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  1. 3 hours ago, Joe D. said:

       Beach hunt #20! Left the Manticore in the car! No need for it today, as there was a carpet of silver coins across the beach, with gold jewelry in between, laying on the surface....

    😴😖 I'm awake; I'm awake dear!!

    A little treasure dreaming never hurts!! Better luck on #20!💍💰🍀👍👍

    NOoooooo.............. That's exactly the kind of pre-hunt thinking that got me into trouble in the first place. 😄 Next hunt will be worse than this hunt. It will rain molten aluminum and iron will jump from the sea. There 😊  Set the bar low and you won't fail. 😉

    1 hour ago, strick said:

    Well you want to talk Idiot...heres one for you....several years back I was all gun ho to detect after driving 2.5 hours to the beach so I hit the ground running...signals were everywhere...darn ground noise from the recent erosion/black sand I figured so I turned the sensitivity down and re ground balanced.....the machine was still falsing a lot. It was then that I noticed it was every other time I took a step and finally realized that the new rubber boots I had recently bought had steel toes 😄


    Huh ...... 😞. I've done that too. 😄 But in my defense, the guy at the store swore to me that they use hard plastic inside the boots for their durability. 🤔 Never did buy anything from that store again. Next time the pinpointer comes with me.

    56 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Would you please explain.  I'm trying to figure out how that would be worth the effort.  Is the toy truck too far gone to figure its manufacturer & origin?  I'm always curious if people find the original Matchbox vehicles (marked "made in England by Lesney").  I don't remember ever finding one.

    Good on you to admit your faux pas.  I've done that before (multiple times) although not to the extreme result you suffered.  But that's because my sites aren't so sensitive to the Eqx 800 settings (i.e. no saltwater beaches, etc.)

    I scrap electronics for fun 😄 I can smash that puppy and extract the board in less than a minute. Seriously, I recycle metals and electronics for their components. There are buyers for boards and I just collect them until I get a lot.

    I was a bit shocked that the modes differed enough to cause the land version to be noticeably different from the beach version. It's not that it was unusable by any means, but more that it did change it enough for me to notice the difference it was giving me towards iron. I just found it to make the iron iffy enough for me to dig it. I was way more confident in beach mode with the iron. Who knows, maybe just a fluke. I won't be able to test it again for a couple of weeks. I want to hit the grass and try for some more silver from the fields, next trip out.

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  2. Beach hunt # 19 was at the same beach that gave me gold and silver last time out. This was going to be a full Manticore hunt. Got up very early to be there just before sunup since it was going to rain/snow in the afternoon. I prepped everything and was psyched to get going, dreaming of more silver and gold. What I forgot to plan for was that I would be an idiot that day. 🙄 Yep, seems that last time out I tried the high sensitivity people were wondering about and also switched from Beach Mode to All Terrain Mode. A seemingly unimportant technicality. So, I hit the beach running and drop the sensitivity down to 25 and start hunting, but notice the machine is really sparky this time around. Then I notice that the method I use for identifying iron isn’t working well today. I was very disappointed that my system was not working. ☹️ I detected for most of the day with very little to show, except  that I had a lot more iron than I wanted. I was a bit bummed and lost a little faith in the Manticore. I decided to try another program  but them I noticed that I was not in beach mode. What a rookie move. 😬 Switched over and all was well except that my time has nearly run out. Oh well, it’s just like the old days when you pack everything for a great relic hunt but…. you forgot to charge them Nicad batteries. I will not make that mistake of rushing to hunt before verifying my detector is set correctly again. So, no gold or silver, but I did find some weird stuff. A Garmin GPS which I will scrap out for its PC board, a cool, old pad lock, and an unusual amount of big lead, including a nice, unmarked ingot. So, the second trial of identifying iron on the Manticore will have to wait a while. I may try a grass area next hunt to see how the iron responds to my system of IDing it. Still nice to get out hunting and always better than working. 🙂



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  3. I do the picture route. It has the finds (good and bad), the detector used, and the amount of time spent. That is the reason I put that information on the pictures I post here. They then go into a folder with the date of the hunt. If my hard drive dies, I'm toast 😄 But long term for my beach hunts, I put all the total coins and jewelry into plastic bins with the beach labeled on each. My relics I just put in boxes or display cases. Important hunts, I have bagged them and labeled the place where found. When I die, no one will care and the kids will Coinstar everything 😲...😆

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  4. Not enough time on it to notice the negatives yet. It's pretty lightweight and I didn't notice any issues swinging it but I haven't had a full hunt with it yet. Hopefully I will get out Thursday and spend the full day using it at a beach. Haven't done a relic hunt yet, but on the beach the iron is manageable. Any iron I dug last time out was by choice or with the pinpointer in with other targets. Only got really fooled twice, but I'm still learning. I think that the issues will come later after some wear and tear on the units. Hopefully it doesn't leak. We need some southern guys to take it in the water. But for me, no complaints so far.

