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  1. Got a keeper ☺️ Been in the hole together with a rusty screw..
  2. Unlike the others, I find myself using it mostly in the wintertime after a storm, because the sand is nice and flat. In the summertime it's odd to keep the coil steady over all those humps.. (we have no tides over here, so I'm talking dry sand hunting). If we had tides, I would probably use it more often.
  3. No.. you can't really calculate the chance, because in my experience the machine has the tendency choose between maybe 2-5 numbers *most* of the time + Noice Chancel is a local setting. It happend during the hunt while switching modes. Imagine 5 people hunting.. To be honest - if the machine runs quiet, I don't fiddle with the NC. Mostly, because the upper numbers interfere with my F-Pulse pinpointer. That results in -7/-8 in 80% of the time.
  4. I've been out with my nox 800 friend again yesterday .. and all of the sudden had extreme interference noise, hunting impossible. Turned out he had changed the detection mode and probably switched to single frequency. Now for the scary part: I've been 10-20 meters away from him and his detector! I've been out with him hundreds of times and know switching modes sometimes produces interference, but this time it has really been insane. Probably an odd combination of Noice Cancellation settings. After a nother NC on one machine everthing went ok. Did the NC on my machine and I've found more
  5. Some fuzes can be quite dangerous and I would suggest to never take that thing home, unless you really know what you're doing!
  6. "In addition to normal high-explosive ammunition, there was the possibility of firing concrete-breaking grenades. The fragmentation effect of the HE grenade was 10 meters forward and 40 meters to the sides. Direct hits could penetrate six meters of earth cover, one meter of masonry or one meter of concrete ceiling."
  7. Next time I suggest to completely turn off the other detectors whilst checking the target. I don't know for sure, but I sometimes have the subjective feeling, my machine doesn't perform as usual, when I'm out with a friend (Nox 800, too). Also I can't imagine noise cancelling 5(!) machines really works all that great. The last one will have the best chance to run stable, and probably messes up the cancelling of the others, because it changes its frequency, which the other machines cancellations relied on. I hope it's understandable, what I'm trying to say 😏
  8. The first year I've exclusively used the ML80 BT headphones. No "real" problems, but comfort issues.. too warm in the summer and in the winter kind of bulky together with hat and headlamp. I've researched and tried various BT headphones and came to the conclusion in-ears are not for me. After I've found the perfect wired headphones for me 1,5 years ago, I exclusively use the WM08 - In the beginning, I never thought this is going to happen. It's "just" because there's no real choice of appropriate APTX-LL devices.. imho. I've fiddled a bit with an external APTX-LL receiver, becau
  9. Hm - I'd choose the 800 over the 600 anytime. Hunting the beach doesn't necessarily mean waterhunting shoulderdeep - you don't need waterproof headphones for normal beach hunting or hunting with waders. But the threadowner didn't specify his style of hunting... I love the WM08, because I can use the headphones I like (that's also possible with a bluetooth aptx-ll receiver), I especially love the variable Tonebreaks and I do use the Userprofile once in a while. Even the Gold mode saved my butt one time, but I wouldn't call that a killer feature for "me".
  10. I've 3D-printed a slighly narrower version of the arm cuff .. hold's up great so far.
  11. I use a Blackdiamond headlamp (model "Spot") for years now. It still works great and shows no sign of use, although I use it A LOT, since I hunt at night / in the evening 80-90%. It offers dimming, redlight, has a neat touch "high beam" feature.. Honestly I don't know what I'd do without it! I own two earlier revisions of this lamp, didn't try the newest iteration or the 4xAAA version, yet.
  12. I'm with you - to me the targets sound somewhat washed out with auto tracking enabled. Fixed GB gives crisper signals imho. At least on my iron infested beaches, I always have the feeling of missing something due to auto tracking. Maybe it's just a feeling - very subjective. I still switch between modes every now and then.
  13. A litte bit off-topic: After switching between firmware 2 and 3 versions quite often in the past, my nox ran super-chatty on the wet sand. I've checked my GB setting and it was set at -9 (which I didn't do, and tracking was disabled!). I've hunted maybe 3-4 times with those settings and found a more than usual amount of earstuds.. ok, so I changed the setting back to 0 - machine was quiet as usual. But the strange thing is: Setting it back to -9 didn't reproduce the behavior. The machine still ran quit on the wet sand.. tests done on the same evening on the same beach within the same patc
  14. You have probably enabled tracking ground balance. Check your settings / user manual.
  15. I never ever hunt without cover - still I somehow managed to crack a piece of resin out of the coil πŸ™ˆ
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