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  1. Beach hunt # 13 is at the same EMI beach I was at last time. I had planned on a two-day beach hunt but had too many home things to do, so just one hunt this week. I wanted to get more time on the GPX 6000 and the Equinox, so the 5000 stayed home this time out. Tides were low yesterday so a bit more was exposed on the wet slopes, and that’s always a good thing. Since the low tides were in the afternoon, it was a good time to try the 6000 out in the dry. It really does handle the EMI well with the 14DD coil. Even when the train was approaching it handled well with just a noise cancel. When things change just noise cancel, and it settles down. I also ran auto + on it and normal ground. Manual pick up the EMI a little too much in this hotspot. Buried a quarter at 12” and it picked it up faintly. I bet I could have got another inch out of it. So not deep enough for what I want from it, but it did work out the EMI better than any other Minelab I own. This machine really is designed for the small gold, as it was intended to do. Not as versatile as the 5000, but I can see why the gold guys love this machine! It will stay in my arsenal of machines for completely cleansing the first 12” of all minute targets. Sounds like a negative cleaning up every little scrap, but if you have a very productive beach (or relic) site with very deep targets, it will remove a lot of masking targets. I did later switch to using the Steve’s method of discrimination, so as to not dig the small aluminum. The Equinox performed nicely on some deep, wet sand targets. Although not clean signals, the amount of deep lead weights I got surprised me. If the lead is still there, the gold rings may be there as well. I may try the larger coil in the same situation if tides allow next time out. Although I did not get any gold or silver, I had a great time out with both machines and got a bit more involved on what I can get from them in the areas I hunt. So far, the weather is holding out for some cold, but pleasant hunts.
  2. Awesome recovery. Moral of the story .... never give up. πŸ‘
  3. Interesting. I had the headphones cutting out issue, the other day. But sometimes it comes back on. I also had coil issues that sound like what you described as screeching sounds. I thought my coil was bad (still might be), but maybe it's the battery after all. Also noticed that if the coil touched the ground, even lightly, the detector would sound off with a long tone. I hope it's not caused by the charger because I use two chargers for 2 different batteries. If I find out both batteries blew out because of the charger, I will not be happy.
  4. What does your GPX do or not do with the bad battery? I'm having some issues with mine lately, and I'm now wondering if it could be battery related.
  5. It's so much easier down here πŸ˜„ You pull into the main parking area, use the porta potty and start detecting - no parking fee, no permit required on state or local beaches.
  6. Thanks Simon. I would challenge any machine to survive being @ 20 feet from the Acela train. Some machines can tolerate it with an anti-interference coil or using the GPX in cancel mode, but the depth suffers a lot. If the QED didn't lose depth and could hit coins at 15-20", that would be awesome. I would camp out until I hit every square inch of that beach πŸ˜„
  7. So do you need a permit to park or detect Maine beaches? I'm assuming it's off season right now? I watch NH Beach metal detecting on YouTube and he has some really rocky beaches that I think the GPX would do great on. If the weather holds up I may try some soon.
  8. Naw, your beaches are just stingy. That's why I stay down this end πŸ˜„ I may venture out to NH or even to Ogunquit beach if I feel like driving and checking out new beaches. I like the ones that have lots of rocks and high dunes mostly. The sandy, flat ones are harder to get to a layer that has what I'm looking for. The Mercs came from a 40's to 50's layer, so some of them should look fairly new. The beach dictates my quotas 😭 Them west coast guys are spoiled. πŸ˜„ I hear rumors that every park is loaded with rare "S" mint coins. Most time they just chuck them back. πŸ€” Thanks for the info on the Merc, I didn't get a chance to look it up. This year is tough so far. Where I am, the sand just doesn't want to wash out to sea yet.
  9. The Mercs were in an upper part of the beach where not much water hits them. Plus I tried a new method of cleaning them right as they come out of the sand. Eventually, I will have some chemicals in a vile to drop them into while I hunt, but for now I chose the unprepared man's version.... rub them with the sand to remove the slight oxidized layer. πŸ˜„ Not kidding 😲 Hey it worked. Get them before the light hits them and darkens them. The large token is odd. It resembles the 1787 Massachusetts Cent on one side and the other side uses other state coin verbiage, along with a landscape scene, reminding me of the Vermont Tensium landscape copper. I did not try it on a magnet but it read very poorly - thinking iron core. weird token for sure, looks gold plated. I wonder if I can turn it in for a new machine πŸ˜„ Don't feel bad for me not getting any gold, it's reserved for Joe!πŸ™‚ He has quotas to fill.
