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  1. I’ve been watching for you to post something about your trip this summer. I feel very fortunate to be one of the few guests to actually mine on these Historic claims. To see pictures from the early 1900s and now your early pictures of when you mined on the claims is aw inspiring. And to be able to say I recognize that spot is great. Only detected a few hours this year found gold but nothing big.
  2. Thanks for responding. Are the people detecting near Yuma members of one of the clubs there to have access to better ground or can you just go out in the desert and detect without getting shot or thrown in jail..any information would be appreciated. Here’s a picture of some Crow Creek gold proof Steve left some for other people to find.
  3. Hello Steve, or other fellow detectorist. I’m going to be in Yuma at the end of February and the first week of March and wondering if it’s worth bringing a dectector with me. Parents go on day trips would like to add a piece of AZ gold to my collection
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