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  1. What about beach ? Did someone tried it on wet salt beach ?
  2. I honestly doubt you have the right to do that. moreover I dare not imagine the penalty if you get caught
  3. Interesante, yo no sabía que alguien de españa tiene uno, aunque vive en la isla.. Pero es el limitado no ? 2400€ es mucho mas caro que el precio de venta, y sin garantia ni nada, mucho riesgo de comprar lo, has tomado contacto con el vendedor Luis ?
  4. yes indeed, I understand that after the negative opinions that there have been on the limited, people do not want to take the risk of buying one. that's why I thought that fisher will seriously correct and release the unlimited version for everyone and in europe! we now understand that there will not be this version and that we will not see any AQ impulse in europe except that of LeJag
  5. so I understand, there would be about forty limited to come (maybe not even in europe) and never a final "unlimited" version with the correction of all the problems of the limited. It's all quite disappointing I must say.
  6. you say you are testing the gold version? does this mean that the final version beach unlimited is abandoned?
  7. I too have often cursed the angle of the handle of the nox. after 4 hours it's so unpleasant that I have to look for other weird wrist postures, such as putting my fingers flat on the screen with the thumb underneath😂 Steveg, good post, you are probably right because when I use the harness with the nox, I no longer have this wrist problem
  8. it is very unstable to go to the depths. maybe he can surprise us on gold, although I doubt it.
  9. these aren't really targets you can afford to leave behind and focus on gold. gold can be in the same tone range as these coins in France. Yes gold is rarely on the same range as a 1 euro coin, but it can happen, moreover in this kind of tight spot full of coins, it is sometimes necessary "to clean" to reach the gold. I add that 1 € is worth 1.13 $, which is not negligible 🙂
  10. don't be fooled Luis, magus doesn't give me the impression of being very experienced. anyway in France there have been wars and lawsuits for a long time with regard to the XP brands, Minelab and certain distributors, magus works for one of these distributors who is an XP fan ... I would therefore not be surprised if magus emphasizes the performance of the deus 2 compared to other detectors. So it is not at magus that I will look for the equinox vs deus 2 comparison at the beach I'll bet the performance is roughly the same and the pros are build quality and ergonomics, which is already not that bad.
  11. I don't need a flashlight to hunt the beaches, even in a place with no homes and no moon. all this hype about news like NM or deus2, with these timers, ama, live, launch ... reminds me of the least of NFTs, cryptocurrencies. we are definitely in a changed world.
  12. alexandre or someone else, do you know if there will be customer service in europe when it is delivered on that continent?
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