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  5. 7 hours ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

    Great Hunt again, SOHN and congrats on the silver and gold! And thank you for your real wolrd report on the Manticore. It looks like it's working well for you right out of the gate. I always enjoy your posts.

    Thanks. I'm hoping my luck continues. I'm hoping more people can get there machines and see if they feel the same way as I do about it.

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  6. 1 minute ago, F350Platinum said:

    Had my share of fun with them today, the D2 does a pretty good job of getting around them but it's hard not to dig something that gives you a 94 now and again! 😀

    You are definitely doing great vis-à-vis the EQX 800 for sure. It's quite a bit better from what I see in your posts. 🙂 

    Yeah nails suck 😄 unless they are rose head nails, then they are ok. So far so good, but I'm really liking the target response a lot better than the Equinox. It's a decent improvement over the 800 for sure. It's more precision like over the older Nox. I wonder how everyone likes the 900 over the 800?

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  7. 25 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

    Outstanding again! 👍 That sash buckle is incredible. Looks like your new detector is holding it's own! 🙂 Congrats on the precious metals, shows your mettle. 😀

    Thanks man. I'm really liking this machine for the short time I have used it. I may brave the next hunt at a colonial cellar hole nearby. Those nails are tough to get around, so I'm not expecting an easy day of it.  We'll see if any of the normal tricks work on those cut or wrought nails 😬

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  8. Here is a video that shows what I was talking about in the last post. Go to time stamp 5:42 and you will notice the numbers hit into the low 90's one way but turning 90 degrees the signal breaks up and the numbers drop to the low 60's. I think it starts to build in the upper iron range on the 2dD graph when the numbers are in the 60's. He digs a nail that pinpointed in the center but was really off to the side. This is the best way to ignore tricky iron that I have seen.



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  9. 8 hours ago, midalake said:

    😊  Of course, no Manticore here yet.

    If you're looking to duplicate/mimic outcomes one of the creators told me Equinox Beach 2 and Surf & Seawater are very close frequency/build wise. 

    Impressed you can run 25 sens in Beach General. In my location> that would exceed my expatiations. 

    I think once more units arrive, people that were fluent with their Equinox will really like this machine.  I've played around with the other modes, but their general mode is well done. I will have to at one point force myself to go through all the modes in beach and compare on a deeper signal. Right now I'm just having fun with learning the responses to certain targets.

    6 hours ago, fishersari said:

    Did you tried the beach general mode coil submerge in the water?

    Not yet, This beach has some pretty harsh waves to it but if I get a more inland beach, I will give it a try. When I up the sensitivity to that red zone, I did not see any added bonus to it. I'm worried that the more sensitivity you give it in an EMI environment, the worse it will be. If there is a place that has little EMI, then it would probably have a much more positive effect. Time will tell, but for the beaches I do, I'll probably keep it stable at 25 and maybe push it up a number or two if possible.

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  10. So I did another beach hunt with the Manticore. Some things about it I noticed. It loves saturated sand after the high tide recedes. It responded well to a deep silver half dollar and a deep silver quarter in that saturated sand. Hit them both at around 10-12" I know everyone is worried about the iron reading good. Yes it does and it reads right around the TID of 40-50 and again pegged at 98-99. But if you use all the things you have learned about iron you can dig very little of it on the beach. I dug iron just to make sure I was calling it correctly and was about 80% accurate. Those of you who are worried about lobster cage pieces, here's what I found out. They hit well in the 40's-50's range  (or 98-99) depending on which way you hit them, and will read on the non ferrous line. But at 90 degrees, the should read opposite of what the first angle was.. They will also not pinpoint where the best tone is achieved. They will also start to build into the upper iron range once you pinpoint them. A real target will be quicker to respond and not as drawn out as the lobster pieces. Non ferrous just sounds tighter and more consistent in TID. Turn 90 degrees and if the target is not sharp, I would suspect iron. Very deep targets may stray a bit from this but generally sound quiet but solid and pinpoint correctly. Give it a try and let me know if you get the same results. Off to clean today's stuff and post what I found later in my beach thread.

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  11. 43 minutes ago, Digalicious said:

    Well School, it would be an interesting experiment to see how TT changes with a nonferrous / ferrous coin at different depths and orientation 🙂

    Air tests are not the best, and I don't have the coin in question, but I tried a steel core Canadian quarter with a smaller brass coin on top. In ground scenario with the coin in question, would be the best though. I'm gonna say that strict coil height and sweep control is pretty important. In these pictures you can see what happens when you run the coin over the coil without strict control. The numbers fluctuate by 3 or 4 in the iron range, but that still may work for one particular coin. The brass coin alone reads 52, but on top of (and in front of) the nickel/iron quarter, the readings drop a bit. Again this is just to show you the reaction of the screen.






