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  1. Beach hunt #7 was not a lucky number. Up at 4 AM - out the door by 4:30 to try and hit part of a moderate low tide. Got stuck at an accident scene for ½ hour, so late to the beach. Upon arrival I discovered I forgot to pack the GPX battery and harness. 🙄 So, it’s the Equinox all day long (not my original plan). The ocean was ANGRY. The rouge tides sneak up on you and drench you good. 😄 Poured the water out of my boots when I left. There is not much you can do on this beach without a good low tide but dig all you can and hope for silver or gold. Not going to happen on that day. Also, washed up at the high tide line was what I believe to be a sunfish. ☹️ I guess they can get really big, but this one was about the size of a manhole cover. So better luck next time and hopefully a new beach to explore. On the flip side, I did get another room in the basement to store my machines. The room I keep my finds and other stuff was getting so cluttered with machines and coils, that I could not work on things. This is the best way that I have found to store machines and coils. Hope everyone has a chance to get out detecting somewhere and enjoy the day.






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  2. Interesting. Did you try way up high on that small beach? If I don't get much at low tide, I work higher up until I find some goodies. With the storm removing about a foot of sand, I would have expected you to find more. As for the claim jumping couple, I'm wondering why you didn't walk up to them and tell them you are leaving since this beach only gave up 6 gold rings today. 😆

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  3. 29 minutes ago, Hardtimehermit said:

    Great hunt man, congrats on the gold, and about the silver bracelet you found on your last hunt 950 means platinum most of the time from what i know, you might ask a jeweler. 👍 😃

    Thanks, it does but usually has PT950 or Plat written on it. If it is platinum, then the quality of the stones probably goes up as well. When I Googled it, 950 came up as a higher Sterling grade. It is well made as opposed to the junk they sell these days as jewelry. It's hidden so the wife doesn't borrow it 😊

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  4. Beach hunt #6 was a follow up hunt at the same beach. Started off using the GPX on the upper beach and soon found an area that I knew would trouble everyone’s machines (including mine). It’s right up against a rebar reinforced concrete wall. You can’t get within 2 feet of it without the iron in the wall sounding off. But there are ways to go around that if you are willing to put up with excessive noise. I wanted to see if I could squeak out low conductors. It worked and I found a huge number of nickels, including 2 Buffalo, but no gold. As the tides got lower, I wanted to switch machines and test the Equinox out in that same patch that was producing silver and gold for everyone. It is very hard digging with the packed sand and rocks, and I soon gave up using a scoop, since it would barely go 1” into the sand. Went back to the car and got my trusty shovel and abandoned the idea of hunting deeper into the waves. So, I followed the tide down as the others arrived (I love being first) 😊 One guy got a 14k earring, but it took me a long time before I struck gold. Finally, after struggling with a collapsing hole filling with water, I got it out. A nice 10K man’s initial ring. I was happy to join the crew in finding a gold ring in that area. After a while, a Mercury dime showed up along with more silver jewelry. Always nice to have a good hunt and to get some exercise at the same time! Looking forward to the next hunt already. Who says this hobby is addictive? 😄





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  5. 3 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Had to Wikipedia 'German silver" which made me realize I know it from another name -- nickel silver.  Funny story which I may have told here before.  About a dozen years ago in an antique shop I saw some cream and sugar pitchers with that marking.  Thinking they contained silver I did some arithmetic in my head and concluded the bullion value was likely more than the asking price ($90 etched permanently in my memory) so I stealthily took them up to the counter and paid without revealing my 'find'.  After (proudly) driving home and looking up 'nickel silver' to calculate my 'winnings' I was deflated to learn it contains no silver.  Surprisingly to this day is that not only does it have a good white color, like silver, but it even tarnishes to the same color as silver.  (I say that, but now I wonder if these are silver plated....)  I don't know what the salt water does to it, but maybe your discovery answers that.

