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  1. I dial back my sensitivity to 14-16. I still get solid hits on coins at 8" with 16 sens. FeBias at 3. Give it a shot and see what you think! I do alright like that!
  2. If you are using this out of the water 23 could be ok if you have a sifting pouch. With the Equinox line, if you want to discriminate against small objects you will need to dial back your sensitivity. I do not do much saltwater hunting, but when I do go in the water I dial it back to 16-18 depending on target density. On dry land in an old park I am almost always at 16 to avoid things the size of 22 lead have me chasing a target with my pinpointer 6-8" deep for 15 minutes. GL and HH!
  3. I personally have issues with iron in any machine. Now since the update has come out, the area that I live in has become more precipitous and as a result the ground is more wet. This makes the iron halo more conductive and appealing to the machine. The science behind this is actually pretty interesting. Iron can actually become water soluble when iron oxides (rust) are put in an anoxic (low-no oxygen) environment. What happens is microbes will cleave the oxygen off of the iron reducing the electron charge of the iron. The gain of an electron by the iron makes it behave dramatically different and when they are making algorithms for machines they are probably using Fe(III) and not the reduced Fe(II) when creating the way the machine behaves to a metal in the ground. Makes me wonder if I could take some anoxic ground water loaded with Fe(II) and get it to ring up on my machine. Anyways, what I am trying to say (in a long winded way) is that ground conditions are changing a lot from day to day and I would give it more time before chalking up to the update being bad for the 6".
  4. I did once when I was under some high power tension lines in 5k and the emi noise went away. Otherwise I am in multi!
  5. I have met a lot of other hunters and they are often lurkers on forums. I like to think most of them are trying to learn more about their machine or the hobby. Hope I am not being too naive.
  6. I prefer park 2 and maybe dial sensitivity back to 18 as most farm houses I have hunted have a lot of iron. Dig repeatable signals and trust your ear. 18 will get you 10" deep. Ground balance on clean ground or if you dont feel comfortable doing that, set it to tracking. GB makes a difference for me here in NE Ohio. GL and HH!
  7. Find a bunch of gold, its mine, I lost a bunch here.
  8. I have gotten out a total of 6 times this year, this hunt made 7. A new friend of mine and long time 3030 hunter challenged me to go to a football field that he has hunted for years with the 3030 and the 17". He said he would be shocked if I pulled a silver as they are all 8" or deeper and the ground is difficult. I too swung the 3030 for years, but feel the technology in the 800 is superior and would alert me to any keepers that were under the coil. I went in the rain/snow and played in the mud for 3 hours looking for keepers in his football field. Results and settings below. Park 2, Fe Bias 3, Recov. 5, Sens. 16-18 depending on Fe noise density, Ground Balance pumped out to 16, Volume 20 (want to know more or if I left something out just ask) WARNING: There is some cussing in the videos, I was excited as I went in there having zero expectations. https://photos.app.goo.gl/syyarSRTC4XgPXjN9
  9. We have organic soil and as a result there is a lower PH and it can tarnish the silver. It actually looks pretty good, I just hadn't gave it a wipe down. I picked at a nickle today to see how the face up side looked and it didnt fare as well as the V which was that side that was down...
  10. It is rare I would dig a nickle on a hunt let alone 3! Was a quick 3 hour hunt in a very small 1800s park I have hit for many years. Most of this stuff had to have been previously masked by screw tops and iron. More than a few of these had a nail come out of the plug first or after I retrieved the target. One wheat has iron oxide on the obverse from where it has been resting on a nail, cant get a date off of it. I had such a great time! I had to share, thank you for your time and looking! What a day! 1941 Jefferson 1909 V Nickle x2 1916, 1919, cant see date Wheat 1903, 1893, 1890 IHC Sterling Ring 2 piece great seal button 1951 Canadian Cent and other tiny non FE stuff!
  11. Dew, Chase covered all I was going to say! Yes it is much quicker, more than twice by Minelab's estimation. I wish I could beach hunt and get wired in, but I am relegated to the back yards of old home in downtown Akron ?
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