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  1. Had it out today for the first time and didn't have one one problem with interference. Both react when in range of each other as you would expect with any other metal mass at the same distance.
  2. Mike_P

    Sign Of Problem?

    UPDATE: I am happy to say that after a factory reset and running it or about 2 hours this morning, no more shutdowns. Now I just need to get on some good ground to search. All I am finding around the house are modern bullets, old plow blades, and shotgun brass. I did find one old shotgun brass that from what others have posted online could make it 100 years old.
  3. Mike_P

    Sign Of Problem?

    The coil is definitely connected correctly but I will disconnect and reconnect. It worked flawlessly for three hours until this morning. I will also try the master reset. The battery was fully charged and after hunting this morning is still showing all segments in the display. I won't be able to try it again until tomorrow.
  4. So, I have had the 800 for 4 days now and only used it for about 3 hrs total. This morning, I went out for my first prolonged use and decided to deviate from the default settings. I went about setting ground balance in both park 1,2 and field 1,2 profiles using Auto Ground Balance. Park 1 and Field 1 worked as expected but immediately after releasing the accept button in Park 2 and Field 2, the display flashed Cd and the unit powered off. During the next two hours, the unit displayed Cd and shutdown four more times while in pinpoint mode. The manual states this is a coil disconnect error code and to check the connector, cable, and coil for damage but all appear fine. I guess I will be calling MineLab to see what they say. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. I seem to be struggling with pinpointing. If anyone has any pointers on pinpointing, I would be appreciative. My previous detecting experience is with a 1980s Garret Master Hunter 5 with a concentric coil. Between that style coil and the ability to detune in all metal, it was very easy and accurate. Now I am trying to learn the Equinox and I am having problems identifying the center lobe on a double D coil return. When I enter the pinpointing mode and sweep side to side, I get inconsistent feedback from one angle vs the 90 degree offset. I am digging allot in trying to learn the process and it seems I pick the wrong lobe about 50 percent of the time. Any tips other than just keep digging?
  6. Mike_P

    Equinox In Hand

    Strapped in and ready for the ride home.
  7. If anyone has the F-Pulse or Tek-Point, please give us a review.
  8. Ted is spot on. I contacted a small dealer about a month ago and asked to be added to his list. I was number 3 on the list and will be picking mine up next week. Go on Minelab's website and use their dealer search tool to locate one.
  9. Thought I would start a thread where everyone can see the progress of the Equinox rollout. My dealer in SC called today to advise he had tracking info indicating mine would arrive at his shop on Monday the 12th. I had already planned on being off so I guess a short road trip is in my future. I believe I was number 3 on his list. I know it will be alot to ask, but please try to keep the posts limited to confirmed delivery information. That way we can separate out some of the rumor and conjecture. Thanks,
  10. Mike_P

    Just Called Kellyco

    Minelab to include a shirt with all Equinox orders!
  11. Mike_P

    Equinox 600/800 Full Instruction Manual

    That's it. Pack them all up and ship them back until this is corrected.
  12. Mike_P

    Equinox Product Release Info Update

    This photo was taken on 1/25/18 so they had a good jump on getting them shipped out.
  13. Thanks for the update Geotech.
  14. Are there any differences between the Teknetics and the Fisher units other than color?