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  1. When I think of "hot rocks" I think about the other iron oxides more than hematite (Fe2O3), its cousin magnetite (Fe3O4) or its brother Maghemite (a more complex "hybrid" chemical/crystal structure) which is apparently quite common in Australia. I think Steve H posted a great thread about this issue recently, but I don't recall the thread title. All of these iron minerals can make rocks that contain them "hot", but I don't think hematite (rust) is as strong as these others. Just the name MAGNETite lets you know its strong magnetic nature. It is the major component of most magnetic black sands. The bedrock in your pic looks like some form of limestone... those are some very nice gold catches in the pockets!
  2. MarXthespot

    Why Dig Nickels?

    I'd say that alone could make digging nickels, and a whole lot more, well worth the effort.
  3. MarXthespot

    Iron Bias

    Thank you EL NINO77. That is what I was curious to know. In my environment so far, 2" extra to get a quarter at 14" I would only see to 12" is the sort of variable I can easily weigh in my memory banks. In my situation, that is a bad tradeoff for the benefits I see from using a higher recovery rate. Not necessarily true for everyone in all situations, but it is good to know at times and places when it might be a significant gain/benefit. Unfortunately, I'm out of reactions for the day, so thumbs up to you sir!
  4. MarXthespot

    Iron Bias

    Was someone doubting him? My only question for him, or anyone for that matter, is how much in inches or cm's, for a particular type of target, is the depth loss? Before I got my Equinox, I thought the amount of depth loss would be significant. In my particular environment, so far, I have noticed no depth loss. It surprised me. So, I'm curious to know both a) what conditions bring a significant depth loss, and b) How much is that depth loss for which target?
  5. MarXthespot

    Equinox Ground Balance

    This is the sort of info that is very valuable and very difficult to know the wheres, whys and hows of getting without the help of someone who knows a lot about the subject. Thank you Steve, and to all those you collect this info from.
  6. MarXthespot

    Iron Bias

    How much depth were you losing when you compared the 6 recovery speed to a 1 recovery speed?
  7. MarXthespot

    Why Dig Nickels?

    30 some keepers per 200 some recirculates, and almost even odds on trash, those are pretty good ratios. Nice finds.
  8. First off, welcome to the forum Vince! I'm sure you'll find the answers you are looking for from the many friendly members here. That is some nice gold you're finding. I don't own a Goldmonster, but those who do will surely offer assistance. If you search for Goldmonster in the search box, a bunch of threads will display past conversations about these topics you asked about. I do know you can search in the water with this machine, so YES is the simple answer. However, how deep the waterproofing is effective, I don't know. I'm sure others will offer more help. Is that gold from the Pyrenees? Did the Romans get most of the gold, and that is why few look with detectors today?
  9. MarXthespot

    Iron Bias

    I would add to that, test different swing speeds along with testing different recovery speeds. As Steve and others here have said, test, Test, TEST. So much in detecting is local ground, mineralisation, and trash conditions. It really is a balance of learning the machine and environment together... plus personal preferences matter too. More time spent detecting and more testing help the fog to lift, but also hearing others experiences in their environments. Thanks for sharing your experiences everybody. You're helping me see beyond my own experiences.
  10. MarXthespot

    Iron Bias

    Yes. My experience has shown, if anything, the opposite effect. I occasionally notice greater depth with a faster recovery speed accompanied by a faster swing speed. It seems strange, but I chalk it up to the machine's speed?? On the flip side, I have not yet observed greater depth with slower recovery speed and swing speed, which is what one might (I did) expect.
  11. MarXthespot

    Iron Bias

    Does Reactivity mean the same thing as the Sensitivity setting? or are we talking about recovery speed?
  12. MarXthespot

    Your Thoughts: Best Pin Pointer?

    How much depth were you getting from it? Did it ratchet its power up and down quickly and easily? Does it indicate from both the tip and sides, or mostly from the tip like the White's TRX? Glad you liked the 800.
  13. MarXthespot

    Your Thoughts: Best Pin Pointer?

    Any opinions or experiences to report yet Jackpine? I like the fact this one is waterproof to 200' if you got the pro version. I think the wader version is waterproof to 10'??
  14. Hey TNss, speaking of pinpointers, it looks like you have a bunch... Which one(s) do you use most often? What do you like best about them? Which would you recommend? What future advancements would convince you to by a new or upcoming product? A wireless enabled pinpointer sounds good to me. I think Karl said recently he expects all the manufacturers will be making them wireless relatively soon. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. MarXthespot

    Dating Value Of Crown Caps?

    Thanks for the shot of nostalgia. Just the other day I was detecting at the park and got my first hands on of a beaver tail since I was a little kid lacking the finger strength to rip one of those things off (SOOOO frustrating!!!!). Usually, when I tried, I ripped off the ring leaving the beavertail in place on an unopened can. Often a bruise or small cut was the result. This was frequently followed by an adult either laughing or yelling at me. Who designed these damn things?!?!?!?! As a kid they were unuseable, and now as a detectorist... we all get a less than enjoyable feeling from them. Oh well. Thanks for bringing what will probably be the only joy I ever experience from this old school pull tab. One other bit of nostalgia from those days. Who remembers kids and teens making chains out of these things, wrapping one around the next?? I remember the dads in our neighborhood relaxing with a 6 pack wearing a necklace the kids made out of these things.