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  1. I've tried a lot of different tapes (bike, badmington..).. didn't help much. At the moment I use a 3D printed grip stopper, but that's no "end-solution" either. Maybe an angle compensating mounting bracket / shim would help, but I've been too lazy to design one in CAD, yet
  2. For me it's a combination of balance and the angle and form of the handle. Switching to carbon helped a lot, but the angle and form of the handle is the main culprit in my case imho. My hand always tends to wander up the handle, which leads me to grip harder to compensate.
  3. Shipping would cost probably too much - but it's still a very interesting topic. For me, the hand position on the Nox has never been very ergonomic.
  4. I have printed one for my Equinox out of PLA, and even that holds up like a champ since nearly 2 years. It survived several drops on concrete, stones et cetera. I never use the velcro strap and the original armrest is a little bit too wide for my taste / arms.
  5. I often see people wiping the sand away with the coil, to narrow down the target - I try to avoid that bad habit as much as I can..
  6. Just .. WoW Those Class rings really set the average high - we sadly don't have that tradition over here.
  7. Tent stakes are made out of iron most of the time. But they're galvanized / zinc-plated, that's why we hear them as good targets every now and then. Tip if you're always hunting in all-metal mode: Instead of using the horseshoe button after every power-on, you could change your accept / reject settings to accept every ID / the pattern to your liking. That way you're in "all-metal" after every power-on. Tradeoff: You lose the ability to discrim with the horseshoe button. But beeing a local setting, you can work around that problem..
  8. Our 2€ coin (most valueable) is a mixture of nickel, copper and brass - no iron. F2 >=5 on the EQX800 renders them iron! So be careful with that setting.. it's always a compromise, depending on what you're aiming to find.
  9. This could be done with a vacuum former. Actually it isn't very difficult to build one yourself..
  10. 3 1/2 years, 2-3 times a week, 2-4hrs of use per hunt - nothing broken yet. Occasionally waterhunting, but primarily beaches and fields. I use an aftermarket carbon shaft from the uk, no coilsafer, still the 1st washers.
  11. I use Eneloops / the Ikea LADDA rechargeables made in japan. They work without a problem and last forever.
  12. I use a 3D printed one, which holds up better than expected. 2 years now without any issue. If you haven't got a carbon shaft yet, I'd hightly recommend to replace the whole shaft with one from steveg or detect-ed for example, and use their arm-cuff. The carbon shaft made a world of a difference! At first, I wasn't sure, if I should really spend 100€ for a shaft (mine is one from the UK), but I didn't regret it and if it broke, I'd instantly buy a new one!
  13. By the looks of some still pictures I'd say it was Beach 1.. Seems like it was running in 1 Tone mode - That way you'll never get rid of the falsing. Run it at least in 2 Tone and set your Tonebreak accordingly. Jeff McClendon has already given some good advices. I even use Beach 1 in the water and have no problem at all at my beaches. I have tested some lakes, which are extremely magnetite infested.. you can trow a magnet in there and it sticks to it in quite reasonable amounts. My observations were crippled, seemingly bad target responses, which I probably wouldn't dig on the dry - but nearly every hearable target turned out to be non-ferrous. No problems with ground falsing though, if set up correctly with Tonebreak / Disc.
  14. Got a keeper ☺️ Been in the hole together with a rusty screw..
  15. Unlike the others, I find myself using it mostly in the wintertime after a storm, because the sand is nice and flat. In the summertime it's odd to keep the coil steady over all those humps.. (we have no tides over here, so I'm talking dry sand hunting). If we had tides, I would probably use it more often.
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