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  1. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    SW wind, 10°C .. I took the chance to get out again. The water had been gone ~60m, so I've detected on the wet sand. Some junkers , an old swimsuit pendant (pretty big ?!).. and two nice coins! 50 Pfenning from 1920 wow.. what a great condition for beeing stuck in the mud for almost 100 years! It's made of aluminium. The second coin is a "10/100 voucher coin" - 1923. It has been used for about 1 year after WW1. I ran the nox in beach1, sens at 22 and it was super quiet - no falsing at all, very impressive. "Sich regen bringt Segen" - "To stir (to move?) brings blessings" Hmm.. hard to translate.. but you get the idea
  2. In case somebody has missed it: Now that's impressive.. great work, thank you!
  3. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    My fellow detectorist has a new detector, so we've been out yesterday for approx. 1,5h. 3°C and up to 55km/h wind speeds - brrrr, it was freezin' and the beach partly looked like the moonsurface... Good news: He can switch frequencies, so our machines don't talk to each other anymore. With his old machine I always had to run 10kHz. Found some crusty clad, some old DM again and some danish foreign clad: A nice 835 silver ring, which is cracked, but.. looks quite nice and old: Now for the find of the day.. man, I've been stoked to find such old stuff under that weather conditions on a fairly open landed beach (regardless of all the negative associations in terms of that era): Afaik it's a NSDAP badge, probably around 1933..
  4. Sinclair

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    Oh man.. I hate those mugs.. could write a book over this stuff. Seems to be the same all over the world
  5. I've used 10 kHz quite often ... ... but I never had the feeling, that it is remarkably slower, or needs slower swing speeds (doesn't make sense technically anyhow).
  6. Received a brand spanking new pinpointer today - thumbs up for my dealer!
  7. Sinclair

    Continues To Impress Me

    Congrats! I should really dig some more low numbers...
  8. Sinclair

    Nox Cuff..... Broke

    It's always a good idea to keep spare parts
  9. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Back to the mystery ring.. had it laying in the cellar and it got dull. Today my chinese scale arrived, so I did a quick confirmation test. In the dry: In the wet: 4,34/0,51 ~ 8,51g/cm³ Specific density of brass: 8,73g/cm³ - there you have it How ever.. at least I own a small scale now
  10. Got a notice today, that a pinpointer with the newest firmware version is on its way to me..
  11. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Same beach yields two probably old 925 silvers. "Karneol" pendant: Small ring: Both found near the waterline after stormy weather, which took a good amount of sand from the beach. Figured one store over here accepts old "Deutsche Mark" clad again, or I can send my clad to the central german bank to get it refunded in Euro. Time to get the tumbler rolling.. Some of them date back to 1949.. very hard to clean. After 2-3 days in the tumbler with 2-3 water changes per day, most of them look quite spendable:
  12. Sinclair


    Boy, that looks freezin' .. I've found 5-10 of those floberts - they ring pretty strong for their size and fall through the scoop almost every time
  13. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Thanks for your thoughts! over here we even have 333 gold. I'll take it to a store, when I get my other goldring back from the lost-property office (fingers crossed). The gold test sets are too expensive for the amount of gold I've found. Perhaps I'll buy a cheapo scale with 0,01g division, and try to determine the density with the help of archimedes I've found the ring on one of my beaches, which brought up plenty of old stuff.. there are chances, it may date back to the ww2 or even ww1 area.
  14. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Hmmm... it looks a little bit too yellow to be copper, but I didn't find any hallmark...