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    Anything High Voltage. 2 or many wheels. Getting our butts into true space exploration. Wood manipulation. Electronics, Industrial, commercial and residential. Physics and any other science youfellike
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    Whites MXT, Garrett CX3,CX+,ATPro, Ace250, Minelab Explorer XS,Eureka Gold. Garrett Carrot,Pro pointer,Whites pointer an others.Soon to be Equinox, Tesoro Mojave.

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  1. Awesome, I believe you’ve found the mother load. As far as left overs go. Me, I’d take those piles down layer by later. You said you found speckled ore. Crush it all. It adds up. Sounds like the tellurides in Colorado. After you get that all cleaned up. I’d work every direction for at least five hundred feet. Especially down hill of the mine for material that got away. Look for their trails, could’ve dropped high grade on their way out. Dropped a bag or two, busted open. Who knows. I would most certainly at least work parallel to existing mine. You may find an unseen stringer or vein just below the ground. Seriously, if your the first to be there since the miners left. I’d work the poop outta it. Good Luck. And enjoy!!! Terry
  2. Steve, Do you know if JP has posted his gold settings anywhere. Sorry I’m still learning to navigate your Awesome web forum. Honestly I’m having a bit of difficulty with all the sites. Not the brightest cookie with computers yet. Just a lil more time. Thank You Steve . More Gold in yur pocket an a bright happy day ahead. Terry
  3. Gold and silver or anything special lost by over 150 yrs of drunken sailors and party goers. On my fav beach adjacent to the shipping dock here. Every form of ship has docked here and off loaded everything from military sailors and travelers to all types of ore. I can just see and have heard tails of the wild times those sailors had on the beach on those hot summer nights. Even the county fair was there for many many years. Yes sir, I’m expecting a lot. Then again. I believe this flaming bird, the Equinox has a lot to offer in my quest ... Terry
  4. I have a possible reason for these obscure land locks. Has anyone ever heard of satellite GPR? I remember a company that went public with the technology bout 10 yrs or so ago. At that time if I remember correctly. It was capable of penetrating the ground to 180 meters. I had come across an archeological research page. An anthropologist was using the tech to find lost cities in Egypt. She most certainly found more than she expected. It seems we’ve been around a lot longer than anyone expected. Even more discovered across Europe. Anyway, the tech was/is also used in the big mining industry. For a large fee of course. I remember they used the technology to scan suspected rich areas. And made claims with it. I believe we can still view all the public scans. If I can find that darn site again. Also when the military was looking for osamahasbeen in Afghanistan with their satellite .They discovered great rich deposits . Many select companies jumped in on that. Well obviously what I’m trying to get to is. There’s a very high probability this technology has revealed New undiscovered rich deposits in the lands obumma attempted to lock up across the country. Now I really want to find that site again and look up those locations. Though I’m certainly not ready to dig that deep. Was just a thought. Terry
  5. Thanks Steve. And your correct, I kept seeing an alluding to sometime in the future. Will be reading your posts in Ernest as Always. Thank You for all You do! Terry
  6. Hello Gentlemen an LadyTesters,, Now that the bird has flown the coop. And the Equinox has landed in many Happy Nests. Wouldn’t you agree with me. It’s about time for Minelab to cut you loose from your NDA’s ! I for one would love to know the settings used here on that purty gold ? And explanations of why those settings were used. I know all involved with the testing are most certainly tired of questions like these. Please excuse my persistence . It’s just the machine is no longer a secret. What is there to hide? I wish to thank all involved in the testing and final faze updating information of this fine new Evolution in Metal Detecting Technology!!! Thank You for Your Time Terry
  7. Thanks again Tnsharpshooter. Black sands is interesting. Still enjoying your blog an tests. Terry
  8. Thanks for the reply TnSharpshooter,, Sorry I don’t see the link. No sure what’s wrong? Also I’m not sure beach 1 would be to good on fresh water beach. I seem to remember it being mentioned beach 1&2 being tuned for canceling out salt. If I’m not mistaken that would knock out some good targets up here. Iron ore granular waste being my primary obstacle. I was thinking park 1 or 2 maybe. Any thoughts. Thanks again. Terry
  9. Putting in some real over time on your testing. Nice work. Greatly appreciated. I have to ask. Any way for you to replicate a white sand fresh water beach running a GB of 95-98%? I have such a beach near Mentor Headlands in Mentor Ohio. I have permission for the Coast Guard station and adjoining grounds there. I know there’s goodies . Just a real pain to hunt. So far my Explorer XS, MXT, Garrett MH CX 3 and CX + just can’t beat it. I’m looking for coins, jewelry, military emblems and anything military era. WW 2 . Maybe if you mixed rusty brake drum cuttings in. It would be close. Thank You for any and all time on this venture. A feat I’m truly hoping the Equinox will finally master. And my deciding factor in my purchase. Terry
  10. Awesome find. How much trash did you dig before that sweet find???
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