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  1. i watched all the calabash videos and you have to face the facts, deus 2 gets the edge over the nox at the beach. then in land, let's not even talk about it, it is clearly superior. If we add to that the ergonomics and the probable reliability, we can say that the games are done. I am however a fan of the nox which found me a lot of beautiful things, but I will take this deus. I do not forget either the disappointments I had with the nox, fortunately during the warranty. break ears coils, broken arm rest, change of a defective coil and finally the dead main box. anyway, the entire detector except the shaft😂
  2. it is very unstable to go to the depths. maybe he can surprise us on gold, although I doubt it.
  3. these aren't really targets you can afford to leave behind and focus on gold. gold can be in the same tone range as these coins in France. Yes gold is rarely on the same range as a 1 euro coin, but it can happen, moreover in this kind of tight spot full of coins, it is sometimes necessary "to clean" to reach the gold. I add that 1 € is worth 1.13 $, which is not negligible 🙂
  4. don't be fooled Luis, magus doesn't give me the impression of being very experienced. anyway in France there have been wars and lawsuits for a long time with regard to the XP brands, Minelab and certain distributors, magus works for one of these distributors who is an XP fan ... I would therefore not be surprised if magus emphasizes the performance of the deus 2 compared to other detectors. So it is not at magus that I will look for the equinox vs deus 2 comparison at the beach I'll bet the performance is roughly the same and the pros are build quality and ergonomics, which is already not that bad.
  5. I don't need a flashlight to hunt the beaches, even in a place with no homes and no moon. all this hype about news like NM or deus2, with these timers, ama, live, launch ... reminds me of the least of NFTs, cryptocurrencies. we are definitely in a changed world.
  6. alexandre or someone else, do you know if there will be customer service in europe when it is delivered on that continent?
  7. well ! Looks like the craze about this detector has died down. finally when we see the ratio of problem compared to the small number on the market, fortunately they did not send it to europe because by adding the additional delays of the trip of the broken machine, it would have suffered a lot of complaints and bad advertisements.
  8. Thank you for your answers but I wasn't thinking of hunting for nuggets or hunting in difficult soils. but well in the hunt for the relic and old coins in a ground which contains a lot of iron detritus. I don't seem to have read anything about it. Given that the AQ is also sold to see through the iron, there must necessarily be people who think of going to try plots filled with iron which have produced beautiful things with the vlf?
  9. I think of those places which have been frequented for centuries and centuries and which are often overloaded with iron. we necessarily leave good things there because of the masking, could the AQ pass through this iron in a certain way? if so, what would that be for gold and low conductor? we lost a sestertius or a silver denario I suppose? Since it is not in europe can anyone try these sites? alexander? the jag?
  10. Tiens , j’ai pensé à toi le jag, j’ai trouvé un petit truc qui ressemble à ton avatar ce matin 🙂
  11. Avec plaisir . Je suis en Espagne en ce moment 🙂. La situation covid est plus agréable à vivre que en France , hormis le fait que il y a eu des périodes où on est confiné dans notre municipalité sans pouvoir sortir . if I remember correctly, the same province as you Luis.
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