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  1. NSC

    When To Use Single Frequency?

    Hi there, A lot of Equinox users switch to single freq. when EMI is bad. But also use 5 or 10khz as a way to check iron ...and have it as a User profile for a quick button press operation. I have inadvertently left 10khz on and found coins. have you seen this (Minelab link) yet ? https://www.minelab.com/eur/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/dealing-with-bottle-crown-caps?fts=89261&f89261=321321 happy swinging NSC
  2. NSC

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Hi Mitchel , Give them time, this is the first generation of Equinox. Maybe the next generation might get a little closer to the CTX's target ID info. Maybe with that it will be closer to CTX's price too ? 😁 Either way the future of Minelab multi-frequency looks bright. Happy swinging... I am off to the beach and its over 100 degrees farenheight today. NSC
  3. NSC

    Nox 800 Gold Mode

    Hi, this old thread is worth noting if you dont know already. Good luck with it.😊
  4. Hi Steve, Your shafts look great and you put a lot of thought and work into your systems. I have been using a lead counterweight for 3 months with the 15" coil. But, as Chase says the weight does take it toll and fatigue arrives earlier. Especially for me as I have shoulder issues. Now I am not using anything and going better - able to go longer with the lighter set up. The key thing is to have the shaft extended correctly and not extended so far as cause an un-natural arm swing action...this is with any detector & coil combo. But each to their own and we come in all shapes and sizes, what feels comfortable for me is not for someone else. I wish you success with your venture. NSC
  5. NSC

    Equinox 15" Coil Id's

    sorry mate, I am not really following you in the context of what we were talking about We were talking about a shift in ID numbers Normal TID for AUD coin is $1 -22, $2- 21 ...yes the smaller coin is $2 and hence its TID 21 and the larger $1 is TID 22 ...but if the coins jackets is pierced and the insides start leeching out and mixing with soil minerals the TIDs can go up (usually) or they can go down (less often) I have dug broken down $1 coins at 20, 21, 23, 24. and usually they are a bit more jumpy These broken down coins have been in the ground a long time or in aggressive soil and have green and/or brown marks stick fast to their surface. I usually clean them up best I can with hydro acid and a scrub with a dremel for the bank but they still look a bit worse for wear.
  6. NSC

    Beach Hunting Recovery Speed

    Congrats Yellowstone, Thats a beauty and one giant honker.
  7. NSC

    Equinox Single Frequency Users?

    Only to dodge EMI or to double check a suspected ferrous target in 10khz I love the advantages of multifrequency
  8. NSC

    Equinox 15" Coil Id's

    My 15 is pretty accurate as a rule on Aussie & old English coins but I am no expert on US coins. Only if the coins have begun to breakdown does the TID differ for me Once the coins surface breaks and its minerals within mix with the soils minerals a reaction occurs which changes the makeup of the coin a bit....this will skew TID numbers on every detector that I have owned. Either way the target still sounds like a keeper ie the tone still screams dig me. happy hunting 😊
  9. NSC

    Beach Hunting Recovery Speed

    Yes... lowering Recovery will increase depth a bit Will it increase your targets ? ...thats a hard one. It should but only if targets are there to begin with. Happy hunting😊
  10. Depth IN the water ? I have had the 15" in the saltwater 4 times now and it hits deep on small targets ...But.... I find the depth meter is not always correct and I dont hunt with a measuring tape . In the water I am not about to to quickly swap over to the 11" coil to compare, I may never find that exact spot again. The only way I can see that comparison happening is for 2 hunters with the same machine and the exact same settings, each with a different coil to compare a signal and then dig it and try to measure its depth under 2 or 3 feet (or more) of ocean. As Chase said, there are so many variables that can affect depth I had to use Tracking & constantly adjust Sensitivity yesterday to keep it quiet due to black sand...but that is no different to 11" coil for this beach. IN the water everything is much harder - just extracting a deep target with wave action buffeting you and with fast collapsing sand can be a challenge (let alone measuring it) - as I found yesterday. The sand fell in as fast as I could dig, so only fast digging and accuracy worked. I find the 15 OK to swing underwater but obviously not as light as the 11. It seems to handle minerals and conditions equal to the 11. My 15" smacks a 5gram gold ring but depth measurement underwater is almost never going to be accurate IMHO.
  11. Gday cobber, yep I do, it helps the balance IMHO. Mine weighs 125grams - but it may depend upon how far behind the arm rest you put it I just did 3 hours up to waist deep in the ocean todays low tide with the 15" and found it manageable In the park the 15" is a dream to use. Happy swingin Darwoody 😊
  12. NSC

    New Coil And Upgraded Armrest

    Yes, Jeff Herke (indian Nations Detectors) has been selling good solid metal arm cuffs for years He is great to deal with too. I had one on my ETrac a few years ago but didnt know they would fit an Equinox.
  13. G'day, I have been a very lucky guy to have been using the new Equinox 15x12" coil . I decided not to tease anyone with threads about it until it was out there and becoming available to the public. As they are starting to trickle through now I will now say what a awesome coil this coil this thing is. Light for size, very sensitive for a big coil, good pinpointing and really great depth ( depth at the beach amazes me and gives me a workout to dig targets ), Its Spring here and I am just getting back into the water with the warmer temperatures so hopefully some gold jewellery will fall in my scoop . Even though Winter at the beach here is a bit slow, I have done some wet sand + some shallow saltwater hunting when some very low tides occurred. This 15" coil is stable (as good as the 11") in the saltwater and IMHO it is not difficult to swing underwater in light - medium wave action. Most of my hunting has been for modern coins in parklands and a few beach hunts. I have found stacks of $1 and $2 coins and almost least one ring every time that I have had it out...most have been silver - one gold ring to date. The 11" coil has not been back on my Eq800 since I have had the 15" , the bigger coverage it provides suits my style of hunting very well. So if you are thinking of a good Christmas present for yourself this is one that I highly recommend and is one that will probably pay for itself in no time. cheers from Downunder and happy hunting πŸ˜€
  14. NSC

    High K Gold

    Nope, mine has been a mixture. Got just a lowly 9k ring this morning πŸ˜€ ( TID 17 ) ...but I guess it depends upon what tones/signal you dig.
  15. NSC

    Nox Cuff..... Broke

    Cool, that makes sense. I also have a counter weight I made up for the large coil. I have heard of other cuffs breaking but I wonder what % are on non-standard shafts ? Mine is a carbon 22mmOD and I had to put 2 wraps of black duct tape over the top of 22mm of carbon tube to get a snug arm cuff fit. Without it my arm cuff groans and creaks with a bit of torque (like a big swing)