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  1. Has anyone managed to use gold mode on wet sand. I love VCO audio but now only do my local beaches here in the UK. Whenever I’ve tried the Nox 800 just howls like a banshee whatever I try ground balance or sensitivity wise. My beaches are very benign and in beach 1 GB can be left on zero. Or is it that the wet sand is just too conductive for this mode?
  2. I have now had stainless steel brackets made copying the Anderson idea and fitted them to the back of the case using 3m vhb tape.
  3. I might look into getting a stronger one made locally, they can cannibalise this one for the bits.
  4. Has anyone else that’s using the supplied hip/chest mount pouch had issues with it splitting. My first one started within days and Whites sent me a replacement. First time out yesterday with the new one and it’s spliitting by the netting. Its not the design or the stitching, it’s the poor quality material used. They really should’ve used terylene or something stronger
  5. That’s sounds great, could you point me in the direction of the manufacter and part number so I can find the equivalent here in the uk.
  6. I am indeed, I’ve had to rejoin as I lost my previous user details. So I’m now using my original username which is my real name. lol
  7. Tdi beachunter on its way back from Whites, it was nothing more than a mini connector popping off the board. It is reconnected, pressure tested and they assured me it won’t happen again. They think maybe the parcelforce couriers handling was a bit rough and it was loosened and the connector only just touching when I got it. Excellent service from Whites once again.
  8. Hi Tony, I was using the rechargeable pack and it was fully charged. I rang the engineer on the drive home and he suggested I try the alkaline pack in case I had a faulty battery or indeed charger. This I did to no avail, I also didn’t get a low battery light so thought it was something else. Ill keep you informed when I hear from Whites further.
  9. I’m hoping it’s just a case of over zealous couriers. Up until then it was unbelievable, and so, so stable. The engineers should have it Monday so hopefully I’ll soon have it back. I still have my dual field so all is not lost.
  10. I don’t bother with them because in my experience the continued use of fingers on the plastic still blurs the screen underneath by friction. I use Zagg invisibleshield original on mine and cut a piece to fit the entire faceplate.
  11. Unfortunately mine has gone back for repair. I got it on the Tuesday, used Wednesday for 3 hours and recharged when I got home. Went Thursday machine working fine, switched off after 2 hours to talk to my buddy, then the machine refused to turn on. I tried the alkaline pack just in case I had a faulty charger, but no. Whites of Scotland collected it next day but couldn’t send a replacement as they hadn’t any. Bummer!
  12. First trip out with my Tdi beachunter and it’s freaking awesome.threshold is as smooth as my ctx 3030, but this bad boy is way deeper and the tones are wicked. Clad coins come in with a low tone but with high tones at the edges. I’m totally blown away with it.
  13. https://www.detectorbits.co.uk/RNB_AW3100_Lithium_Battery_pack_Charger_For_Most_Whites_detectors/p4361598_16705551.aspx
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