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  1. Anyone use the Sunray X-12 coil on a Safari/Etrac? Thinking about trying one on a recently purchased Safari for coin hunting in low to moderate trash. Would like to hear opinions and experiences regarding this coil. thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate the feedback! i want to stress that I am not asking which is best. That question can likely never be answered. Not concerned with weight (within reason). Maybe I should have stated it this way in my original post-. I am looking to assemble a respectable coin and relic detecting tool kit. I would prefer that each tool has areas it where it shines that the other tools most likely will not. Like digging through a drawer full of standard slotted screw drivers (perhaps with a few torx bit drivers mixed in), when a Phillips head driver would work the best for the task. So far the tool kit looks like this- XP Deus w/9", 11" lf coils and a 5x9-1/2" elliptical hf coil. XP MI 6 & Whites TRX pinpointers Nokta Impact pro pack (will likely be put up for adoption) And last night the Equinox 800 joined the team. Might be I am asking too soon if adding the safari/FBS would i be redundant with the eq800 already on board. Really hoping for good target id at depth with the Equinox.
  3. I would like some input from those of you that have used the Equinox and have experience with the Safari/Etrac I have recently came across a gently used Safari with plenty of warranty left on it. Intrigued by FBS and all the talk of deep silver finds, real hard to not just pull the trigger on this one. BUT, looks like my wait for the Equinox 800 may be coming to an end. Would purchasing the Safari be redundant with the Eq 800 coming? Will FBS technology provide something multi-IQ doesn't?
  4. I never get tired of digging IHCs. Hopefully in about a week I'll have my Equinox. Nice finds!
  5. I think I would have that pull tab/beaver tail graded and slabbed.... Seriously though, nice finds!
  6. Ha! Thought that looked too clean to come out of the ground....
  7. I have the XP MI-6 and a whites TRX. The TRX does not play well with the deus. Lots of interference.
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