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  1. 1 minute ago, rvpopeye said:


    I set my tones so they don't double with the frequencies that are ringing in my head !

    Actually I wish I could but it's all above 6K for me ....


    Why do you think I usually hunt 2 tones, with 5 tones saved for trying to find silver. 😄 Any more tones than that and the other voices in my head get angry 🤬 Seriously, sometimes I just like a simple beep and dig method. Just like the 1970's - it beeps one medium tone and I dig it.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, longbow62 said:

    I know I sound like a broken record here, but with the Equinox I hardly dig any iron. That's with a F2-0 Iron bias. I always hunt with the horseshoe on.

    On the Equinox in my dirt easy iron targets usually just one way high tone. You turn and the high tone is replaced with iron grunt. Even the good direction is usually jumpy though. It seldom stays within +/- 3 numbers. If I get one ways that have a solid I.D. I'm prone to dig those.

    Tough deep iron targets usually have large I.D. swings as you circle. I.D. jumps from a number you expect for silver 28-34 to 35+. If I see 38-39 I call that iron especially if it goes from ultra high I.D. to the teens and below as I completely circle the target hovering/wiggling. I like to stick the shovel blade in the ground a time or two and swing again to see what changed. Many times it will start grunting in at least one direction after you do that.

    If the detector is giving me every shovel blacked out and I can lift the coil and I don't lose the target real quick I'm prone to say that's a piece of iron bigger than a coin.

    Now if the Manticore is somehow locking on falsing iron with a steady I.D. on the non-ferrous line and you circle without seeing or hearing the telltale iron giveaways that's going to be a big issue. I just can't believe that would be the case.    

    If you watch the video posted here, then you can sorta get a glimpse of how the numbers were and maybe catch a look at the 2 D screen. Remember these guys were just trying out a good old park and trying to compare detectors. We really didn't get a very good long look at the Manticore screen while hitting those iron targets. The iron thing will work itself out in a while and if not you may dig some more iron than a Deus. But I bet it took some time to learn what iron is on a Deus as well. The good thing was both machines heard the good targets.

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  3. 1 hour ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

    That's a great start with the Manticore. As you get more comfortable with it, I'm sure you'll hit the gold with it too. Caongrats on the silver!

    Thanks. I think it will replace my Nox rather quickly. Probably what Minelab wanted all along 😧

    54 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

    Nice hunt and observations. Good to see that you got one. Your knowledge of and proven skill with different machines (PI, VLF, etc) seem quite above average, and consequently your reports are going to be more realistic. 👍 while I don't have a dog in the latest detector fight, I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing what ya got. Detector evals are the icing on the cake. 🙂

    Cool that you nailed a Walker half and a dime with all the other junk there! Great stuff.

    I not an above average detectorists, I'm just too dumb to know when to quit. 😆 In a little while more reports will surface and we will get to the bottom of the iron dilemma, and any other issues that may come to light. I was happy to get the Walker. I've done these fields probably 4 times now and hit maybe 8 or 9 silvers, 2 being halves. So that gives me hope there is more but also shows me they will be targets that are probably going to be close to a lot of junk. That is why they were still there.

    12 minutes ago, rvpopeye said:

    The saying applies , just a different instrument.

    You played that tune pretty good !

    Now plug the detector into that Marshall so we all can hear it 😎

    What, you want me to be more deaf than I'm already getting? 😄 I wonder what that would sound like 🤔

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  4. 30 minutes ago, strick said:

    I did put one iron target in my pouch that had a blob on the end of it...sounded good all the way till I dug it..maybe  washer is on there or something.

    quote #2.. so you were just looking a for the red line to determine if you were over n iron target get with the audio off ? 


    Hey I'll message you. I drifted off topic on this. It's easy when a new machine comes out. Old age I guess on my part😄 I don't want to derail the topic again.  Thanks.

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Dug D said:

    Jumping back to the comparison, the really experienced guy with the deus II and the new Manticore user were basically able to hit the same deep targets. I have pulled deep targets with my Enox in old parks, but very little silver, the silver I did find was on edge in trash and a little deep. I have quite a few old parks to hunt, hoping the M Core reaches some silver.

    That video also shows how technology today is very close to each other and the operator has a lot to do with it as well. If you click with the D2 you will probably always be equivalent to the person who clicks with the Manticore.  Both machines hit on all the good targets. The only difference was the iron targets. All things being equal, the final winner will be the person who is the better detectorist and understands their machine better. Great video

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  6. 10 minutes ago, abenson said:

    Sounds like there's going to be a bit of a leaning curve.

