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  1. I too have a "slipping, wiggle" feeling on my Nox but mine is the arm cuff moving. I did put some duct tape in underneath it "can't see it" and that did help but I think I need a second layer.
  2. Maybe some of the issues are coming from interference from your cell phone? Try putting your phone in airplane mode or just turn it off. I just went thru this issue and it frustrated the heck out of me till I realized what was going on.
  3. I been #2 on a list for over a month now. I did give him $100 on 3/12/18 to get on the list and at that point I was #3 on the list. It was this thread that prompted me to start sending emails out to dealers and I did get one from AUAK in Alaska. Betty was great to deal with! Still waiting on my second machine.
  4. I managed to get out a little while this weekend, nothing special.. just another learning experience making adjustments to both Park 1 and 2 plus refining my User Profile. One thing I did learn that is positive (depending on what tools you have with) is this machine goes DEEP!! Dang, a very small alumium screwcap at over 10"!! The detector was banging hard on it, ID was pretty good too. Anyway I experienced first hand the dreaded cell phone interference. I can't put mine in my front pocket at all and even in my back pocket I was still getting a little interference. Me being the dummy I can be at times, I kept playing with the machine..noise cancel, ground balance.. nadda. Finally I think about the Gigmaster video I watched where he was having the same issue. If I turned it off or on airplane mode it went away. Instead my one daughter was along so I gave her my phone. She was getting bored so the phone gave her something to do. After I got by that I was able to push my sensitivity anywhere from 23 to 25 before any chatter. This machine is very very sensitive. I personally prefer using earbuds plugged into the module over headphones. Great machine at a great price!
  5. Thanks all. When I swung the coil over that target I stopped thinking "No way, there's no way that's an indian" hitting 19, 20 in park 1. Then when I see it in the dirt I just had to go inside and get my sports video camera. Unreal was one of the words I used. I hope I can find some time this weekend to put some hours on this machine.
  6. First thing today after work, put it together, charging and waiting.. too long.. LOL. Anyway I got the headphones paired and out to my front yard I go. First the history. My house was built in the 1850'S and had a bar right next to it. I have pounded this very small section ( maybe 45 feet by 30 feet) with many explorers, Etracs, Deus's and CTX. Mainly the Deus and Etrac. I have pulled dozens of indians, largies, 2 centers, v nickels, buffalo's, wheats but mostly indians. I have cleaned this ground so dry that the non-ferrous targets are gone or at least I thought. Alright I had no more than 10 minutes to spend today swinging in this iron infested ground. Very first target, one way jumped out at me.. dig me! The other direction it sounded bad but consistent. So I dig, 4 to 5 inches. Bam! I guess you guys weren't kidding after all!! It's gonna be a good year!!
  7. Oh my!! That gold cross is amazing!! Great hunt to say the least, congratulations!!!
  8. Thanks all for the comments. Everything I have been reading and watching points to the depth meter being inaccurate. It will be interesting to see if this machine is as good as everyone says. Gonna be fun testing and running it thru it's paces as much as I can.
  9. Finally, tomorrow I will have a Nox!! Betty from AKAU was great to deal with!! Very nice person!! Gonna hit some places that I have cleaned out ALL non-ferrous targets. I hope I get to see just how good this machine really is!! I have a 2nd 800 on order just waiting for the call. Gonna be a good year!!
  10. This thread is to me, to date, the best thread yet. I will be re-reading this one several times. Thanks to all!!
  11. I have a couple that also hit that high out of the ground. I would say steveg has logical explanation.
  12. I just called Brian. Same deal and I am now number 3 on his list. Thank you Brian AND Stalker!
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