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  1. FISH ON!😉 I'm not biting yet! Winters coming and i need tires. About March i keep telling my self, see if i hold out.
  2. 😋 It doesn't have clock for Pete's sake! Needs a bigger battery so I can add a cigarette lighter. I love the thing. Don't detect much lately but never felt under gunned with the nox.
  3. Wont drive for awhile due to thyroid acting up. But swept the yard again with the 11" stock and the Coiltek 10x5. I made my own C/F Rod in 2018 and never took it off. They sent the new replacement rod but never used it until today. Just put the stock coil on the new lower. It's really a tight fit in my C/F rod. Anyway i hit my trashy hard hit yard with the stock coil in park 1 no FE but changed ferrous 2 to 1 and knocked out ID 40 after two rusty iron fakers. Found a couple copper penny's among the junk and had to work at it. Switched back to the 10x5 coiltek and found another in same ground i went over but it rang up like silver 29 to 35. It always ID's penny's high, anyone else notice this? Regular coil will do it occasionally. Rejected 40 cuz i i thought it helps in junk or for depth. Quit sooner than i wanted but will play more in the morning, never gave the coiltek enough time, got to be another nickle at least in that mess.
  4. Be nice to not have to set your detector an arms length away. Weight, could be a useful counterweight! Bought 2 detectors from them when they were in Iowa. Glad to see new owners are keeping the inlines going.
  5. I have the coiltek 10x5 not the M/L six but way back i had a 4" tesoro coil. Super trashy i would feel better with the M/L six inch. But i love the coiltek in the water and parks as i'ts shape helps a lot in trash. Thats just from using the old tesoro golden umax with the 4", it could pick out good targets very well. Your swings per step will double with the six but people really like it where modern trash hides good targets. Small coils in trash must like nugget hunting, ears get a work out.
  6. I do a crack check when i get out of my truck😃 If its something that got by quality control how many dealers would let you open the box? I really think the mannacoin has been tested every which way in real world conditions. If i was buying a M/L land/water machine I'd have to go manicure
  7. As he say's in video the cracks are it the housing around the port. The Mannacoin housing looks beefed up and I'd bet a merc it's not going to be an issue under normal use. Man the gigmaster really put that EQ thru the mill! Looks like he detects during sand storms. 😀
  8. That's about the price I've seen too. Also saw some recent forum threads that said pods were unavailable a couple weeks ago.
  9. The British "brown Bess" was .75-.80 smoothbore caliber. But with patching the ball would be a few hundreds smaller.
  10. Abide, to bear patiently. That's where I've been on this. Don't follow the bashing, unending comparison stuff. Occasionally a stick pokes my eye. The minelab wall of denial is one. Reminds my of an episode of the monkey's tv show. They go to a store and complain about something and the clerk points to a door with Complaint dept on it. They open it and are instantly outside in the alley with the door locked behind them.
  11. Jeff your a fantastic contributor and i learn a lot from your posts but this i don't buy .. "I didn't post the video to bash Minelab. Neither did Gigmaster." "Sure, I wish Minelab would talk to their loyal and potential customers about things like this........they don't and I can accept that." Accept? Lately EXPECT would be more appropriate . They will talk about it and send you a new pod for X amount of money Out of warranty or a free one under warranty. The housing or what ever is defective. Maybe it would be cheaper to put it in the Mcore pod variation if its so great and solve a never ending headache.
  12. Good vid of Lawrie demonstrating ferrous and tone functions starting at 4:25 or so.
  13. Cant find weight for manticore coil. I would guess it's no lighter as it has more webbing + it mounts closer to the heel end a bit compared to the EQ which is on center. Not much but it has to effect the balance feel smidge. Carbon fiber shaft should help. The handgrip looks better and in video's people say it feels 'good'. Never really had a nox balance problem but my hand sliding up against the pod gets old.
  14. Good link! explanation is about the same in manicure link. Too trashy it wouldn't be a choice probably. I am thinking of a couple long abandoned softball fields and a trapshooting range that have been gone over (by me and others I'm sure) hard. Might help find a few more silvers in places like that. Trap shooters are always fumbling in their pockets and had good luck at those sites. Overdrive not mentioned in specs, https://www.minelab.com/usa/metal-detectors/manticore
  15. watched that. Maybe every program can have 4 custom setting?? The volume overdrive function, increases volume on deep targets. Can think of places I'd like to try that.
  16. Great post Phrunt. Was surprised at the comparison to the CTX. The pod looks much better design/build wise, leaks solved hopefully. Would get one before another nox i think due to better build. A little more depth never hurts. And i like the menu/navigation better. Cant wait to see my wifes face when say i think i need a manicure...then the price
  17. idk but what ever it is their not talking. That's enough to hold off buying next detector until i feel confident .
  18. Might have in assembly, too tight and was forced in place. Not bashing just not something to ignore. Love that gigmaster guy.
  19. Don't understand M/L's silence on this issue. Afraid to improve it because everyone with an older unit will claim product defect and demand replacement or sue? To keep replacing drowned units has to be losing battle financially and reputation wise. Maybe I'm nuts but If the M-core takes off well the nox may be fazed out by offering a "trade in" or just dropped by claiming they need to "restructure".
  20. Watching Lawrie detect and dig that roman coin was interesting. He said it's a round piece of metal. Hard to say how deep but my guess is 8 to ten inches and super dry field with stubble. The graph showed some ferrous, no idea what coin was made of, bronze? Not a game changer but improving on one and i like what I've seen so far. Don't think 50 cm (19.5 inches) dimes are trembling yet.
  21. At 42:19 they dig a roman coin. ID 35 signal low on graph, ferrous. Lawrie's prediction is "a round piece of metal ". pops out the coin Lawrie say's "must have been deep, very far off, nearly out of depth range." It looked about 8"-10" to me, again i see nothing special about discrimination ability.
  22. The new navigation looks great. The in ground targets they dug, nothing better really discrimination wise i saw. A round blip on screen still sounds round to the ear. And horizontally it corresponds with the ID no. Love to hear what other more experienced people made of this.
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