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  1. Disregard my comment. When I went to the page it turned to LRLs, which wasn’t what you were trying to show us.
  2. If the picture I’m seeing is correct, It’s known as a Long Range Locator (LRL) and as far as I know they are a complete scam. No better than divining rods. I’m sorry to have to tell you that because it’s a very costly scam.
  3. I wonder what makes the difference. I have two TRXs and can run them maxed out all the time with no fuss at all. If I get a chance to buy a 3rd one I’d probably do it. So far they are the best pinpointers I’ve ever owned.
  4. MSRP prices are now listed. $199 for Simplex Lite, $299 for Simplex BT, and $349 for Simplex Ultra https://www.noktadetectors.com/
  5. I had an MX Sport for a good while, which is basically a waterproof MX7. I had a different experience. I thought it was a very fast and deep machine with killer iron performance. An AT Pro will not be a step up from an MX7 as it is even slower and has even less depth.
  6. So I tried unpairing and re-pairing. No go. Tried running the update again. No go. It’s a minor inconvenience, but if you have any more suggestions I’ll try them.
  7. Ok, I lied. I did the update. Couldn’t wait. Off the bat I noticed that my puck comes on with the remote before it is selected and I have to turn it off when I just want to use the remote speaker. Not a big deal but I never had to do that before.
  8. Well that was fast. However, I think I’m going to wait until this weekend to update mine, once the traffic dies down and some feedback rolls in.
  9. I’ve been on one hunt and did a couple bench tests on V1.0. I had a pleasant hunt with no iron falsing to speak of. In fact, I dug one plug that had a ferrous/nonferrous mix. It saw the good target despite any iron masking. That was in a modified park program with most parameters left stock. For one bench test I arranged a couple rusty nails over a quarter. I tried this also on 0.6 and the Deus 2 couldn’t see the quarter while the Equinox could. On 1.0 the Deus could now see the quarter. The next bench test was an air test since people were complaining of a lack of depth. I realize air tests are not as useful on a multifrequency machine, particularly in subtraction programs, but nonetheless I noticed a couple to few inches of depth loss in air with most coins topping out at around 13”-14” through multiple programs including mono, whereas before I could go out to around 17”-18” with larger coins. One other thing I did notice was a decrease in battery life on the coil. It depleted noticeably more rapidly. Calabash Digger just released a video saying XP is working on the problems and has acknowledged them. The solution for those who are unhappy is to roll back to version 0.71. I do wish XP hadve released this update in smaller increments over the last year, rather than letting a year go by and dropping this in one fell swoop. I’m sure many wish they could roll back to a version 0.9 with some new features like frequency max and high square etc. intact while they work on what’s ailing version 1.0.
  10. I too have enjoyed using a tracker IV, especially in iron laden sites. It has great recovery and disc. I still look for them in the $50 range, play around with it for a while, and resell again. I still have an adapter that allows you to use screw on coils with any Bounty Hunter metal detector
  11. There’s bound to be some bad apples in every bushel. Did you use the warranty to have it fixed?
  12. Just noticed that Big Boys Hobbies, Serious Detecting, and KellyCo all have the option to buy the Legend standard pack (without headphones) for $399. Can’t beat that.
  13. I like to have the best of both worlds. One day I’m out with my V3i, which is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, and the next I’m out with my new XP Deus II. At this point the only thing that holds me back from using the V3i more is I don’t want to put wear and tear on it that will become harder to fix over time. I love my V3i. There’s nothing on the market like it and likely never will be again. Then there’s the Bullseye TRX, which I still consider the best pinpointer ever made. I have 2, and if I could I’d have 5.
  14. I’m hoping they won’t start charging for future updates, particularly if periodically. My heart skipped a beat when I saw they were emphasizing that this was free. Of course it is, I thought, they’ve always been and for every manufacturer and undateable platform…unless…it won’t always be the case. I would hate to have to pay more than I already have, $1600 plus accessories, for what I anticipated from purchase would be an evolutionary platform. I think if they started charging for future updates I’d say goodbye to the platform.
  15. My update went on relatively easy, along with the tip from Chase to pair the WS6 back up to the remote. The WS6 can be a little tricky getting into update mode, but I got there without encountering any of the trouble plaguing others. The website seems to have calmed down on the 3rd day and I’m glad I waited.
  16. I see things a little differently. XP chose to put the cart before the horse, unveiling this product, along with another as yet unrealized product, the Go-Terrain App, back in 2016. I think it’s reasonable to begin to question after 7 years, is this product still under development. It’s also been nearly a year since the Deus II had any of its issues addressed, and no shortage of people are worried it is headed in the same direction, but I digress. A track record is developing. Of course from time to time people are going to begin wondering and inquiring. 7 years is a long time between product unveiling and wherever it is now. I think XP owe an explanation or update that should not even have to be solicited for, but I am grateful they did respond. Many inquiries are complaints in disguise. XP would be wiser than companies like Whites, Tesoro, and even First Texas Products to recognize, heed and internalize that. Each of those companies started to go off the rails when they became flippant about consumer wants and needs. When they became bigger than all that. Communication is one tool the consumer has before deciding to look elsewhere. If XP is getting so much email that it’s distracting from their ordinary course of business, they might consider whether they could issue an update, even if it is perfunctory.
  17. RIP Monte! My condolences to all of his friends and family.
  18. These models are a lot of fun for a tinkerer. I remember adding numerous features like ground balance and boost. I think we called them “Mr. Bill mods.” They are also the best in a bed of nails scenario.
  19. Maximum screws please! Just kidding. It looks like a labor of love to me.
  20. Yes, the device is Pulse Induction, but it lacks the kind of power you’re probably looking for. It sees coin sized objects only around 4”-6” from the coil in the air. I like it for what it is, compact and convenient, but it’s not in the same league as any full sized machine.
  21. I too have been surprised at the lack of options for backpacks that will fit even modern machines without disassembly. You might consider this Nokta Multi-Purpose Backpack for Metal Detector https://a.co/d/7UMW8jb it’s 33x11.5x9
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