the bag. If there is a place where the grass bag was emptied I’d check there. If it was hauled away then you may be out of luck.
  10. That’s wonderful news! I had the Bigfoot coil for a while and used it on Whites MXT and MX5. Fun to use for parks and recent drops. X marked the target, no need for a pin pointer. The SEF WSS 5x10 coil works similar on the Whites just not as long a pattern. Hope they or Minelab can come up with one for the Nox!
  11. Your story reminds me of the old credit card commercial, “don’t leave home without it”, and at least a 9 mm or 357 mag. 😜
  12. Right place at the right. Don’t see a really good cut like that often.
  13. There’s coins you don’t see everyday. Nice finds!
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