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  1. I have now modified my 18650 pack to incorporate a 1g silica gel pack now as I was getting slight condensation. I’ve not been out with it yet be it may help.
  2. Thanks for the reply Tony, I followed your post in another thread, but the pack you used is about £120 with charger. I used the AA tray and modified to use 4x Samsung 25r 18650 batteries fitted along the sides so I have room to fit silica packs down the centre. I’ll try this way with a slot in the top cover.
  3. Hi TONY, I built a battery pack too and notice it gives increased sensitivity along with depth. can I ask how you managed to fit a silica gel pack inside as I am getting slight condensation inside. I did think of putting one inside the battery pack and putting a series of holes in the cover of the pack.
  4. An update on my battery pack, I went to the beach this morning with the pack charged and showing 16.75v. I used the TdiBH for 2.5 hours at full gain in conductivity mode and checked the voltage afterwards and it was showing 15.27v. My friend was with me using his TdiBH with a fully charged stock 12v battery pack. After the same time and settings his pack had dropped to 10.25v. I’m impressed would be an understatement.
  5. I’ve just made this 4x18650 pack utilising the AA pack. In use the volume seems much louder. Incidentally does anyone know the current draw of the TdiBH when in use.
  6. Has anyone managed to use gold mode on wet sand. I love VCO audio but now only do my local beaches here in the UK. Whenever I’ve tried the Nox 800 just howls like a banshee whatever I try ground balance or sensitivity wise. My beaches are very benign and in beach 1 GB can be left on zero. Or is it that the wet sand is just too conductive for this mode?
  7. I have now had stainless steel brackets made copying the Anderson idea and fitted them to the back of the case using 3m vhb tape.
  8. I might look into getting a stronger one made locally, they can cannibalise this one for the bits.
  9. Has anyone else that’s using the supplied hip/chest mount pouch had issues with it splitting. My first one started within days and Whites sent me a replacement. First time out yesterday with the new one and it’s spliitting by the netting. Its not the design or the stitching, it’s the poor quality material used. They really should’ve used terylene or something stronger
  10. That’s sounds great, could you point me in the direction of the manufacter and part number so I can find the equivalent here in the uk.
  11. I am indeed, I’ve had to rejoin as I lost my previous user details. So I’m now using my original username which is my real name. lol
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