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  1. Footing the sand is the faster way to recover the targets... We dont ear the comments and the sound of AQ in the vidéo... except " viens voir " " la vache " 😂 the nox dont have any signal with the ring ? Did the AQ was able to take this ring at the initial deep in réject mode ?
  2. After that AQ , when will be the aq bipolaire ? Weeks,month, year ? It would be a shame to buy AQ normal and 3 months after come the new bi polaire ..
  3. I would like to come back to the brown euros. I didn't really understand .. these coins rot very quickly on the beach. And even in good condition they are not in the conductivity range of pulltab, with a nox they have a ferrous sound. Alexander, you say we can reject them but losing a 25 gr ring 18k. ok anyway these rings are quite rare. can we reject them and keep the rings from 2gr to 15 gr ? If I am in an area full of these coins, in reject mode, Impulse can see through to detect a ring underneath them? What is the exact rejection setting to reject them? 6,7,8 .. ?? thank you
  4. One day there will also be a machine that differentiates aluminum from gold, the near future with impulse and future technologies look exciting. nevertheless steve's observation are cruel but truthful. it’s like with oil you have to go further and further to extract it.
  5. So what will we do then after the passage of several AQ ? let's not forget that the beaches are recharged every summer, unfortunately people wear less gold than before...
  6. Yes , it’s What i thinked. So the mute and tone mode are the same except in mute mode the sound of iron is off. I wondered if there are other difference beetween these two mode...
  7. I think I misunderstood I thought the mute mode was identical to the tone mode with only the sound iron off.. so it’s not just that? do they work differently? if yes, what are the difference beetween the two mode ?
  8. At the reunion, impressive ! In the result pictures finds of the AQ we rarely see gold chain, what are his abilities on this item ?
  9. Alexandre , okay, and How much deep this 2gr gold in tone mode ? Je ne sais pas comment dire cela en anglais . Est ce que il y a une différence dans la longueur de son , ou disons un certain tintement plus abrupt, entre une tirette et un objet en or comme une bague ? Bref une manière quelconque de pouvoir différencier un petit peu ces deux articles dans certaines circonstances ? Le jag semble dire que que oui et je le crois , mais puisque on vous a sous la main ... Félicitations pour votre conception . nous avons hâte .. Steve ,sorry for the french question , i put the Google translation but i doubt of the result : Is there a difference in the length of sound, or let's say a more abrupt tinkling, between a pulltab and a gold object like a ring? In short any way of being able to differentiate a little bit these two articles in certain circumstances?
  10. In europe seem to be 2490€ . Did the settings function same as tone mode in the volcanic mode ?
  11. I wonder that because i read To put sensivity To 1 before pump GB is better . I dont belive but anyone know about that ?
  12. Yes at 1 or 2 i have dug much thing in relic hunt and gold earing,chain,ring ..at beach But my question is about the negative number and the gold with some ground,depth ,disposition ... Calabash , you have a nice garden test , you dont have tried to testing some piece of 18k gold in different depth ?
  13. I dug some tiny 18 k gold at 1 TID . I almost never dug the signals beetween -9 and 0 . So i wonder if we can miss some deep gold who could be in the ferrous tone ? Maybe some of you who dig everything have the answer ? I know with some detector ,some gold come in ferrous tone , so what about the nox ?
  14. Very cool ! Congrat. Is it wrote deus te quiero o deus te quito?
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