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  1. Hi Steve, about about the 50 tone mode? I am almost entirely wet sand and water hunting. The 50 tone mode sounds more useful than moving tones around in 3 or 5 tone mode. What is your experience? I've only used 3 tone machines until now. Is the 50 tone mode similar to the Excel?
  2. Possible but unlikely. Doubt they are analyzing each frequency independently, but merged and compressed in a way that the processor only has to analyze one stream of data. At least thats what I was lead to believe in the Multi IQ vs BBS comparison. The machine is amazingly fast already, and with the 600 running all 5 freqs in Multi mode I agree it's the best deal... which is why I ordered one. I wish it came with "real" headphones though.
  3. Test looks good to me.. not sure why people want to be so hypercritical, it looks like a hunt any of us do. Machine seems to be working well, and the hunter is sticking it out in MISERABLE conditions. Machine sounds incredibly solid, but I'd like to see it at a beach infested with iron flakes. I purchased the 600 only to replace my AT Pro for hunting dry sand and land. Sometimes I show up with my AT Pro expecting to hunt the dry, and the beach has a nice cut and the tide is lower than predicted, and I'm stuck with my AT pro which is terrible in wet sand. This machine, if it works as shown, will be a godsend to my detecting. I'm not sure if it will replace my CZ21 for water hunting, but if it does I'll be in heaven... hunting dry, wet, or land with one light machine is a dream come true for me because the CZ-21 is a tank... like swinging a barbell... but it works. If not, fine, if I can hunt dry and and still do ok in the wet sand, that justifies my purchase.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I pre-ordered a 600, and was having doubts whether or not I made the right decision. After reading your post, I've concluded I'm probably ok. Most of the features will not be necessary since I am an avid beach hunter. I don't need to move the tones around in 5 tone mode... I'd rather hear everything, I'll probably use the 50 tone mode. Custom volumes not required, definitely won't be using VLF 20khz and 40khz modes... those would go nuts on the beach. I'll spend the extra $250 on a good pair of water headphones. Really looking forward to this machine. I've been using a CZ21 for water and an ATPro for dry sand, and sometimes I show up and the wet sand looks torn up and perfect to hunt but my AT Pro ain't gonna do it. I only need this machine to replace my AT pro and give me some options in the wet sand. If it replaces my CZ-21 (I'm not counting on it, but I'm open minded), I'll be in heaven.
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