    There's always a learning curve, but no different from any other detector. There was a learning curve for me with the E Trac, CTX and GPX. I expect one here as well😄 But for a first hunt I think there were more pluses than minuses. I got deep silver, I don't worry as much about EMI, my coil was not wobbling around from a crappy shaft 🙄 and I dug a ton of coins. Easy to navigate, easy to pair the headphones  🥰 thank God 😄. I just have to study what is happening with the iron in more detail. Once I get a grip on that, then I have to study aluminum vs gold numbers to see if there is a way to eliminate a chunk of the pull tabs without eliminating big regions of rings. I'll dig the rest of the pull tabs if there is a chance for some gold. I just wish it wasn't winter.

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  7. 46 minutes ago, longbow62 said:

    So I'm assuming you circled the targets you dug that turned out to be iron? Did they sound good tone wise all the way around? Did the I.D. jump around as you circled them? Did you raise the coil to gauge target size? Were you hunting with the horseshoe button on? Were you just basing the decision to dig on the tone you were getting? I'm beginning to get the impression Manticore users maybe chasing iron unless they see two separate targets on the screen. I guess that's going to depend on just how close they are. Sorry to get into the weeds here. 

    I did hit it from both directions (90 degrees) but not incrementally.  It sounded good tone wise most sweeps but not if you pulled back the coil a bit while swinging. In other words there was a sweet spot where it sounded good. Now remember I am trying to find deeper fringe targets, so some of the nails were at least 9" deep.  Only one target sounded good that was about 7" deep and still sounded good when the hole was opened.  By jumpy do you mean, off by 2 or 3 numbers or off by lots of numbers? Almost every target I dug was off by at least 2 or 3 numbers. That's probably just by not swinging exactly the same spot from the previous swing. But even some coins bounced from 62 to 84. I believe although you can't hear the EMI on the machine (runs quieter), you still are exposed to it and the jumpy numbers happened when I was closer to a building on the grounds. I was in all metal with iron audio off, but later at 2. I don't care for the iron audio on, since the ground causes some of those grunts you hear. I was in 5 tone and the numbers matched the tone. The were in the dime range mostly. I think what is happening is falsing of the iron hits on the non ferrous scale. I did not raise the coil, but being that deep I don't think it would have given me any other information on size, etc. Lift the coil and the targets would probably disappear fairly fast. I'll try and dissect an iron target more if I get out once the weather heats up enough to dig. This was first time out trying some settings I thought would give me the best chance for deep silver and possibly for gold.


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  8. 1 hour ago, rvpopeye said:

    Looks like the finds count didn't suffer from the new machine..

    "It's not what the guitar is , but who is playing it"

    Thanks, but that field is easy picking on clad and copper cents. 😄  But the Manticore did hit the deeper half and dime. It also showed me possibly that others didn't like the bigger signal (possible can?) or they just don't get good numbers at that depth. So, I'm hoping that there is still some deeper silver hiding there. But the real goal would be to find a way to ID some of that gold....... For the record, I detect way better than I play my guitar 🎸.......🤩

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  9. I can't remember his name but isn't he from Detector Comparisons on YouTube? Or something like that. He is a pro and I watch his diving videos a lot. Excellent, truthful videos he has. I just received the Manticore, so my knowledge is limited, but I think the target trace has limits around the 5" range give or take. I dug a couple of nails over 5" deep and they did hit good, but with just a little trace in the top iron section. The problem is the audio is good and the target trace is stronger on the non ferrous and barely there on the top ferrous nail line. This will fool you every time. Mine were either bent or had a ball like glob on one end of the nail, or it was a thicker piece of iron. Some of them sounded good even after you opened the hole. Others not so good but I was trying to make them sound good. Also I think the 99 TID readings are usually the roll over from iron to non iron.In any event, I trust that video over others on You Tube.

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  10. 24 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

    I especially like the Walking Libery Half, since I don't have one (or any silver half).  I don't see any USA 5 cent 'nickel' pieces.  Were you selective in what you dug or is that just random or ??

    Glad to hear you found the separation good.  That will help me in my sites.  Ditto improved EMI handling.


    Thanks. No nickels because I stopped digging any low conductors after realizing my air tests were invalid for what ever reason. I will see what a nickel reads and start digging those numbers and I'll probably dig some pull tabs if I can stabilize the numbers and see if there are any repeatable numbers there as well.  If your targets are not deep, I'd run the sensitivity as low as you can while still getting the depth you need and run the recovery speed around 6. Hopefully that will separate enough and not light up the nails too much. The 2D screen will help as well on the iron. I think they have a fast program in all terrain  mode, so maybe they already thought of that scenario.  It will take some time but I think for me it's worth it just to only use the Equinox for small gold and maybe open earrings.

