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  1. I used my Tesoro Outlaw and Nautilus in the farm fields of Ohio a lot. Rutus Alter 71 and Simplex saw some field time also. Here in Texas relic hunting mostly the Rutus and Simplex
  2. My very first Minelab E-trac was different than any other one I ever saw or used. The VDI numbers were off by a couple but it didn't jump on pennies or dimes. it was deadly accurate, I didn't know it was different when I sold it and only reason I got rid of it was they offered us dealers really good prices on demo units we had to keep for a year and could sell. My thought was I would get a new one each year which I did but I wish I would have never got rid of that first one.
  3. I see that you found it. Unfortunately none of us are gold prospectors who do the podcast but only because we aren't in areas that produce much gold. Hopefully I can get Steve Herschbach back on the podcast though!
  4. I agree with every word you say and glad to see someone will say it.
  5. I love this post! good for you! is this something you are building a 1 off for you or are you thinking about going in business? I have used many metal detectors over the years and for most detecting I prefer a digital metal detector but when it comes to relic hunting in farm fields I prefer analog. In my opinion, after using many metal detectors analog works through the iron better time and time again. A new digital detector will come out and I think it will be the answer, "this one will finally be the one to beat out my old analog metal detectors" but so far it hasn't happened. I would love to have a simple 2 tone analog metal detector, 1 tone for iron another for everything else with a volume control for the iron tone (which could be set up on a pot to determine your own break point) with about 3 different size coils starting with about a 5 inch and going up. Can't wait to see what becomes of this.
  6. I agree with you on that green patina, something about it is just appealing! Probably a once in a lifetime thing to find my 1916 D mercury but I always hope I will run across another one!
  7. I have never found an 1877 Indian but I was fortunate to find an 1872 with incredible detail. Being a semi key date Indian if it didnt have the green patina it would be around a 500 dollar coin. One thing I was lucky enough to find was a 1916 D mercury dime that graded out to VF-35 and ironically enough I found both coins in the same weekend hundreds of miles apart!
  8. I'm back! P I wanted to address a few things here. First is Gypsy - she is one of the most humble, sweet, hardcore detectorists I've ever met. She's been detecting for about 25 years and has swung detectors from all the major manufacturers. Lol no it's not her real name but as you can imagine being a female in this hobby she has dealt with some serious inappropriate behavior. She's also a cohost on our all metal mode podcast every Monday night. Steve - I apologize, life has been crazy and hectic. All is good just a lot going on. I would still love to discuss that with you. Dirt digest magazine - without getting into much detail, myself and my good friend are in the process of acquiring it. Big changes and improvements are coming so stay tuned.
  9. I have always wondered about some of you guys looking for gold, wandering around for miles if you've ever come across some cool stuff that wasn't gold like small caches, guns etc. Anyone else have any stories similar? I would love to hear them
  10. As I was logging on this morning I thought to myself " I love this place and I need to start mentioning it on every podcast" keep up the great work Steve!
  11. Steve, thank you so much for putting this forum together. I hadn't spent any time or posted on any forum for years for all the reasons you talk about. Then I found detector/prospector and fell in love. This is the only forum I go to anymore and I love what you are doing. great job and THANK YOU!
  12. I would like to thank Steve for putting together such a great forum. I came across it a few month back on accident while doing some research. I ended up reading a post by Steve that I was blown away by and started looking up some of his other posts. Steve tells it like it is and his knowledge is incredible. Then I started coming across other posts from other people and I knew this was a place I want to be. In my personal opinion this is the best forum, I love the layout and the great conversations by a lot of knowledgeable people. Thank you Steve for having such a great place for all of us to discuss metal detecting!
  13. glad to see you join. There is so much great information here not to mention all the great people!
  14. thank you Steve! It was a great show in my book, was a lot of fun having Dilek on
  15. My name is Mike Haer. I have been metal detecting for about 23 years now and I can't get enough. I consider myself a relic hunter but I will also hunt houses, parks and in the summer I like doing some beach and water hunting. Someday I hope to get into some gold hunting. I write articles on metal detecting and also do reviews. I also have a metal detecting podcast, episodes are live every Monday night at 8 p.m. https://www.spreaker.com/user/allmetalmode
  16. I haven't had the Kruzer long but long enough to know I love it. I haven't compared the kruzer and impact on depth but here's what I can tell you. Both will go deep! Right after getting the Kruzer a friend told me he had heard rumors that it wouldn't go very deep. first thing I did was go out in the field next to me and buried 3 dimes, 6,8,10 inches deep. Surprisingly the kruzer hits all 3 no problem. that kind of depth on freshly buried coins I find very impressive. deepest coins i've found with it so far has probably been 7 inches, hit it with no problem but coins/relics don't tend to be very deep where I am.
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