    Is that a '1944' date I see peaking out of the photo??  😎

    Marketing, no matter where it is, kills ya. 😄 We though detector companies fool us with their trickery. Lucky you didn't buy every German silver piece in the store 😬 Definitely a 1944 Steel cent 😆. I just saw on on Flea Bay selling for over 200k. If only you could actually find one of those in change 🙄

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  6. So, there was one coin from this last hunt which I could not ID. It's in one of the pictures, but I forgot to put a "?" mark underneath it. It was grainy, silver looking and had some small areas of surface rust on it. I figured I'd get rid of the rust spots and see if I could make out what it is. So I threw it in some Oxalic acid and hoped I might see some details and ID it as a silver dime. I forgot about it and just pulled and rinsed it now. Not a dime at all, but my first steel cent found at a beach. I never thought to check it on a magnet when I found it, but it sticks like glue. That acid etched out enough to make out Abe. Never know what you will find.


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  7. 3 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

    Nice finds! Yeah you get a bit of old and new there. 👍

    "CH" could be country of origin, or "chamfered".

    No doubt you will pull some gold out of that place. 

    Yep CH is probably China. They make a lot of jewelry these days.

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  8. 5 hours ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

    Another epic hunt, SoHN, congrats on the silver and gold! 😎

    Thanks. Felt good seeing some gold in the picture. I may hit the water next time for a bit.

    3 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

    Wow, everything but the... Um... Oar!

    😀 Terrific and well done. 👍 Incredibly cool jewelry! 

    Thanks. I hate when they hide the oar from me 😄 The jewelry was cool. I can only imagine what the local guys found when that area first appeared. I heard some incredible stories. At least 20 gold rings come out of that small area and I watched a guy find a huge gold class ring that day. Right place at the right time.

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  9. Isn't it weird that you can go and find seated coins but not a silver Roosevelt.  That's just how it goes sometimes, consider yourself lucky 😄 Detecting has those "I can't believe I can not find that coin type yet" moments. Some people would kill for seated, but on the east coast they are common enough to get quite a few after a couple of years hunting.  So congrats on finding your first silver Roosevelt.

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  10. Great find. 95% platinum is sweet! 🥰 I did a quick Google search and found a bit from a china paper saying "Shenzhen-based jewelry maker EDL." The site was unsecured (so I just read the small write up without visiting it), but apparently Shenzhen is a hub for jewelry making  in China and also where they try and produce it for cheaper than the big name manufacturers.

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  11. Beach hunt #5 was supposed to be at a new beach, but upon arrival the entrance was torn up for construction. Without anywhere to park, I decided to hit a beach close by. The beach I went to, was the one others have found a lot of gold and silver due to some massive push back from passing storms. I never got to share in that jackpot since I was late hearing about it. But today, I was first one on the beach, so I immediately went to the exposed rocks. I told myself that I was looking for low conductors, so ignore the high conductors. Using the GPX for this part of the hunt, I was trying not to waste time figuring out deep iron, knowing that others would arrive soon. First target, a real nice high conductor. 😄 So, I dug it, broke my own rule right off the bat, and was rewarded with a 1951 silver (class?) ring. I managed about 45 minutes of hunting before another detectorist arrived. I did hit about ¼ of all the exposed areas and left for the next area right after I dug a large ring. I thought it was gold and I thought it was a class ring, but it ended up being a  Navy ring which says 14 k 1/30 RGP (rolled gold plate). Well, some gold at least. After a bit I saw 2 others arriving, so I picked up the pace. Targets were far and few between, but I did manage a bunch of junk jewelry, and then it happened….. I got a strong low conductor sound. I got the target out and when I pinpointed the pile, out comes a nice 14k herringbone necklace. I thought WOW, 😍  I didn’t think the GPX would hit that chain, at least not that hard. So, I went over the pile again and got a strong hit. Must be the medal that was on the chain? 🤔 Nope, it was a pull tab, probably the signal that I originally heard. That was a nice surprise. By this time, a detectorist was almost finished sweeping the next pile of rocks ahead of me, so it’s fair game to go over that area. Everyone on that beach was using an Equinox. I managed to dig a couple of junk targets but then hit on a small cabochon bracelet. Finally, I figured it was time to switch to the Nox with the big coil. I did various areas and landed in a spot that started producing coins. And then a silver peace ring came up, so I really circled that area. Next, an unexpected find was a .950 bracelet with what I think has Lapis Lazuli stones in it. Looks well made. A pretty piece. 😊 I read that .950 is the highest sterling you can get before it’s not practical to use in jewelry. No other marking on it. Another odd find was a spoon, which is usually silver plate over a brass base. This spoon showed no signs of being plated, so I thought I had silver. But the back reads Fuller A1. Plate, as best I can tell. There is no sign showing through the  base metal on any of the edges or anywhere in any of the dings around the spoon. This is a well-used, thin spoon with a lot of ocean tumbling showing. I’m wondering if the base metal is a combination of copper, zinc, nickel, which would a be silver colored blend called German silver. I used the GPX 3.5 hours – Equinox  for 6 hours. A great, unexpected day at the beach.