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  11. Beach hunt # 16 is with the Manticore. I was at a beach that has grass fields out front and unfortunately for me, a sanded in beach. This is my first real hunt with the new machine. I did 3 hours in grass and 3 hours in beach sand. I like the general feel of the Manticore, no bad issues to speak of, but I was gentler with it than I am usually. 😄 Pluses? – it hits on coins hard. Clad hunters will love this machine. Past the clad layer it still hit well on silver. So that was nice. Headphones are nice and pared up very quick. Handling of EMI was much better than the Equinox. All in all, a fun machine to hunt with. Minuses? I don’t think gold will be separated from pull tabs (number wise) like my air tests showed. I found the gold to blend with the pull tabs in dirt, not like the air tests that I did at home. I’ll try that again next time. Also, I’m not sure if I see any improvement in depth on the black and purple sand that I have at most of my beaches. We’ll see more on that later as well. It also hit hard on the small basalt rocks that mimic small gold, so no progress there. The Manticore did separate extremely well on the grassy areas. I was able to hit that half dollar at about 8” and also hit the silver dime close to it and hit an aluminum bottle cap next to them. All 3 were separate signals. But the numbers were jumpier than I thought they would be. I’m chalking that up to the EMI that is fairly strong in that area. Certainly, the Manticore had no problems hitting the copper cents as most were in the 5” range. The beach part of the hunt didn’t produce much, but one silver dime which was only about 2” deep. I’m thinking that is a leftover signal from the previous storm. It was cold and windy, but still fun trying out a new machine.






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  12. I just came beach from a beach hunt and grass hunt with the Manticore. I had spent a lot of time doing air tests on pull tabs vs gold rings. Air test told me 10 -20 is the smaller gold rings. Bigger rings were in the 50's. Pull tabs were 21-45. So, I hit this grassy dirt beach field that is littered with pull tabs. Think football fields full of people at the beach for 50+ years and you get an idea of  how many tabs are there. Machine gun sounds. So, how did the air test #'s hold up against the ground (real world) hunting? First there is EMI from the buildings and street power lines. The Manticore handled that pretty well. Ran it in General terrain mode sens 25. The numbers were bouncy and the pull tabs numbers shifted  into the gold category. This didn't allow for any cherry picking of gold. This is just my first trip doing dirt,  but I didn't find the numbers to be very tight like we all want them to be. Dimes bounced around, sometimes 5 numbers off. I will say it bangs on coins in the first 6" way better than the Equinox. After 6" it's still good but the numbers bounce more. This is a field that others have found huge amounts of silver over the years, but left the clad and copper cents. I was lucky to stumble upon a deep silver half at @ 9". It heard it well, along with a silver dime  about 4" away from it. So I think it will take some time to work things out..

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  13. 2 hours ago, PSPR said:

    schoolofhardNox, did you just get this Manticore shipped to you?  If so, I'm wondering were this trickle of Maticores is coming from.  No new shipments have arrived from Minelab since December 12th.  Hmmm.

    (Sorry I can't upvote anyone.  It seems I have used up my daily allotment of up votes.  :biggrin:)

    It's from the original shipment I'm assuming . I found a place that had 1 in stock. It was shipped to me and I received it yesterday. Just had a chance to put it together and try it today.

    2 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Don't worry.  The mob with the torches will take pity on you, and the hot tar is quite comfy even in that approaching weather system.

    Thanks for the early, honest assessment.

    You have a strong point on the hot tar issue 🤔 I may take you up on that. I may get one hunt in before it gets real cold for a while, So I'll post when I can. Hopefully someone in a hotter climate can shed some better light on it.

  14. 43 minutes ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

    Wow, Christmas came early! That's an awesome haul S.O.N., silver, gold, and Barbers, oh my! Another epic hunt, congrats!

    Thanks. The problem with a good hunt is you expect the next one to be the same 😄

    8 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

    School, it seems the colder (and darker) it gets outside, the better you do.  😄  I know the good (and bad, for that matter) targets aren't jumping out of the ground and into your finds pouch.  Your typical hourly (monetary) compensation is small.  But 9 silvers and a gold -- you gotta be pleased with that.

    I don't know if you New Englanders are going to get this arctic cold snap that's going to hit the central regions of the USA later this week.  But if you do I'll know where to find you.  😉

    😄 And I hate the dark and the cold too. I'm definitely pleased anytime I get at least some silver.  I don't care how many junk targets I dig as long as it was worth the travel. If I lived near the beach, I would have many more bad days than good ones, since I could concentrate on an area and work it clean, even if it isn't producing. But when you add travel time into the equation, you hunting style has to change and some pressure always builds. But I do try and keep it fun for myself if I can. I figure that hunt carries me over for the next hunt just in case I get skunked 🙄

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  15. 15 hours ago, Jim in ma said:

    Great hunt it looks like you got to that old layer again, Plus a 14K.🍺 


    Thanks Jim. Not expecting those results from this beach.

    15 hours ago, mn90403 said:

    That is a lot of hunt time.  How much beach did you cover?  Was it all in tide sands?

