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  1. https://www.lovecpokladu.cz/eshop/produkt/set-pro-pripojeni-jednotky-minelab-equinox-600-800-k-teleskopicke-tyci Here the loose and complete set is for sale Nakky
  2. https://www.ebay.nl/str/detecnicksmetaldetectors/Headphones/_i.html?_storecat=4388975011 http://www.clear-signal.nl/site/modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=29 Grt Nakky
  3. The seller says make a solder connection between these two contacts. Nakky
  4. Please Minelab fill the two holes with a skitplate for the gold seekers and then the water seekers are also satisfied. Greetings Nakky from the Netherlands (Rotterdam)
  5. A 6x10 open elliptical for water search and a 6x10 closed elliptical for gold search. Nakky
  6. 1 x 22 mm x 20 mm en 1 x 20 mm x 17 mm en 3x buishaak AT pro Cam slot 3x ATpro
  7. Easy to make and easy to use. Click your power bank under the armrest. Armrest is reverseble. The power bank automatic starts when you connect the connector to the Equinox. The power bank =5000 Mah of Anker. The detector is in two parts is 60 cm long x35 cm x12cm. Carbon tube of Ali 50 cm long, 1x 22 mm x20 mm and 1x 20 mm x17 mm and 3x tube clip AT pro. Nakky
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