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  12. 2 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

    I can't help but wonder if you were at a beach I'm detecting just before I got there.........🤔

    And I just wish I could last 9+ hours detecting too !

    The world is a much cleaner place wherever you detect without a doubt.

    Good hunt , once again  WTG.👍




    Thanks. Don't worry, if you are finding pull tabs and bottle caps, I have not been there. It seems lately I am a junk magnet with a couple of nice tidbits thrown in. If you want me to sweep all the junk out for you, call me up 😄

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  13. Beach hunt #4 is at a new beach. This one is pretty trashy up top, so the Equinox played most of the hunt. Total hunt was 9 ½ hours with the Nox doing 7 hours and the GPX 2 ½ hours. Great weather day and crowds were nonexistent for the most part. This is definitely the party beach as there were tons of bottle caps, some exposed, and a lot of foil, which I did not dig. Most of the time was spent waiting for the tide to go down so I could get away from the trash and concentrate on missed coins. Not a lot of goodies but one large silver ring. Next week at another new stop. I’m trying to expand out a bit. Great to be out hunting and enjoying the weather while it lasts.



    20220929_140511 - Copy.jpg



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  14. Beach hunt #3 was the third trip to this beach, and it’s definitely time to move to another beach a bit closer to home. Finally, some cool weather to keep the crowds down. Lots of guys surfing with big waves, so not the conditions I want for digging in the water. I did get to talk to one of the guys that was hunting that small patch very hard last week. He said the group of hunters hit that area for 4 days straight. Lots of gold rings, silver chains and an unusual number of half dollars coughed up from the ocean during the storm. Half dollars at 2” deep. Normally I would not believe these stories, but I hit a patch in that same area about a year ago and found similar, although not as lucrative, results. Well done guys!!!!  👍 As for me, I worked 9 hours for mostly clad and hit all the remaining areas that I wanted to do before I change beaches. Tons of trash for just a silver ring and a silver Washington quarter. I just could not find the silver layer. Funny how on other days silver was easy, but the last 3 times out, I struggled to get to where I wanted to be. But still better than sitting home on the couch. Those gold colored nip bottle caps should be illegal. 🤬 Had me thinking gold was found at least 3 times before I caught on. I am however getting tired of seeing every single hunter using an Equinox. Hope the Manticore does not sell as well. 😄 Now time to just wait for next week’s hunt.





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  15. I think Garrett fills a gap between, new to detecting and mid level hunters. It's a solid niche and gives good value for the money. Is it a Minelab? No it's not, but not many can compete with the money Minelab has to put into R&D. Garrett has done well, better than Whites in terms of marketing, even though I would put White's as the more advanced detectors. The AT Max probably didn't do enough to justify it over The AT Pro, but every manufacturer gets us with a less than stellar machine every once in a while..... I guess that makes us all suckers 🤔

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  16. 4 minutes ago, fogrider said:

    I love the 600. It does everything so well. Now that I've learned it's "voice", I can tell exactly what I'm detecting. It works so well for coins-on-edge, and it hit a dime on edge at 6 inches deep.

    Yes, imagine if I had this machine back in the 80"s! How many coins did I miss?!

    The settings that seem to work best up here are Park1, 22-40 Accept, 5 tones, Sensitivity 25, 15 kHz, Recovery 1.

    I found an old Garrett for 20 bucks at a garage sale a month ago. It's pleasantly nostalgic, but quite the "beast".




    Is that a Master Hunter? I had one of those for a couple of days. Never clicked with it, so it went back to Kellyco.  The Equinox is a good machine. It has a lot of pluses but some minuses as well. But it does work well.

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