    I wasted time covering parts of the beach, but most of what you see was high up on the beach in a relatively small area. This is an old beach with a huge amount of iron, large and small. Most of the coins were not the primary target.

    15 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

    Whatever happened to that beach , you sure were there on the right day !                     The usual suspects with silver and gold too !

    Merrrrrrrrry Christmas ! 

    I wish I could last that long digging holes like you do !  I'd need to time travel back at least 30 years by my estimate 🤔 

    Using a different kind of shovel yesterday , if I have to , I guess....

    I didn't find anything but the frozen lawn under all that white stuff either ! 

    Bah Humbag 😄 Merry Christmas to you too. Yeah that white stuff puts a damper on digging, luckily the rain took ours away. I could use about 20 years off of my body too ☹️

    15 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

    We're gonna have to start calling you "The Wolf".3454-fiction-wolf.jpg.b28627023a8b49eb244346c8d76551be.jpg

    You're a "cleaner" 🤣 that's a lot of digging, but rewards await, don't they?

    Great stuff. Total disciplined approach to metal detecting.

    We're not worthy. 😎

    Thanks, I'm not worthy either, but sometimes the beach makes a mistake 😄 This beach has a lot of cars pulled up right to it, so you have starring eyes on you while they sit and watch the waves. Also noticed that cars (especially a Volvo) while running, make it impossible to detect next to them. Massive EMI. This kind of detecting you have to do while fresh. I did it backwards and wandered around first and then finished with the hard stuff. Next time I'll do the gridding first, then wander around aimlessly 😶

    12 hours ago, geof_junk said:

    That horse shoe in your bling, has contributed to your success. The photo of the three Rings two Silver and one 14ct Au came up great. 

    Yeah, I should bring that horseshoe with me next time 🤔 Photos done with my cell phone and then used  Paint to clean them up.  Funny, I've been finding a lot of those fresh drop silver rings I think are from China. They have extremely dazzling fake stones in them. I wouldn't buy any "Diamonds" from China right about now 😄

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  16. 17 hours ago, Cal_Cobra said:

    TomCA's been using those old surveyor map cabinets for storing and displaying his notable finds, it is a perfect setup for RIker case storage and display. 

    It is. You can store a lot in them slim drawers. Now I just have to buy the right dimension Riker boxes to fit tighter. Those magnetic pieces do keep the display cases from moving though. 

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  17. On 12/16/2022 at 5:58 PM, Tometusns said:

    That sure beats the sandwich bags and a box. lol

    Sandwich bags work 😄 So do coffee cans.  I have so much stuff over the years that I have to bag and can most of them Riker boxes have become very expensive - not like when they first come out.

    On 12/16/2022 at 6:56 PM, F350Platinum said:

    Too cool, School! 👍 My Rikers are in a basket upstairs. 🤣

    I used to stack them. You don't get to see much when they are one on to[p of the other. At least you could pull from the basket 😄

    On 12/16/2022 at 7:01 PM, strick said:

    Good work i've seen where guys have used those and i researched them but they are hard to find and expensive when listed....I'd like to make one out of wood some day. 


    Thanks. Wood would look great but it takes a lot of effort to do that.  But repurposing old wood from desks and bed headboards would save some money. If you make some, please post it. 

    22 hours ago, Rick N. MI said:

    Wow that is incredible work. I like the cabinet they are in.

    Thanks Rick.  I've wanted to do that for many years.

    20 hours ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

    Love the organizing and filing!


    Thank You.  Now I can keep better track of all my junk 🙄

    16 hours ago, Valens Legacy said:

    Found a few of them a couple of years ago when a large company decided to move out of Illinois. When I heard of them moving I handed my card to one of the managers, a few months later got a call to come and pick up whatever I wanted. I went and picked up 6 of those and about 20 other file cabinets to finish loading my trailer.

    Didn't cost a dime, and I was able to sell most of what I didn't want.

    They said it saved them money to have them hauled off.

    Yep, one thing I learned from my scrap and electronics recycling is that sometimes people just want stuff GONE!!!! I just received 2 nice modern color laser printers for the house, because someone bought new ones. I guess now I can print that Manticore manual in color🤭 Good for you in getting all of those cabinets. They usually sell for hundreds of dollars each.

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  18. 12 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

    Thanks! Funny you should mention that, I noticed the hole today and cleaned it out with a pin. It's big and heavy, around 2" and that's about 2/3 the length of the side, and it is curved. Shoe buckle? I think the cast and pinned buckles were made in the latter part of the 18th century, or early 19th.

    Couldn't find it in my buckle book. 🤔 



    Here's a couple of similar shoe buckle pieces. I don't have a good, whole example of that style, but I have seen others dig similar ones. Generally most buckles come from the mid 1700's to the end of the 1700's. Earlier ones are rarer to find, but (I think) started somewhere in the very late 1600's


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