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  1. About time things heated up πŸ˜„ If a company does not come to bat for itself, then it will lose sales unfairly. Hype is a powerful thing and detector companies and YouTuber's especially know that. How does one make money off of YT channels? Just put out hyped up videos. I'm glad Dilek stuck up for NM. It's only a matter of time before someone goes too far and the defamation lawsuits start. If I were a You Tuber, I would tread carefully in how I show a detector to be sub par. You can voice your opinion, but just remember freedom of speech is not a universal law, and where opinion stops, defamation starts. I think it was Oprah ? who mentioned she would not eat meat and the got sued by the meet industry? I really wish people would just stick to showing what their detectors can do and leave the other brands alone. We all have had machines that we did not like, so just stick to talking about what you don't like about it and leave the comparisons alone. If you are going to compare, make sure you know both machines well and do an honest attempt at comparing them. If I were just starting out and wanted my wife to detect with me, I would jump all over the 2 Nokta's (and enough money still left to take my sweetie to dinner) for the price of one Deus II.
  2. 4.8 out of 5. Yeah, that would be a 96% approval rating I'm thinking. That's not real good considering how many customers they service.
  3. I guess my question is "what is considered a large target?" Is a US quarter a large target? Because the 11" and the 14" coil can not hit that target nearly as deep as a 12.5 DD coil can on the 5000. I have yet to dig anything close to 15 to 20" range like the 5000 can. I can get 15" on a dime with the 5000. I can't hear a quarter at 10" with the 6000. So far for me, it does not go nearly as deep as the 5000. If anyone has any magic settings to get me even with the 5000, I'm all ears.
  4. Really nice hunt! Those rings are sweet. Lots of big lead as well (potential gold targets). Them wives have a habit of snagging our goods 🀬
  5. Don't be confused 😳 The 1858 is a pattern piece you will probably never find. I was just messing with you about finding an 1858 Indian. There is an 1868 Large Cent as well as an 1868 V nickel, plus countless other patterns. Really interesting stuff.
  6. Yep, I can see the headdress now that I take a better look at it. You can do the peroxide cold as well as hot, but I like to see the bubbles, πŸ˜„ so I nuke the peroxide for about 10 seconds.
  7. I thought you found this one. If you ever want to see some real cool stuff, Google Judd patterns of US coinage. There are all kinds of early designs that were patterns and not officially part of the series.
  8. On corroded cents like that I usually heat up some hydrogen peroxide in a shot glass and then throw in the coin. It fizzes a lot but breaks that green right off. On stubborn ones I do it 2 or 3 times. But I'm not telling you to do it πŸ˜„ That is just my reckless behavior. It is a fattie and will be somewhere between 1860-1864 if you can see a shield on the back. It may be an Flying Eagle if you don't see anything on it to ID it being an Indian head.
  9. Thanks. I love that series, they are stuck hard. Most of the time they will clean up well. It's the earlier series that are hard to find in great condition. Very sandy soil or areas that have lime, tend to preserve copper well.
  10. So I did get around to toning the large cent with sulfur infused Vaseline. It deepens the coin to a dark tone and hides some of the green that was left by me not cleaning the coin completely. This coin definitely did not see a lot of circulation before being lost.
  11. Looks like a Tombac button Generally dates to mid to late 1700's
  12. Thanks, I'm slowly getting better. The large cent made the hunt. I just wanted to get some time in on the E Trac and get reacquainted with it. It really is a good machine considering it's age. Hope you get out to some of those churches and get some of those coins. But churches are funny, the priest that gave my friend permission was fielding calls all the time we were there. People calling him to report the 2 guys digging his church. One lady even took a picture of my friend and scolded him for hunting a church without permission. πŸ˜„ Even after telling her he had permission she still took a picture of him. Funny no one bothered the long haired guy πŸ˜† Thanks Tom. If I had more time there I think I could have found some deeper, older coins than wheats. But first time there you just wander around and see what pops up. EMI was the depth killer there.
  13. Some cool finds there. I had to do a double take on the locket. You can see a 194_ date coming through on the back side of it. The large cent is always a good hit. I like V nickels but mine are usually are more corroded than the one you got. That should clean up fairly well.
  14. I just saw your 1837 Large cent. It may not work too well on that one since there is a decent amount of corrosion on it. But if you do try it be careful not to remove too much dirt, since that is what is giving you the contrast to see the date and features.
