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  1. I’ll message you so as not to litter up this awesome topic of a post here.
  2. Very interesting, makes me glad I have the SDC2300 but don’t know if any of those coils would be an improvement for me here in Alaska. I still have yet to break its streak of being skunked...
  3. I’m looking for input about these three machines on what you like vs dislike on each of these detectors. Me, personally since I do not own or even seen any of these detectors will even give my own likes vs dislikes. GM1000 - I like how it is a very hot machine capable of finding small stuff and how I hear it is a turn on and go detector with only a ferrous/nonferrous indicator. I don’t know how it reacts to hot rocks or if there is away you can avoid them. The best part about these three is I hear it’s the simplest to use(thinking about my dad who is interested but doesn’t have the patience to learn machines if he ever wants to use one of mine) Equinox - again I like how it is hot on small gold and even more with the new 6” coil. I hear it’s water proof? I don’t know how complicated it can be to learn this machine or if it can read the ground for search a good spot to run a sluice. Whites 24k - pretty much if it is hot on small gold I like the idea. What I really like about this machine is it’s ability to track black sand for a possible prospect. I like the option to cancel out the iron on both the low reading numbers and the high reading numbers. I’m thinking this might be a little complicated for a newbie with all the functions but I really like the controls the machine has. Bottom line is I am trying to decide which new detector I am gonna buy next year and want to hear your likes and dislikes about each of these machines. Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Information page White's Goldmaster 24K Information page Minelab Equinox 800 Information page Minelab Gold Monster 1000 vs White's Goldmaster 24K vs Minelab Equinox
  4. I was just thinking about this post and was going to say try getting the new Whites goldmaster 24k. It can track black sand leading you to good spots for sluicing or dredging, and will find small nuggets. The only downside to what you’re looking for in this detector is the housing isn’t completely waterproof.
  5. You know what? Honestly I hardly ever make it out for a good detecting session like I want and lack the experience but let me tell you. I’ve had good conversations with phrunt, “Hi phrunt no offense” but let me give you my experience instead of opinion. Actually let me give you my opinion first. If you’re going to want to check numbers in order to keep track of black sands for a better chance of tracking possible prospects then get one of the latest greatest VLF machines that can run a small coil. They have the latest greatest technology for having small coils being super sensitive without having to move rocks out of the way which means you can read the numbers and make a solid decision, especially one that’s waterproof. Reading about all the “stats” will tell you information about what you’re looking for if you buy what you read. That also means you have to learn the machine and become a master of it and how to avoid different noises and signals such as hot rocks which is why I bought a P.I. Machine SDC2300 to avoid hotrocks. The last few times I made it out detecting I found it easier to not try and read numbers to make a guess. Just have patience and find/dig what you target... it’s a lot work and annoying but that’s what we do. Personally I’d leave my “gold bug pro” gbp at home and keep moving rocks out of the way, digging all targets just to skip the hot rocks but I also want to get the equinox 800 or White’s 24k for a better chance at smaller targets. SDC2300 because it is a backpack machine automatically skipping hot rocks for the most part and also waterproof but a waterproof VLF for smaller gold and numbers.
  6. Was out at Hatcher Pass recreational mining area detecting with my SDC2300 in between running my sluice box. I found found this bullet in a stream. Of course I found a bunch of different kind of shell casings but I thought it was pretty cool so I thought I would share. I didn’t find much gold and still have to sort out all the black sand, nothing worth even mentioning since it was just a few specs and flakes.
  7. I’m pretty sure that is the exact reason when I recently got into detecting I was kind of discouraged because I was so overwhelmed with hotrocks with my GBP. That later made me want to get a PI detector that could “see through” or “wouldn’t be affected” by them. Seeing this post makes me happier I wasn’t the only one that seemed to have a bit of a problem out there. I just have yet to make it back out there now. ?
  8. Hello Mac, I have only detected in the public use area along the little sue river with no luck other than hitting hot rocks. Before I went swinging out there I was aware of the consequences and was kind of worried. I called a number and was able to talk to a park trooper I think? He told me I can use a detector as long as I stayed by the streams where the soil is not vegetative and not to venture away from the streams. He said I can get into trouble if I were to detect away from streams and were to disturb the soil in its natural state. Lots of rules to abide by and thanks for the reminder that I should call again before checking out different spots to be sure I’m not breaking any rules by accident and suffer the consequences. Definitely steer clear of the independence mine because that is illegal. Ahhh a fellow detectorist around my neck of the woods? I just recently got into it myself and don’t know anybody with the same hobby. Maybe in the future we could meet up somewhere and have a go with our detectors? Just a thought and a hope anyways.?