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  12. 22 minutes ago, Digalicious said:

    That would work if those coins were at the same depth and orientation. Given that they're not, I would think that the position of the line from ferrous to nonferrous would vary considerably depending on depth and orientation of those coins.

    Although, that wouldn't be a problem if one is digging all the nonferrous signals, and digging the mixed nonferrous / ferrous signals.

    It probably will vary, hopefully not too much, but you could extend the iron section that you want to include by 2 or 3 numbers, so that the ferrous signal is accepted. The non ferrous signal from the coin would probably already be accepted if you were set up to include all non ferrous. I think MInelab had a video on notching in iron coins. If it were me, I would only focus on adjusting the iron response from the mixed metal coin. Tighten the iron response only enough to include a couple of numbers, and the rest of the mixed signal should come through. Just my thinking on it.

  13. 1 minute ago, midalake said:

    The coin is a combination ferrous outer ring and non-ferrous center. 

    On the Equinox they bounce all over with the short ferrous ID range from -4 to-7. I dig a few by signal size once in a while. But as we all know the Equinox does not size targets well by sound. 
    These coins are all over on the D2. Right now, my hunting style on the D2 has my iron tone/vol at 1. They fall solid in the iron bin, so I do not even hear them. 
    My hope for the Manticores expanded iron range is it holds a better range number and paints them on a certain spot on the screen. If so. I can notch that location on the screen.  

    If it was just iron it would probably be easier to accept that narrow spot. I'm guessing the way to do it is to read the target with no discrimination and see where the pattern lands. I would think it would travel from a certain number in the non ferrous line and continue up into the ferrous line. It would probably look like how a nail responds sometimes. But it sounds like it could work unless a nail displays in the same exact spot as the coin would.

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  14. 7 hours ago, Joe D. said:

      I know exactly what your talking about! Have those exact conditions here, after a good storm! And I do notice depth and target loss, in those layers with my 800! But the good news is, when we get that layering, there's most likely coins and jewelry to be had there; especially older ones! So those decorative layers make me happy!!👍👍

    And BTW, Happy New Year!!🎉🍀🙏


    Exactly!! When the wind exposes the first black layer and that is what your detector sees first, depth is cut a lot. Target ID is also messed up. Happy new year to you too.

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  15. 20 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    House cleaning for the new year. I just deleted every account created from Dec 1 2013 when the forum started, until Jan 1 2022, where the system showed not a single post ever made. There is a one year period in 2022 I did not touch just to be extra lenient instead of the 90 days I originally planned. A total of 3,383 accounts and all the deadwood associated with those accounts have now been deleted.

    Happy New Year! :smile:

    Feels good I bet 😄

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  16. 7 hours ago, strick said:

    Nice assortment this time. Glad your jiving with the M-Core. Your feeling that it hits harder then the Nox and loosing some depth due to EMI I have experienced as well. I hve felt in some places where I can get the machine to run quieter with the noise cancel there is still a depth loss. The M-core hits high conductors better then the Nox... I'm still trying to figure out the mid range stuff...Nice to hear input from another M-Core user as it seems we are scarce group. For a hot minute Cabellas had them in stock yesterday..


    It's funny, I'm liking the ease of the M core and it did well but I still think I'm losing too much depth on these thin layers of black sand. It's kind of a salt and pepper look to the sand around here. When you dig a hole it's like those sand scapes you make in a jar at home by layering all kinds of different colored sand. It's a mix of black sand and regular sand. Overall, I think it and the 700/900 are going to be decent machines on grass, but the jury is still up in the air for beaches. I need to hear a 15" deep gold ring before I'm convinced its great for my areas. If I get back to that area where I did the grass and found the Walker, I will give it a good field hunt. It hit the silver very well in that pounded place.

    5 hours ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

    Wow, great finds and congrats on the Beach Barber and all the other silver and copper!

    Thanks. Recent storms have been good to everyone here, especially if you time it right. Even late to the game, there is enough silver to keep me happy. I need to move close to a beach. 😄 Anybody want to start a go fund me page for me 😆

    5 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

    All the usual suspects in the lineup today.

    I 'd book that barber without questioning.


    Yep, take it while you can. As long as I can get any silver, I'm happy with that. Finding a Barber and an Indian was not what I expected.

    3 hours ago, Joe D. said:

       Nice assortment, as usual! And clean silvers to boot! Glad to see your new machine getting some beach cred! Hope your Luck🍀 (and skill) continues, no matter what machine your swinging!!👍👍

    Thanks. One was way too clean, and I questioned it when I found it. Too clean for silver but not the dull silver color of clad. 🤔 The Roosevelt and the Barber must have been way up the banks to not be affected by moisture and turn the silver black. I smell a road trip coming up soon 🥰

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