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  1. Been out for 0,5h yesterday at my local suuuper hunted out beach. They are filling up some sand and the wheel loader left some deep tracks.. so I thought I'd give it a try..: 18k goldie... wow - I have a run on gold Shaft conversion is done.. Parts seem to be 3d printed nylon.. we'll see how it holds up.. Weight saving ~110g - It's more noticable than I thought! Now experimenting with some counter weights..
  2. Certification is done - now I am a certified detectorist Some stuff I've found during the last certification day: Very big musket ball British west afrika one penny - why ever the hell it's been sitting in the field in the middle of nowhere near the danish border.. A nice bronze button Some old clad, button, lighter wheel A tiny silver buckle Now I need to get some fields and permissions.. Ordered a carbon shaft from cmd which should arrive tomorrow.
  3. Nice! I found one with 0.8g which came in at ID 1
  4. Same is with the 11" coil.. if you swing it faster, it get's deeper. I had several situations, where I could barely hear a signal.. waggling above the target made it sound clear and solid numbers. If you swing it too fast, you'll miss small shallow targets, but gain depth on larger targets. Definitely helps IDing items within detection depth limits imho
  5. Honestly? I never use the gauge on the equinox.. it's pretty much useless, if you're not after coins only. Probably the 6" coil gives some different readings, too. You could check that with your buddy with the stock coil on some targets - would be interesting..
  6. Yep - common labels are: 333, 375, 585, 750, 917 aka 8, 9, 14, 18, 22k
  7. Still no luck after hours of searching... this is a tough one. If you're in search of pins & wings check out these sites: http://ww2wings.com http://www.wingcollector.com https://www.badgesoftheworld.com I *think* it's a navigator's badge - maybe I'll shoot them an email, perhaps they have an idea...
  8. Did a little cleanup on the pilots badge: Haven't found any information on that one, yet. Does anybody know which country this might be from? Cool find for that beach in particular. Found it on the playground beneath an playground element.
  9. @Chase Goldman I know it sounds weird, but I've found all 3 targets using beach1 (ground balanced) within that 30min freestyle hunt. I've been able to run sens at 23. Even using beach1, there had been plenty of tiny signals. It was the first time on the field. Beforehand, I had setup Field2 in 5 tone mode, tonebreaks set according to some items I had laying around. I didn't expect soooo many iron and tiny signals on the field.. Field2 had been way too sparky in that situation. I'll definitely tweak that mode to my likings, when I have some time alone on the field. Following the mentor's instructions with speaker on just hasen't been the right environment to do so.. Next step will mastering the 50 tones mode. Wintertime is a great opportunity to do so, because it's not all about clad, anyway. The Nox is such a versatile machine, I'll probably never gonna master everything it is able to deliver. You're right - you don't need a fancy machine to make great finds.. It's mostly driven by experience with that particular machine and mode you're using.
  10. Nice find and great story, thanks for sharing!
  11. Jeez.. I've striked a 14k goldring again: This thing is so thin, it doesn't even weight 1g! Yet, it has got a very little stone in it. It came in at ID 2 - I still wonder, what made me dig it It was a short hunt on my hunted out local beach. Found some crusty clad, too: And one badge, probably a pilot's badge from WWII, but in bad condition.
  12. 5 hours on the field today. Mostly theoretical stuff: How to identify, if you can expect human activity, how old keramics look like, how stones used as tools look like and so on. How to grid the field, take notes, identify archeological worthy finds, note Gps positions. We‘ve grided out an area and markted dig-worthy signals, checked them with every detector and digged them together. Afterwards we had half an hour freestyle hunt. I‘ve found an old bronze flat button, one lead seal and a coin of some sort. The others didn‘t find anything Used Field2 first, but I really have to tweak that.. changed to my trusty beach program. We haven‘t used headphones for educational reasons - I‘m really not used to run the speaker and I had to raise my iron volume to notice trash. All in all a very interesting day!
  13. First day on the field with our mentor tomorrow - no clue which settings to use - it‘s going to be an interesting day
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