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  1. I wonder that because i read To put sensivity To 1 before pump GB is better . I dont belive but anyone know about that ?
  2. Yes at 1 or 2 i have dug much thing in relic hunt and gold earing,chain,ring ..at beach But my question is about the negative number and the gold with some ground,depth ,disposition ... Calabash , you have a nice garden test , you dont have tried to testing some piece of 18k gold in different depth ?
  3. I dug some tiny 18 k gold at 1 TID . I almost never dug the signals beetween -9 and 0 . So i wonder if we can miss some deep gold who could be in the ferrous tone ? Maybe some of you who dig everything have the answer ? I know with some detector ,some gold come in ferrous tone , so what about the nox ?
  4. Very cool ! Congrat. Is it wrote deus te quiero o deus te quito?
  5. Very Nice find ! I have noted the same thing , the nox is deeper than ctx/etrac on tiny gold, but thiny silver too! And of course on the other metal. This machine incredibily good, in 80% on my beach hunt have a piece of gold . The real problem with the nox is that too many people have or will have one ...
  6. Hello , Some of the beach find with the great nox . Here all the gold is 18 k . I regret to dont have the nox more soon , i missed the good conditions beach of the winter , april is not good , but finally it's not so bad !! This is the result of approximatively 30 hours of hunt .
  7. Ah okay . Thank i didnt have seen that in manual. Yes in this part the sand is very black.
  8. Yyesterday, for the first, i had a danger pictogram in my 800. In the high To the left on the screen. the Id was something To 25-27 ,the sound was huge. I think this is a big target. I didnt dig that thing. I was in the beach on beach1. It was anything like that: ⚠️ Anybody know what is mean?
  9. Yes the old pulltab are more high in ID , but honnestly there are not a problem . I dig more than 50 new pulltab in a hunt , only 1 or 2 old . Rembember this guy want hunt festival , probably with the new pulltab . Anyway i dont understand his problem , Personnaly if i want hunt only euros coins, (we dont want the brown cents) , so i dig all 15 to 23 and that's all . Ringmoney , do you hunt your festival for the gold too ?
  10. Allez dans la pause de ton. T2=13 t3 =14 t4 = 23 with that , all your euros coins have the same sound . Include the 2 euros. the pulltab have different sound . you can adjust with tone pitch and tone volume. For example a bassy tone on the t2. The pulltab sound generallywith the bassy sound and 2 others différents sound. The 2 euros sound High like the 1 e and 50 ct. You cant go wrong with this settings. For the caps beer, it's easy To ear. There are 3 know method. This settings work Well in beach, i dont try in other mode. Test it. The problem in beach, a gold ring can be in the pulltab id. So ....
  11. That s ok for you. But you are not the center of the galaxy. I dont read english
  12. So what isthe value of iron bias in simple frequency? The value of setting usine mode ? Does it change in the unique frequency if we move iron bias in the multi?
  13. This book and the others are only in english?
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