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    Anyone Using Falcon Md20?

    this guy appears to have added a toggle swith and mounted the unit
  2. ordetect

    Anyone Using Falcon Md20?

    Rubber washers under the control dials keeps the unit in fine tune. It is very easy to slightly knock out of tune while in use. I put mine inside a waterproof box. To avoid dirt and dust. Avoid knocking out of tune and also protection of the not so strong plug connector. I used a waterproof cable housing for passing through the deck of boats to exit the box. I didnt try and go under water with it but But I can certainly use it in heavy rain not that I do..
  3. ordetect

    My First PI And First Post

    I am looking at; A whites TDI SL new is 1360 Euro ATX new is around 2500 Euro Minelab sd2200d roughly 1000 Euro Second hand sent from over seas. Modified by link technologys vic. Comes with Coils 12"DD 12"MONO 14"DD 18"MONO Koss head phones Battery Battery charger Pin pointer Back pack 2 curley cords External speaker Psudo mono control box. Any ideas how the sd2200d would perform against the TDI and the ATX?
  4. Hello New to the forum and this is my first post on here. (Sorry if I should have done a separate introduction post) I have read so much great info on here over the years and finally needed to join to ask some questions and advice. I plan to upgrade to a PI as I will visit locations with larger gold in hot ground. I am considering an old Minelab SD2200D or whites TDI if i can find one. I am worried the whites wont be sensitive enough on smaller gold. Also the ATX.. I love the fact it is waterproof and seems ok on smaller gold too. Are any new PI machines in the pipeline between 1.5 and 2k new for next year? Having zero experience detecting gold with a PI I am not sure the best route to go down. The waterproof aspect of the ATX is very attractive. However having owned a few garrett detectors I am not sure how bad the falsing on the ATX is when you knock into brush or grass. Ok this can easily be ignored. Am I over looking any machines new or second hand in that price range 1.5 -2k What is your advice please. Thanks in advance.