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  1. That amber "look" is also glassy and mixed in everywhere. This is the closest color I can find that matches. (thicker part at base)
  2. No gem and mineral show near me so I need help. The closest rock club is two hours south. I go beach combing a couple times a week if the weather and tides are good. I look and find agates, sea glass, seal bones and driftwood. But I also find things I can not identify like the rock in my photo. I found it on the beach. It looks like obsidian with clear and green inclusions. It is as big as a goose egg. Everything looks like glass slag but I do not know of any glass factory north of me. (I am 20 miles south of Oregon) I would think if is was slag more pieces would also be seen, even very tiny. Any ideas?
  3. cyberdan

    Rock Tumblers?

    As stated above rock and gems will not set off any metal detector. You could find diamonds and turquoise but only if the were set in gold or silver. But seriously, there are lots of things to find on the beach that will set off your detector and need a tumbler. Coins and more coins. You really don't need to tumble them but it helps when trying to cash them in. Makes them look brand new & shiney. One word of caution do not tumble your penny finds with any other coins. All coins will come out copper colored. I have a cheapo Harbor Freight unit. Over the years I have only had to replace the drive belt a couple times. I found 3 for a couple bucks on feeBay. But once, I needed to use the tumbler and asked my daughter if I could have one of her ponytail thingys. (there are two types #1 like a cloth covered rubber band and #2 same but has metal crimper to connect both ends) Try to find #1 it runs smoother and quieter around the pulley system. I also need to oil the shafts every couple of weeks to stop any squeeks.