  15. Toothpick and dry tooth brush them to death before anything else. Then if the coin looks like it has a solid, mostly pit free look to it, you can finish off with the wet steel wool and Dawn rub. If the coin is crap to begin with, it may not improve much. I like the newer large cents because they have a very deep strike, so they clean up nice. I may use a toning mixture of Vaseline and sulfur to darken the coin to a more uniform color if I remember πŸ˜„
  16. Thanks. We have a good amount of large cents in my area, but they are getting harder to find. Hopefully there is an older section of town or some old race track or church where you may have a chance of finding one. Thanks. I'm not quite normal yet but getting better by the day. Large cents can sink real deep depending on where they be. I've found them deeper with the GPX on some fields I've hunted. The church does shoot some blanks. Not sure if they are for a funeral or Memorial Day events. The jacks were a surprise for sure. This ground was dryer, brown soil, very consistent and not many rocks at all. Looks like it drains well. Thank you. The large cent cleaned up pretty well. I just tooth picked it, followed by a wet #0000 steel wool and Dawn rub.
  17. I don't know, I think he was just as happy as I was when mine didn't work right out of the box. Maybe the ignore function if you don't want to see people's issues with their machines. Yep things happen, and they will continue happening if we all just ignore that they are real.
  18. So, I have been MIA to detecting for the past 2 weeks, as I had my second date with Covid. πŸ™„ She visits me every 2 years and this time was no fun as well. πŸ˜„. A buddy of mine wanted to do an E Trac hunt, so I met him at a church built in the 1940’s but on a very old piece of land. I also brought the Equinox 800 and the GPX 5000. I started the hunt with the E Trac and a 13” Ultimate coil (that I just purchased here recently). It took me a bit to remember how to use it in this kind of EMI setting, but it worked very well finding me an 1852 Large cent at around 9”. I ran it for about 2 hours and found some memorials and a couple of wheats. I decided to switch and try the Equinox. Now the selling point of the Equinox is its multi-frequency technology, so I wasn’t interested in hunting with the 20 or 40 Khz frequencies, as I was looking for deep silver. The Equinox didn’t fare well with the EMI, so off to the car trunk it went. I then pulled out the GPX with a Detech 11” DD coil. It was noisy, but bearable as I ran it with very mild settings. The last 2 hours of the hunt were the most fun as I could almost run with the GPX and just bang out coin after coin, all around the 6” mark. This section I was doing had almost no trash or iron, just coins. There wasn’t a pull tab to be found, and besides some modern clad, every cent there was a wheat cent. So, the GPX found both silvers and a lot of wheats including a decent 1921. It was a ton of fun and I was just glad to get out and hunt after sitting home for all those days.
  19. Some nice finds there. Definitely in an old area. Very interesting lead as well.
  20. I generally don't reply to people when they tell me to donate to a museum or historical society, but when pressed I have on occasion reminded them that museums and historical societies are private ventures. They may seem to be tied to towns or states, but they could sell those items or discard them if they had no room or interest in them, and you would not be able to say anything. Many of dumpsters located at bigger establishments have old collections thrown out because of lack of space, lack of museum quality items, staffing or conservator budgets. Many times a mediocre collection will be forever buried in an attic or closet, never to be seen. Chances are unless your item is rare or ties in heavily with local history, it would not be displayed, since they usually group artifacts by theme or event. It is better in your hands than theirs.
  21. I just checked my photos and couldn't find any save location information. But that may be that I use a home based camera and not my phone. I have yet to understand my new phone so I won't even bother looking for that info on it πŸ˜„
  22. I'm sorry to hear that Simon. I was shocked to read your post. I thought by now they would have eliminated the DOA detector problem. I bought mine a while ago. It powered up but went right to the "!" symbol. JW's was showing a coil problem, yours didn't even turn on. I'm really starting to worry that this is the way Minelab is going to approach manufacturing. I could see if this was their low end line of detectors, but this is geared for serious detectorists that pay good money and deserve better quality control than this. I know it's been said that Minelab will make it right, and they probably will, but that does not excuse the fact that it keeps happening. It shows a lack of concern for people's time, money and frankly puts a downer on the image of the machine. Mine has sat for months now. I charge the battery and headphones, but there is always that stressful feeling that one day I will go to use it and it won't turn on. It's sad how companies start off with a lot of energy and seem to be really vested in making a great product that will take the world by storm. When they get big and make it, the essence of the company shifts more towards making profit. They will always make a great product, but only if it powers up.
  23. That's a pretty good hunt. Spanish silver (and you even go the date), a tombac and the copper spike is interesting as well. Wonder if it was used as a ground for a lightning rod wire? Cool stuff!
  24. I love Detech coils for their durability and sensitivity. I hope you do well with yours.
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