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    XP D2, Minelab Equinox. Before that I used the CTX, E-trac, Explorer, Sovereign and Fisher way back when

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    I updated mine again. It has the new timestamp and this time it didn't lose pairing with the pinpointer and wsa. I wasn't sure if that was normal to happen the first time I updated since I am new to XP.
  2. Very nice! Have a blast out there. I was doing my diving in streams near old swimming holes, but the water has been too high and murky lately.
  3. I have tried that configuration for diving and it worked pretty well. Admittedly, I am new to the diving + detecting combination so I have nothing to compare it to. But the length was manageable.
  4. Thanks Joe, I don't post my finds over here much. I enjoy visiting it though because there is oftentimes some deeper knowledge to absorb that you don't find on a Facebook group or some other forums.
  5. I hate to jinx myself either but knock on wood.... Since getting the Equinox in early March of 2018 I have had it diving down to at least 10 feet numerous times, used all three coils, sometimes heavily covered in mud, dropped it, left it in the car in the heat of summer, and the cold of winter. etc. I don't believe am exceedingly rough on it (except maybe testing that depth limit - or maybe I am ) , nor do I believe I treat it delicately. The only issue I have experienced is shaft wobble because the hole became elongated in. Instead of sending it back I just drilled a new hole and I was good to go. I detect all of the time too. When the ground isn't frozen close to seven day a week. I think there are differences between the coils being made (composition of what it is made of) causing the issues for some folks. Obviously people are having some serious issues, thankfully I am not one of them. I just hope Minelab fixes any weaknesses in the next design...
  6. Yes, Tom is mentioning some interesting things over on his forum. I bet the next flagship non gold detector won't be in our hands for a year and a half or more. But like you said Cal, they could announce or start teasing us this year to start building excitement. That will most likely stop some people (it would me) from making any high end detector purchases until they know what Minelab has planned.. It worked for the Equinox, although that wait was a bit painful....
  7. Wow, I'll have to re-watch the video to see if I miss something. But at first glance that was a heck of a difference...
  8. Good luck! I have a blast when I'm detecting in England. My pouch of finds it's on its way back to the US.. Can't wait to get it.. I am out now trying the new software. No complaints so far! I found a reale. But no I don't think it's because of the new software..
  9. https://www.minelab.com/equinox-software-update-3-0 This should be fun to try out this weekend.. Curious what the "various stability enhancements" are... A new Single Frequency of 4 kHz has been added to the existing 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz options. This new 4 kHz frequency enhances the detection of large deep targets, particularly those found in parts of Asia. As a result of optimising for these conditions, this new frequency may respond differently for users compared to the other single frequencies. All other single and multi-frequency settings are unchanged in their performance. In addition to the 4 kHz upgrade feature, various stability enhancements have been included.
  10. I went back today and found another GW button along with other great finds
  11. Thanks guys. It was an exciting time for sure. Unfortunately I had to leave shortly after I found these, we are heading back tomorrow morning to look for more. Here they are cleaned up a bit.
  12. CT Todd and I got out to a cellar hole that we have been meaning to detect for a couple years. The property is huge and we have done well at the other ones on it but just hadn't made it out to this one yet.I was finding lots of flat buttons and some other interesting relics. But then within moments of each other these two popped out of the ground..I have been waiting a long long time to find one of these. But the detecting gods were looking down upon me today and gave me two...Also found a copper, and seated dime
  13. Ah, didn't realize this was a revived thread... Great find! What a neat piece of history. In the Mohawk Valley of NY you can find similar ones. But hey were getting their kettle brass from Jesuit Missionaries.
  14. Ha, I say that and an hour or so later it comes out... What should I wish for next..
  15. One site said it had been delayed. Perhaps for a couple of weeks... But, who knows...
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