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  1. Ah, didn't realize this was a revived thread... Great find! What a neat piece of history. In the Mohawk Valley of NY you can find similar ones. But hey were getting their kettle brass from Jesuit Missionaries.
  2. Ha, I say that and an hour or so later it comes out... What should I wish for next..
  3. One site said it had been delayed. Perhaps for a couple of weeks... But, who knows...
  4. Thanks for the news. I look forward to checking it out if it is real.
  5. This is an interesting read about the usage of foreign coinage in those days.. https://www.crookedlakereview.com/articles/101_135/119spring2001/119muhl.html
  6. There is actually more to the story. Spanish silver was widely used until around the 1850s. At that point they were pretty worn down but still accepted. Around 1857 or so the government finally devalued Spanish coinage in order to get rid of it so people would start using American coinage. This is why we find many Spanish reales that are so worn down since they were in circulation for 70 or 80 years or more..
  7. Ha, I do. I have dug piles of bottle caps there. You could spend the rest of your life digging them. This coin was such an anomaly.
  8. Thanks An 800, Usually Field 2, 5 Tones, Recovery Speed 7, IB usually the same, sometime lower, sometimes 3. I find lots of great stuff with those settings too. Don't post them all though. My tests wasn't scientific in anyway, but sure is strange to dig two silver back to back at this site... Today I dug a fatty Indian.. Still drying the sweat off in my office haha..Typically I don't post many things like that anymore though.
  9. Hello Folks Today I went back to the spot I had dug the 1857 Seated Half Dime at lunchtime yesterday. I wasn't expecting much but decided to further test drive the different Equinox settings to see if I could get anything else from the site. At this site I frequently walk away with nothing in my pouch and so I didn't have very high expectations for today either, especially after yesterdays find. Eventually I came upon a decent deep signal and out popped a wheat cent. A wheat cent is nothing to write home about for me and I frequently joke about reburying them and Indians Head cents until they grow up in to Large Cents. Sort of Catch and Release for Detecting. But, anyhow I was impressed with the depth of the coin. I worked my way back to the Seated site, but there was a Looky Loo nearby, so I didn't recheck that exact area as much as I would have liked. I then started working my way back to my vehicle and got a decent signal. Now this signal, at this site, is almost always a bottle cap, but something about it, partially curiosity and the proximity to the Seated coin made me decide to dig it up. One barely shovelful and out popped a holed 1779 One Reale. Amazing. I have only dug one other 1/2 Reale at this site so I don't know who is looking down at me these past couple of days, but Thank You! Video just as I recovered the Reale https://youtu.be/aBf0pLbxpzs HH
  10. Haha. Thanks Guys. My sensitivity was at the usual 25 for this site. The signal was pretty clear,although weaker which is a big plus since deeper is almost always older at this site(compared to fields where you can find a large cent on the surface). I get excited when I hear that, then doubly excited when the pinpoint area is really tight. I am going back to that same area today to double check. Yesterday I was almost late getting back to work.
  11. Hello FolksI got out at lunchtime today and recovered a nice 1857 Half Dime. It was deep but was still giving a decent enough signal to dig it... I was testing different settings today. Park 1 ,50 Tone, Recovery Speed 3 and, Iron bias of 2. Here is the thing. I hunt this large site a lot. Like five days a week, about fifty minutes each session(lunchtime) and sometimes on the weekends for longer. I have never dug a half dime at this site and silver hasn't appeared in a long, long time but I find a lot of Indians so I keep going since it's so conveniently located. That's the facts. Was it just chance, or better optimized settings... If I find another silver, or even a couple good other targets in one hunt in the near future I will be more of a believer in these settings.. Oh, this is also a very trashy site. But I still find myself able to pick through it all very well with the fifteen incher... Here is a quick Youtube video I recorded just as I was recovering it... https://youtu.be/S1UmHKLydfQHH
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