  9. Very well said, after I had gotten back I read a very descriptive post from Steve about that place I went to and was able to paint a picture with my mind with what he was explaining. Now that I have a better understanding of what to look for I think when I go back I will have better luck. ? unfortunately most of the gold up here that I can think of is tiny stuff more suited for the GB2 or dredges with the rare nuggets around, don’t get me wrong because I’m sure there are still plenty of big ones out there. The GM1000 has me drooling though. I know better than to go straight out and get one even though I could get one without a second thought if I didn’t want to give my current ones a fair go first. I didn’t research the machines before buying them just to put them on the shelf and get a different detector after not having luck. Oh man how I would enjoy having at least one friend that had an interest in this same hobby. I’d be having more outings and gaining experience much quicker than my current rate. As for the GBP I think I will be getting the 10x5 coil soon but I haven’t heard of the sharpshooter so that’s sparked my interest. It’s gotta be an online order so it could be some time before I could put it into use because my work schedule has me working 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Thanks again phrunt
  10. Thanks phrunt, I have been reading some of your content with your GBP and was excited to read about your trips because I have the same detector, only the small coil though. I know you have luck in actually finding gold with yours and would love to learn more about this machine. I’m trying to keep that nagging feeling at bay of wanting to get a GM1000 or EQ800 before I have luck with the GBP. I want to at least someday let the machine pay for itself before I get one of those beasts, and don’t get me started on the P.I. Side of wants. Haha
  11. Went to crow creek and only brought the 2300 alone. I wish I had also brought the GBP so that I could follow a signal with iron discrimination to save lots of time. When I walked down there from the parking lot and started swinging I was finding nothing but bits and pieces of tiny rusted metal that fell off of all the trash metal in the area. I did find a couple spike looking things that were like small railroad spikes. They were deep and under big rocks so when the signal was faint I got excited until digging and scraping to get under the rocks. 30-45 minutes later the sound was screaming, dang big let down but I pulled the targets out anyways and checked the holes to see if there were anymore signals, nothing but trash. I was really hoping after clawing and digging so much for a good outcome. Next time I go there I will be bringing both machines to check for ferrous and non ferrous metals. That will save so much time and energy deciding whether to dig or not dig.
  12. I am planning on bringing my SDC 2300 or my gold bug pro with 5” coil to one of these places. I am looking for any kind of info or tips on the likelihood of finding anything in each of these places since I’m pretty well new to detecting and have had no luck in past outings. Never been to crow creek before and spent only a little time in Hatcher Pass. Every time I’ve gone out with the GBP I was overwhelmed with hotrocks, which made me purchase the 2300 in hopes of seeing through them without trouble. I still find hotrocks with the 2300 but not as bad as the GBP.
  13. Does anybody here readily know how to check exactly how much longer your warranty is good for right off hand? I registered my minelab and didn’t get a confirmation so was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction.
  14. Thanks Steve, I have been leaning back and fourth on which machine I would like to get. One being able to detect smallest gold possible without interference of hot rocks. Two wanting the ability to hit large nuggets deeper without false signals. Since I know you have detected in both areas and know the gold around my area, you have helped me make my decision to go with an SDC 2300. But since it’s winter time I won’t be getting one until spring time. Thanks again.
  15. I’m a new member from Wasilla, Alaska. I am new to detecting for gold and was hoping you can help me make a final decision on which P.I. detector I want to buy. The reason why I want to get a P.I. Detector is so that I don’t have to worry about hot rocks setting off my detector much like in Petersville, note I have been using a gold bug pro. Now saying that I live in wasilla and knowing that the majority of nuggets are small I will be mainly hunting in relatively close areas such as Hatcher Pass and Petersville. I know that VLF detectors are hard to use in Petersville due to the graphite slate hot rocks. The main reason I am looking towards an SDC 2300 and the ATX machines are because of there ability to be compact for hiking and waterproof which makes it easier to walk through the bushes following streams. Other wise I would love to save up for the relatively new gpz 7000 which I may consider later on down the line or maybe even get a gpx 5000. I like the fact that the 2 machines I am interested in are pretty good on small gold. I want to be able to detect mainly along streams with the thought that if I find a small nugget I would also be able to pan that same spot of a found nugget. The things keeping me from making a decision are the quirks of each machine. ATX can change coils and go deeper which I really like but also don’t like how I hear it can false on targets if bumped into a clump of grass or protruding rocks. I like how the SDC is hot on smaller gold and specimen gold since I think the reality of me finding big nuggets are slim, but I also don’t like the idea of it being a shallow detector and mainly for small gold. Do you think you can help me out on making a decision here?
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