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  1. Mike Haer

    Construction Site Finds

    great finds!
  2. Mike Haer

    Coin Spill Surprise

    haha thats a nice bottle cap!!
  3. glad to see you able to get out and very nice find!
  4. Mike Haer

    Must Have Been Karma

  5. that had to be a lot of walking! lots of finds.
  6. Mike Haer

    Accidental Find In Middle Of Nowhere

    I have always wondered about some of you guys looking for gold, wandering around for miles if you've ever come across some cool stuff that wasn't gold like small caches, guns etc. Anyone else have any stories similar? I would love to hear them
  7. Mike Haer

    Steve Herschbach

    As I was logging on this morning I thought to myself " I love this place and I need to start mentioning it on every podcast" keep up the great work Steve!
  8. Mike Haer

    Long-time Visitor/ Reader ... Now A Member

    I regret not finding it sooner!
  9. Mike Haer

    Welcome To The New Meet & Greet Forum!

    Steve, thank you so much for putting this forum together. I hadn't spent any time or posted on any forum for years for all the reasons you talk about. Then I found detector/prospector and fell in love. This is the only forum I go to anymore and I love what you are doing. great job and THANK YOU!
  10. Mike Haer

    Steve Herschbach

    I would like to thank Steve for putting together such a great forum. I came across it a few month back on accident while doing some research. I ended up reading a post by Steve that I was blown away by and started looking up some of his other posts. Steve tells it like it is and his knowledge is incredible. Then I started coming across other posts from other people and I knew this was a place I want to be. In my personal opinion this is the best forum, I love the layout and the great conversations by a lot of knowledgeable people. Thank you Steve for having such a great place for all of us to discuss metal detecting!
  11. Mike Haer

    Long-time Visitor/ Reader ... Now A Member

    glad to see you join. There is so much great information here not to mention all the great people!
  12. Mike Haer

    All Metal Interview With Dilek Gönülay

    thank you Steve! It was a great show in my book, was a lot of fun having Dilek on
  13. Mike Haer

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Mike Haer. I have been metal detecting for about 23 years now and I can't get enough. I consider myself a relic hunter but I will also hunt houses, parks and in the summer I like doing some beach and water hunting. Someday I hope to get into some gold hunting. I write articles on metal detecting and also do reviews. I also have a metal detecting podcast, episodes are live every Monday night at 8 p.m. https://www.spreaker.com/user/allmetalmode
  14. Mike Haer

    Out With The Makro Multi Kruzer

    Same here Terry, I am really enjoying the Mult-Kruzer a lot.
  15. Mike Haer

    Multi Kruzer & Impact Depth

    I haven't had the Kruzer long but long enough to know I love it. I haven't compared the kruzer and impact on depth but here's what I can tell you. Both will go deep! Right after getting the Kruzer a friend told me he had heard rumors that it wouldn't go very deep. first thing I did was go out in the field next to me and buried 3 dimes, 6,8,10 inches deep. Surprisingly the kruzer hits all 3 no problem. that kind of depth on freshly buried coins I find very impressive. deepest coins i've found with it so far has probably been 7 inches, hit it with no problem but coins/relics don't tend to be very deep where I am.