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  1. Isn't it a great feeling to make someone happy using your metal detector? Well done!
  2. Pretty much everything said. I am still happy I've choosen the 800 over the 600. The adjustable tonebreaks, userprofile and WM08 module worth it + you get a bt headphone. Normally I never use the gold mode, but recently I've obused it and I've really been impressed..: While repairing my children's bikes, I've lost a little 2mm ball from the steering ball-bearing. Park, Field.. no chance, too many signals on the doorway. I then tried gold mode, lowered the sense to about 12-13 - after one minute I've found that small ball using the 15" coil! I found it 4m away from where I dropped it. You could literarily read the ground and that little ball popped out strong enough to wake my sense. After this experience, it's probably my go-to mode for super fresh drops like lost jewelry in the garden for example...
  3. That are some serious bold words for a "newbie" on the machine πŸ˜ƒ There are no magic settings or numbers. It's all a question of what you want to find / achieve and of course the environment you're hunting. If you have limited hunting time and you only want to find specific clad for example, it may be totally fine to discrim the heck out of the machine. My approach is the opposite - I change the tonebreaks, pitches + volume instead of discrim - one of the EQX 800 benefits, I don't want to miss. I dig alot of low numbers and therefore trash, but found some nice gold that way. Also jumping numbers doesn't mean it has to be trash - bracelets or nacklaces often sound super iffy. And then, after 100s and 100s of hours with the EQX, I still get fooled or surprised from time to time 😏
  4. Afaik GB Numbers are not linear to ground mineralization, so don't care too much about them. Wait until you hit the wet sand on the beach... multi will definitely outperform single frequency πŸ˜ƒ
  5. I wanted to mod mine some years ago, but sold it before I could even try. Plan was to use 1-2 Li-Ions or a powerbank with two step up converters and wire them, as if they were 2 batteries. You can also try to use one 9V source in parallel aka brains / audio each with 9V.
  6. I cant't speak for rivers, but fresh water lakes in my area behave exactly the same. After some investigation, I found the stones / sand to be surprisingly heavy mineralized. Some of the smaller stones even stick to a strong mangnet(!). My salt water beaches behave completely different. Perhaps you can throw a strong magnet in there. If it attracts small stones and particles, that will perhaps be your problem.
  7. I had observed the same with the 2€ coins and thus never set F2 > 4, which seems to do pretty well in beach1. The two coins are composed the opposite way + the 2€ coin is bigger. That'll be the reason, why they behave different.
  8. The first 1,5 years I've exclusively used the ML80 - now I exclusively use the WM08 with sport headphones πŸ™‚ No Problems so far, only detecting in the water is a problem with any wireless connection. Headphones really make a difference (at least for me). Different comfort, different audio response.. The WM08 gives you the freedom to use your favorite phones. You can use the ML80s or any other aptX low latency headphone for true wireless experience. There are several threads in this forum, which discuss this in depth. Even the usermanual gives some useful information .. you might consider downloading it prior your purchase.
  9. For me, reducing the sensitivity helped the most to get used to the detector and rid of those really small targets at difficult beaches (sens at 16-18). Summertime fresh drops search = low sens, wintertime left overs search = high sens πŸ™‚ I sometimes use 5 or 10 kHz Park 1 to distinguish Pulltabs from Euro Coins, as they change their target ID significantly, when using low single frequencies. But 98% of the time I try to stick with MF.
  10. Nice! Looks like itβ€˜s optimized for right-hand use, thatβ€˜s neat. Did he design it himself / would he mind sharing the stl? Oh yes, Iβ€˜ll need an extra handle for my scoop, too. T-grip on top is too high.
  11. I'd say they still do for exchanging goods? I've printed that grip last week. First impressions: Nice, but doesn't do wonders. For me it's a little bit too high to feel a big relief. I've modified it, so that the thumb can easily reach all the buttons. Maybe I'll give that swimming noodle mod a try. It has the bonus, that the machine doesn't sink when it falls into the water 😁
  12. I've found gold rings in the range from ID 1 to 24 -> 0,8g - 11g. It depends on the size and weight. If you want to find gold, you have to dig a lot of trash - period. Anyway, that hasen't been the OP's goal....
  13. I've found sh!tloads of 20 cent coins 😁, but I can't remember any of them gave ferrous tones.. interesting. They typically come in at ID 20 +- 1 with multifreq. beach1.
  14. I have some beaches in my area where the EMI seems to come from the lighting installation at the promenade. Switching to single frq. helps in those spots.
  15. Hm.. did you mean 2 Euro? 20 Euro coins typically only exist as collectables - I have never found one. That would be pretty awsome if you found one overseas. The 2 Euro coins don't have an iron tone to them. They usually come in at 16 - just like old pulltabs and many other items πŸ€ͺ. I had some at 15/17, but that's seldom.
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