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  1. Hi Gerry Thank you. I am here in the Hudson Valley of New York, so I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by lots of history.. The Tony Eisenhower headphones sounded twice as loud as the grey ghost when I was diving. Unfortunately with all the bubbles that are generated underwater with each exhale it made it almost impossible to hear anything with the ghosts. I suppose the Tony Eisenhower could be even louder, but they were good enough for me
  2. Thanks GB.. I have not identified it yet. I think it is 1700, so William III?
  3. Thanks Folks... An update on those Tony Eisenhower headphones.. I was able to hear the detector while scuba diving with them. Not sure how many others are trying the Equinox in this type of environment but if you are I would recommend these headhphones over the Grey Ghost.
  4. Hi Folks I have been busy making quite a few finds recently. After more than a year with the Equinox, it continues to impress me with it's capabilities. Some of my recent finds include some early 1630's Kettle Points and Turtle Effigy, Spanish Silver, KG's and more. I even have had it scuba diving. Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with the volume with the Grey Ghost headphones. I have a new pair of Tony Eisenhower headphones ready to try out with the hopes that the volume is better. We shall see. HH Everyone...
  5. You might find me in the book and the CTX book... In it I explained what has worked for me and that's it. I have been detecting some hard hunted ground with fantastic results with the Equinox using the settings I spoke about.
  6. I detect a field just like that. In fact last week or so I found a 1/2 reale right under the power lines. Like others I am sure have suggested by now, my fix was to change into a single frequency. For me 20 worked. In Multi it was unbearable. I also reduced the sensitivity a bit from the max where I usually keep it.
  7. Good stuff I am hoping that Minelab is developing an update to enhance the detector. Sure it's great as is, but things like you mention would be the icing on the cake. After the lack of CTX upgrades for years and years, I admit I am a bit skeptical we will see many (any?) more for Equinox..
  8. Thanks folks, here is the KGIII cleaned up a bit..
  9. Thanks Peg. Unfortunately his older sister has outgrown detecting with the old man. I did get her on the cover of Western and Eastern one time though..
  10. I have been hitting the fields, woods and parks pretty hard since the ground has thawed. I detect pretty much every day covering lots of ground. The Equinox continues to prove itself a worthy detector. Typically I hunt in field two, but I try experimenting with the other modes. In the end though I always seem to end up back at field two.. HH
  11. Thanks. About 5 and 7 inches. You can get away with using water for silver, but spritzing water on a copper can simply remove a lot of detail depending on what condition they are in so I wouldn't recommend it. As far as value goes, I just don't really care about it since I never plan on selling them and shame on my kids if they try to some day. As far as mapping out a site. I suppose if you were trying to discern a coin was a wheat cent compared to a memorial while detecting a park it could help find a hot spot , but my sites are all old woods and fields where I am specifically looking for old coppers and silver. In these types of locations I am going to be able to identify my coppers as coppers and US or foreign silvers pretty easily. I suppose if I wanted to be stingy and say only dig King George's instead of Large Cent's it would help to know which was which and where I was finding them. but they are pretty easily identified as one type or another and still I probably wouldn't use water to wash them off. I will admit, at one time I used water to clean all my coppers 😞
  12. Hi Folks I hope everyone is doing well over here. Ground conditions have been tough with the weather being so cold but things warmed up just enough to allow some detecting here in the mid Hudson valley. Unfortunately it's going to turn colder again over the coming week or so which will probably shut me down again. Anyhow, I went back to a site where I have discovered quite a few Connecticut coppers over the years and decided to hit a little bit further out from the center of the site. I came upon a 18-20 signal and ended up recovering a nice 1773 half reale. Shortly afterwards I discovered another copper believe it is a KG III. It sure was nice to get out. Recovering both coins.. I was using the 15-inch coil field 2, sensitivity at 25, ground balance of zero, iron bias was at 2 and recovery speed of 7. HH Everyone..
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