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  1. Nice buttons. They should clean up well. I use 50/50 water and CLR and a soft brush, and then baking soda/ water neutralizer. On the one with the iron back, I would just clean the face with that mix. That Waterbury Button factory must have made every button in the world πŸ˜†
  2. Thanks. Zero effort in finding that point πŸ˜„ Just had to look down. Thanks. We find cylindrical shot occasionally, especially from the 17th century sites. Later on, round ball were available, so less odd ball lead is found. Not sure on the diameter but roughly around the 50 ish range. Used in smooth bore muskets. Thanks. Next hunt up is this Wednesday at a 17th century meeting house... It will be the last hunt there until possibly next season, from what I understand. We'll see if I get lucky. Thank You. The button is brass, no gilt left, but an odd black dirt on it. I don't think it's 17th century, but probably early 19th century. One piece , so I'm guessing 1820's give or take. I did not get a chance to see the back side very well as I had 15 minutes left in the hunt and I just hit a hot spot. πŸ˜„ The silver buckle was probably 1900's and looked like a decorative horse buckle...solid silver but not nearly what we were looking for. As for the electric fence, i was very shocked on how much it messed with the GPX. I knew it would cause depth loss, but it was the way it made even shallow targets seem like interference. I missed 2 round ball, that button and a couple of other shallow targets, the day before at that same spot. Once the fence was off, the targets screamed. Thanks. These hunts are the best since I can detect leisurely, without any stress. Yes, that's a quartz point - they say around 1400 years old. Thank you. I love to hunt beaches and cellar holes, but these hunts are more fun in some ways, even if I don't get to keep anything but the trash πŸ˜… I get to detect places that are usually off limits, so that's kind of cool too. At this part of my life, I just want to enjoy the hobby as long as I am able.
  3. I had some fun hunting a couple of 17th century English home sites, that were located on an earlier Native American site. 2 days hunting, with the first day working with field school students teaching them how to detect and the use of metal detectors for their Archaeology work. I was a bit surprised since all we could find that was relevant were 3 pieces of lead. All the detectors had issues and the GPX had weird spike sounds sporadically killing the threshold. πŸ€” I thought it may be the storm that was coming in later in the day. Day 2, the noise remained, so talking with the owner of the property, I asked him where the nearest electric fence is, and his reply was …. right over there! 😑 He was gracious enough to turn off the fence and the GPX worked better than ever. I did not take photos of everything found, but some of the finds included 4 musket balls, 2 scrap pieces of brass, some eyeballed pieces of early pottery, a silver decorative buckle and these 3 items…. cylindrical lead shot (no it’s not a sinker πŸ™„), an early 1-piece brass button (cat on it?), and a surface find quartz point. (maybe Levana – around 1400 years old. πŸ₯°) I planned on doing a bit of water hunting, but I never got around to it. I may head back there one more time next week to finish off areas I wanted to do. It was fun just getting out. Finding the time lately to do anything other than home and work stuff is almost impossible, so I was grateful to get some time off.
  4. Nice job. Green coins are always a good sign for some other goodies to show up.
  5. Deer flies?.....God help ya πŸ˜„ Them flies are relentless. Gorgeous watch fob. Looks like the style of stuff I was pulling out of a picnic site active from early 1890's - early 1910's. So Victorian is a possibility right through to early Art Deco.
  6. Yep, my favorite series would be Indian, Buffalo, Mercury, SLQ, Walking Liberty. I'm less impressed when it comes to the dollar....probably Peace over Morgan. All newer coins are bland compared to that series (for me).
  7. I've found a couple '39's. Not sure about the '38. The disadvantage about storing my beach finds by beach and not by type, is trying to locate them nickels..... won't be easy. It's not going to happen πŸ˜„ I agree interest in Jefferson nickels is not very common. If you are going to collect nickles how do you compete with the beauty of Buffalo, V or Shield. Jefferson nickels would be my last pick.