  10. Beach hunt # 12 is at another beach I visit every once in a while. High EMI there and today was no exception. Decided to use the EQ 800 for a couple of hours to see if any tiny gold was around. None for me. I did get a 1936 Buffalo Nickel with it at about 6”. So, some sand did get moved around for that to be so close. Switched to the GPX for about 4 hours. Short hunt as it was raining on and off and getting a bit chilly when the sun starts to get low in the horizon. Still some issues running it, but I managed to squeak out a couple of silvers and another Buffalo, along with 2 wheats. The usual junk targets were found as well. This beach does not lose sand easily, so getting to the silver layer is very tough. Those 2 dimes did not come in well, basically slightly repeatable ground noise, while listening to slight EMI chatter. If somehow 6-8 inches of sand was to miraculously disappear, it would be silver and copper cent heaven. I’m always glad to get out and have some fun digging at the beach. The season is changing fast, so I’ve got to beef up my clothing very soon. Can’t wait for the next hunt. πŸ™‚
  11. I look at it this way: A lot of us have different brands of machines that we use to get treasure. You were simply using a "different machine" that day to find that chain. πŸ˜‰
  12. It may just mean that they were overpriced because of hype and sales projections. Now it may be settling into where it should be, taking into account world issues as well as lack luster (I'm guessing of course) 6000 sales. The Equinox had to be good for them financially, but the competition from companies that can make a difference, may worry investors. Maybe there is just better stocks to put your money into these days.
  13. Great finds!! Lots of good stuff there. I like the big iron ball. Wonder if it's military.
  14. The 6000 is excellent for small stuff, but on the coastal beaches I do, the 5000 still wins for the deep coins. Lack of control options has me thinking it won't be a machines I can find settings that work for what I want to do with it. I didn't think the 11" mono coil would interfere EMI wise as much as it did, when I tried it on my favorite beach. The 14" DD coil is just not much (if any) better than the cancel mode or an anti interference coil is, on my 5000. So it sits until the archaeology work for next fall. I really should try it some more on other beaches. But time is limited and the travel time is @ 2 hours, so I need to maximize my time with the machine that works best. Lately, if it wasn't for clad I would have nothing at all to show πŸ™„ Thanks strick! I really needed something good to show up that day, and the ring was a real surprise. I actually thought it was another bottle cap, but when I grabbed it my finger punched the wet sand out of the middle of it. I was a nice end to the day.
  15. In America there are so many different rules on detecting that it probably won't help you. This is the way every country is going. Without getting off topic and violating some forum rules about politics, I will just say it may be better to get people to voice the disapproval to politicians or vote them out. I don't think anyone there cares what America is doing with regard to their metal detecting laws. England may be a better example that may work for you. Also try and get the metal detector manufacturers to join in. After all, they should have a huge interest in metal detector regulations. Good luck with you efforts.
  16. At least you tried it. Glad the suit worked out. Silver is not as good as gold, but it's not bad either πŸ˜„Beaches for me have been very hard this year, they just don't want to give up any sand. Maybe it would be good for scuba, since I think all of the sand that the whole ocean has, is deposited on the beach πŸ™„
  17. Beach hunt # 11 was a final try for some silver from the grassy area with the E Trac. I’m of the opinion that there are very few silvers left there, even though it would take many, many trips to cover all the ground. The coins are just too shallow to miss the silver. Any silver found here is because the area is huge, so some will be missed, or it is co-located with iron. I worked it for 5 hours and finally found the silver Washington on the way back to the car. Now I understand how the copper cents can be left undug while being fairly confident that all the silvers are removed. Good for them over the years to cleanse this field of all that rubbish silver. πŸ˜„ 5 hours digging dirt was enough for me, so I changed over to the GPX and did some selective beach hunting. Only 2 hours until the sun set, so I gambled a bit in where is the best area to go. Still sanded in, I opted for the fresh drop zone. No skill was involved in the recovery of the 14K gold ring, just the luck of wandering around. Great weather, hoping it lasts for a couple more trips, and then the full winter gear hits. Not a bad day with one silver and 1 gold. I have to think about next weeks hunt, as this beach is running dry. ☹️Great to get out and see the sun set in one direction, while the huge moon rose in the other. Until the next hunt…..
  18. Let me help you there Cuda. The first symbol is your decision maker that tells you which way to go hunting, next is a speedometer, stereo system, music list, then "the eliminate the person" that is hunting my park, weather forecast, tide chart, the upside down speaker is the frequency interference system to blast out the competition, a reminder ribbon for chores, a "limit detecting" clock and finally, the hour glass is a detector shut off that your spouse can operate from her phone. Simple really πŸ˜„ We have been going through this since detectors have become digital. After a bit, you won't even glance at them. It will be interesting how good the detector performs and most important.... is it more durable than what is out there. I barely use my Equinox now and one of the reasons is durability. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks when they get some hours on it. Good for them in trying to put enough good features in a machine and not charge huge amount.
  19. WOW, your spoons are so clean!!!! Now I feel guilty for not cleaning mine. πŸ˜„ I have a lot of spoons, so I just separate the pewter ones from the S/S and brass ones. I only have one silver spoon that I found beach hunting. For the future?? I guess they stay in the box unless I get into melting metals.
  20. OH MY GOD.... a clock 😲 I'm tired of stick on clocks. They never last beach hunting. It may be worth that machine just for that πŸ˜„
  21. What a great job being able to find all of that at the hunt. It just shows that you know your machine and had it set up perfectly for that soil. The depths you were getting in that red soil is commendable!
  22. Awesome hunt. All look to be earlier dates too. 7 1/2 hours is a lot of digging, but well worth it in the end!
  23. Oh no. Sorry to hear that. I wonder if Minelab can even repair that? Hopefully they can do something with it and maybe cut you a break. πŸ₯Ί
  24. Nice score again Joe. Tough call on where to go next. I would just pick one that day and forget about the other one. (or sneak out the next day to it πŸ˜„)
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