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  1. Sinclair

    Beach Ground Balance.

    They use a pi machine
  2. Wow.. 7,5h hunting .. my hand would have fallen off - nice finds!
  3. Sinclair

    This Coil Is Now Battle Ready!

    Tripple protection - I like Other question: I've often heard about Shoe-Goo or Goop - what is it technically? Over here in germany it seems way overpriced. I often used a car body sealant / adhesive, which seems to glue together anything you can imagine. I've even glued stainless steel on concrete with that stuff.. It doesn't need air to dry and it doesn't smell like it contains solvent.. if it even smells at all.
  4. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    3 month Equinox 98% beach use roundup Today I've put together some stuff I've found with the Nox in the last 3 month. Most of the stuff has been pictured in my last posts, anyway I've counted ~ 400€ worth in clad: We had execptional good weather the last 2 month, so this doesn't seem to be normal amount you'd expect by any means .. - a friendly detectorist found the same amound with a cheaper machine The blingy stuff: Foreign and old coins: Some buttons: 10 liters / some kg worth of various trash: ... and other not pictured stuff like bullets, spoons, fishing lead, keys, locks, far gone coins ... you name it! All in all pretty successful. Beeing out veeeeery often and the nice weather surely helped a lot this season. Definitely need to hit the water for some more ring finds.. but wimpy as I am, I suspect that to happen soon I am still running stock beach1 with changed tone breaks. I might try the park and field modes, but only having ~2h per hunt, doesn't leave much room for experiments and hunts for small jewelry. Nevertheless I sometimes find veeery small stuff pretty deep down.
  5. Sinclair

    This Coil Is Now Battle Ready!

    I hunt the beach exclusively, too.. buttom of the coil cover looks ok. I have some stony beaches + often hunt at night.. so here and there I hit something I think if I haven't had the coilcover with it's little protective edge on, my coil wouldn't be so healthy anymore. It really depends on the conditions you're hunting in.
  6. Sinclair

    This Coil Is Now Battle Ready!

    Hmm, how's about the extra weight it adds? Where do you hunt most? I don't think the bottom needs extra protection, but the edges, as I often hit stuff lying around. Obviously Minelab left the buttom open to save weight. While it shouldn't be a problem to close those structures production-wise, they probably left it open, so the coil wouldn't float in the water. Still searchin for something lightweight that doesn't float to close those wholes...every gram counts
  7. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Been out yesterday. Besides the usual clad and coins I've found an old navi button: And 925 silver again :
  8. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    This weekend we had a little father and son beach hunt in the early morning. I've let my son take all our findings as pocket money, so it was a no brainer for him to come with me We had 1,5h and it has been a great experience to hunt in the morning sun, instead of hunting in the evening / night with a head-torch. 13,10€, 1DM, some old coins and a junker - nice! I've also found a 925 "B" (stands for "Bling" ) pendant - another Silver!:
  9. Sinclair

    Fisher F-Pulse Versus Garrett Carrot

    So how can we update that little bugger? Is there a way to do it, after it got assembled?
  10. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Different beach today, did only 1,5h and not very thoroughly. Still got ~16€: I think my clad totals >300€ now, that's 1/3 of the nox buy price. I went back to the beach I did with sens set to 9. This time I've set it to 18 - only got 1,xx€ ! Okay.. I think someone else is hunting my main beach . The lowered sens even didn't seem to be that big of a deal. But guess what - I've found another ring: It's very thin, 925 silver, missing one stone - but: a ring is a ring The Nox seems to love silver..! Edit: One thing I've forgot to mention: Somebody had lost the lock from his beach chair and asked me if I could help him to find it - it took about 1min - second target = success. That surely raised my karma
  11. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Holidays in some states, so I made ~40€ in two hunts: Nice! Last hunt I've fiddled with the WM08, therefore lowered the sensitivity and forgot to turn it up again .. and that after the probably best weekend since owning the nox.. still could kick myself! Made only 1,xx €, but found a nice chunky 925 silver earring (how ever I made that with sens set to 9):
  12. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Same here chase. It's a fun and hobby thing - finding some clad is a nice add-on To make things worse, by german law finding a ring doesn't make you the owner. Every item with a value >10€ has to be brought to the lost-property office. If they can't track down the owner, or the owner doesn't fetch his item within 6 month, it's yours (well not yet, if the owner tracks you and his item down withing 3 years, he can demand it back). You get 5% reward for items <500€, for items >500€ additional 3%, but limited to 500€. Since that ring has two names + date engraved, chances I'll get it back are pretty low
  13. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Thank you guys! Without being big-headed - that were my exact first thoughts After hundrets and hundrets of hours on our small beaches it really was about time
  14. Sinclair

    Interesting View Of A Equinox Coil

    Nah... no COB.. what you see there is the inside of standard surface mount components (die).. nevertheless: There are ICs on the board, there's no argue about that by the way.. you cannot etch an ic directly to a standard circuit board, what you mean are directly to the circuit board mounted dies. Essentially that are ics without housing covered by that famous black blob... Otherwise you wouldn't need bonding wires, wouldn't you