  8. Thanks. We have a lot of trash, that's for sure. We get great wave action that is constantly breaking down our beaches. Some of the areas have an inch or two of nice sand and then clay. Most of those coins were a bit further down and were averaged at 10" deep. If you get a chance to try a pulse machine (assuming you haven't already), it may open up some new spots. I think it was about 3.5 hours with the Manticore (includes both sand and turf) The GPX was 3-4 hours as well. I do look over the Jeffersons, mostly to see if they are 40's vintage. Since you never know when these coins are dropped, having a bunch from the 40's tells me I'm in the time frame for silver. The ones that tell me nothing are the 1964 Jeffersons. You could find 10 of them and still not be in the silver area. They made so many of them that you still find them in change today. The amount of finds is directly related to how dumb I want to be that day πŸ˜„
  9. It may also have been brought in with top soil. Parks bring in dirt from time to time, to fill areas so that they are level. Looks like a one piece flat button to me. The front is blank, the back of the button is where the double gilt and crown are located. You can even see a small dot in the center where the shank (loop) would have attached.
  10. Nice button. Right around 1820, give or take.
  11. Some nice finds, promising for sure. That eagle item may be a rosette with the lead back missing. Looks like a good place..
  12. Beach hunt # 33 & 34 was my return to the beaches. Days are busier now that the weather is nicer, so I was glad to find some time to get back to the beaches. These are 2 different days hunting 2 different beaches. The first one was a small beach and I used both the Manticore and the GPX. The other beach hunt was with just the GPX. Not a lot on the first beach, but I did manage 2 silvers. The second hunt was an all-day affair and netted me more silver than I thought I would get. The beaches are starting to get more and more people on them. I only have a hunt or two left before the season opener. Always nice to get out detecting.πŸ™‚
  13. Great series of hunts. You have to get them while the beach is hot!!! Nice job taking advantage of a giving beach.
  14. Beautiful looking ring! Glad you got some gold.
  15. As Chase has said, it's a clad quarter and is typical of the various damaging stages that a clad coin would go through. Silver will never corrode out on the edge and cause that hollow gap. Color is the least reliable factor in determining coins. Silver usually is black, but I have found gray, milky white, and brown (just like a clad would look). The fact that your quarter lost some "meat" on the edge says it's clad to me as well
  16. Sounds like it was a nice week of fun in the sun. You got a lot of clad, so if there was a ring to be found, you would have found it. Don't forget to check that '72 cent for double die. Sharks are my favorite πŸ™‚
  17. Awesome finds. Love the two piece buckle. Every part of the country has something nice to offer us.
  18. That GPX drives itself. No pilot needed 😊 Don't feel bad, I'm still waiting for someone to send me an Axiom too. 😒
  19. Naw, them are just some old flat buttons I super glued numbers on. πŸ™„ It took as much skill to find them as a turkey shoot takes. They bring me to a site that is known to have them and let me loose with a pulse machine. πŸ˜„ How hard can that be?
  20. Oh yeah, those are real for sure πŸ˜… I see that chert everywhere I go. That sad part is people that don't know anything about this subject will believe they are real, and may even display them proudly after purchasing them.
  21. I would love one of those for really trashy cellar holes. Just on the lip of the hole. Chet, do you remember how deep it would go? 4" or a bit more?
  22. Even on the Manticore I have similar results. For a company that stressed how great the target ID was, it is not. Expanding the range made it worse. The E Trac had way better Target ID than any of the new models. I find the Manticore ups the target ID on copper cents when they are deep to 98 or 99. Way higher than they should be. I don't know if your 900 does that as well. I like the Manticore but it seems it is only good at certain sites. I want to say non EMI sites, but it has worked well on some of those too. Kind of hit or miss on if it's going to work or not. I bring it along but hardly ever pull it out to use. Getting a bit more than disappointed in Minelab recently. I hope they work out your problem Jeff.
  23. I used to belong to a forum many years ago that had a bunch of (retired) detectorists, retired meaning they didn't get out much or go to different places. They also never learned their machines or bought anything new in probably 20 years. If someone posted an Indian Head cent, they would call them liars πŸ˜… I never posted much there and eventually left. I have been accused (not here or not to my knowledge πŸ˜„) at local club meetings and digs, as well as competitive forums. I stop visiting them sites. So I try and look carefully at You Tube videos and make sure I don't write anyone off too early. I used to be suspicious when I first saw the Hoover Boys, but after watching them carefully I am satisfied they are real. But for every one real video, I question 3 or 4 others. Some people just need to show things they did not find for emotional reassurance. Sad really.
  24. It definitely is an honor to be digging there. We just started detecting and one guy popped the first button. It was like 20 seconds into the hunt.πŸ˜„ The unknown button unfortunately may be newer than the Rev buttons, since it's a two piece. I wish I took a picture of the back. Besides the scroll, we weren't sure what the circular thing was. We are leaning towards maybe cartography, with the scroll being a map?
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