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  1. Cool - always wanted to make some. My 11" coil ears have a lot of wear after 1 year excessive use on the beach. Which shore hardness did you choose?
  2. Finally a good find again: 18 + 21k - What a strange ring ... but nice! Got myself the 15" coil now and took it out a few times. For a 15", it's light - works great with the carbon shaft. Still fells a little bit awkward using it on uneven ground. I feel somewhat "quicker" with the 11", especially between all of the beach chairs.
  3. Nope - it‘s -9 to 40 edit: Jeff has been quicker
  4. No big news, just an update.. The last 18k ring is back to it's owner due to a combination of weird coincidences. Lucky as having won the lottery Got me some waders, but had no luck, yet. We don't have tides and it's hard to find the sweetspots in the water - if there even are some in the reachable area. Everything is pretty sanded in after the last storm. One thing I can say for sure: Every detectorist who found something in the water definitely earned it! Super happy with the carbon shaft conversion. You really notice the difference. Still can't decide if, I should get the 15" coil. Normal price in germany is 319€ - that's more than 1/3 of the detecor's price.. can get it from england for ~225€ .. so chances are, I could sell it without loss, if I don't like it. I'am a bit scared weight-wise with my hand... Season slowly starts, but weather isn't as good as last year and I can't get out as much due to familiy duties and some other projects
  5. 3. target - wow. A Friend of mine found 4 Rings in 2 hunts. I've been in the water several times and found nothing but coins and fishing lead
  6. On the fisher f-pulse, the batteries last several month (!!) with plenty of use, light + vibration enabled....
  7. Do you own the Nox 600 or 800? If you own the 800, simply save the profile you want to have a play with as user profile. You can then compare it to the desired factory profile with a press of a button.. If you feel like you‘ve messed something up, you can reset that single profile, or save a fresh factory profile as user profile again.
  8. Got me some waders last week and been out in the water three times now - so I wouldn't call me experienced... three different beaches - beach1 (!), Sens 22, GB manual at 0, recovery 6, iron bias 3 and the Nox runs quiet as a mouse..pretty impressive for a vlf machine in my book. No falsing due to waves, coil leaving / entering the water what so ever.. Friend of mine went out 3 times with his Nox and got 4 gold rings with nearly identical settings. Maybe you should get a pi machine, if you mainly hunt in those difficult areas...
  9. The fisher / Teknetics f-pulse takes two AA .. one of the reasons I‘ve choosen it. Sadly the new firmware version isn‘t as good as the first one I had.. should have kept it
  10. We already had kind of a wishlist somewhere.. Different people have different attitudes .. so many wishes have their cons and pros depending on the user, point of view, usecase and so on.. One of my personal wishes for the 800 though: Swap the user profile button with the search mode button! I've stopped using the user profile button, because it's totally un-ergonomic...
  11. Planned to mod my F2 (2x9v) some time ago .. in the end it‘s probably easier to get one of those 9v usb rechargeables https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173719083074 for example
  12. Still not available in Germany. I'll check from time to time.. if the aukeys were 50-60€ I'd buy them, but 80€ is a little bit too much for some buds.
  13. Thank you for your feedback - so it might worth giving one of those a try. They're both hook over ear, and that's the reason they caught my attention. Standard in-ears simply don't work for me. Playtime problably depends on volume and the time it's actually producing a tone. Since we only produce some beaps once in a while and don't play music, they'll last a lot longer than advertised I think...
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