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  1. Dredging ups and downs... There are ups? Weather and rain fall can be a problem, especially in river gorges prone to flash floods... I am not sure what others experience but I can turn up at the claim with a low clear flow and it is a brown turbid torrent 4 hours later... under blue skys
  2. As Spock would say... "It is logic Jim... just not as we know it"
  3. Don't you just love it... In NZ, amongst other fees I have one called "The non consumptive take and discharge of water" ...$270
  4. I see a 40 mile about 40 miles upstream from Dawson...? The concept was developed to access a difficult gorge..... I would not class it as suitable for a long regular commute, the fuel costs would be prohibitive....
  5. Any time you are down under... Yes works fine and I would love to give it a run up your way, I think it could be perfect for some of those Alaskan rivers. This was Mk2... it is good but not perfect... Mk 3 will have the concept nailed I reckon.
  6. My experience... if the flow is kept to the minimum needed for exchange and to move the light material down the sluice box... then the heavy materials will stay in the box.... Classifying is most definitely a big help... stones travelling down or stopping in the box are more likely to disturb settled gold
  7. Yup dredge and boat.... home made but... with extensive marine and aluminium construction trade skills.
  8. Thanks Steve... Yes it is all good fun... unfortunately I still need a real job to support the hobby.
  9. A neat clip put together after the last 3 days dredging
  10. Oh you poor sad fools.... I will be dredging all Jan when the average temp is 80F and the water is about 60F.... My season ends when there is an overnight frost. All I can wish for you is that you find enough gold to justify all the masochism ....
  11. The one inch sticking up is for a hose for blowing out crevices... or for powering a 1.5 inch suction nozzle to clean out crevices. The large one is for a booster power jet for long distances or to assist the main power jet to prime... sometimes the main jet is above the water and needs a hand to get started.
  12. Not the best photos but you should get the idea... I was annoyed with the two long hoses so got hold of 2 x 180 degree 2.5 inch bends... stretched one end to 3 inch to fit the keene 4 inch to 3 inch splitter, cut the 3inch ends of the jet flares and welded it all together as pictured. a 4 inch camlock attaches to the single 40hp pump... lost nothing but clutter... power the same... works a treat
  13. I would get an aching back when dredging with only one weight belt around my waist... I split the weight into 3... some 1/8" lead lining in my rigid boots (innersole) 1/2 the weight in a waist belt....balance in a chest dive belt harness available from a dive shop. I also attach the hookah hose to this chest harness... works a treat and I can move rocks and cobbles for hours under water... hands and arms get a bit achy