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  1. I read interesting information from Tom Dankowsky on his forum
  2. Only english ? pdf cant be translate , french guide please minelab
  3. In the ground beach foil are rarely like that but round
  4. November or 2023 doesn't matter to me anymore I know it has nothing to do but I am financially ruined because stuck at FTX and too exposed to solana, ftt etc. I will stay with my faithful nox🥲
  5. I haven't read the thread yet, but to answer the op's first question, I'll say no, unfortunately manticore won't do that, neither for tone and probably even less for 2d, since I've seen in the French video he put a coin on the edge in the iron zone.. I dig about 2000 pulltabs a year on my beaches, that means there are probably tens of thousands of them, and at all depths. already, personally when I drink a drink I don't remove the pulltab, so I don't understand those who remove it, the solution would be to prevent the pulltab from being able to be removed from the drink And I hate these people who throw them on the beach, but the Andalusians have the annoying tendency to throw everything on the ground even if there is a trash can less than a meter away...I was even told that some people throw pulltabs in certain places on purpose to piss us off so I dig a lot of pulltabs in different states and which are all over the gold range, sometimes when I'm tired and tired I leave 13 id sounds on the nox but yet I've already dug several 18k rings at 13 in telling me before "oh again a pulltab" and of course no way to differentiate these rings with a pulltab whether in the ground or in the air of course we can wait for the ocean conditions to sort the pulltabs and the gold but it is not frequent, if I waited for these conditions, I would hardly go out to detect So I doubt that manticore will help us on this subject
  6. Let’s say a big conductive copper or nickel coin depth 5 cm , 10cm ,20 cm more or less i know nox give me sometimes ferrous tone on burried edge 1 euro coin on the beach Manticore in the video give good tone but ferrous 2D trace, okay it’s another coin and on land ... wonder what happen with ctx feco in this conditions 🤔
  7. Did the Fe co on CTx give ferrous trace or number on burried coin on the edge ? As the manticore did .. someone ?
  8. I'm not familiar with ctx and I have a question: what does the visual look like on a coin on the edge? because in the video of the french dealer, when he tests the 5ct napoleon buried on the edge, the 2d trace is in the high ferrous (audio good) do you think the coins on the edge will still be in the visual ferrous but with a sound of non-ferrous?
  9. Come on minelab let us play with black friday réduction
  10. okay it's the same french dealer we saw a video presentation of manticore with mark laurie we also said that he was at war with XP and that he does not sell XP but here is the comparative test is there, so it's up to you to judge
  11. I was too , but I quickly understood that there will probably be no differences with a ring or a coin
  12. it's a good question would minelab do without the russian market and deprive users of your country of manticore 🤔
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