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  1. Thank you for the responses. Steve, I wasn't looking for monetary returns as a reason, I think the chance of me finding a money meteorite is probably as good as me finding a nugget weighing 10 pounds. Less than zero. But my Nox 800 came today so who knows. LOL. Thanks again. Dan
  2. Sorry again, I forgot to ask if anyone could point out a couple of threads that would help educate me on this subject. Thank you for your patience. As a gold panner, I have so far been pretty much skunked, so I have a lot to learn about all these topics. Have a great day. Daniel
  3. Sorry for a maybe dumb question, but just what is the draw of meteorites? I understand that it is unique and interesting but is there any other reasoning? I am not saying monetary returns but more like registeries or some acknowledgment of finds etc? Again I apologize for this if dumb. I mainly got interested in detectors for gold as I am getting a little fragile with age and no longer play like mountain goats. I am brand new to detecting but just from reading this forum I have decided coin, beach, jewelry hunting may fit me also. I understand relics and "old" items from history. But rocks from space? Now if they were large enough to mine that another story, but I would want to find it here on earth unless it fell ages ago. A dinosaur didn't like theirs. LOL Thanks, Dan
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