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  1. the final version of the AQ will come with this rod or a more suitable for tall people?
  2. well I understood that Alexandre said that these pulltab sound double beep 🤔. more by seeing your ratio pulltab round beaver tail and pulltab 8, I believed it. In Europe round pulltab are rare now. maybe you or another AQ owner can just try out several AQ settings on these pulltabs to see what we can do? thanks
  3. Okay so , would you say that the 8 double hole pulltab has a double beep sound with the AQ? even in all metal ?
  4. Steve , I do not know how it is on your beaches, but on mine the proportion of round pulltab (the old ones) is maybe 5 or 10% compared to the pulltab in 8 (modern with two holes). can we assume that you discriminate many who had a double beep signal? since we only see 5 on your photo and many more of the others.
  5. I would like if it is possible, in the same kind of video to hear the pulltab and the brown euro cents corroded or not . on the old pulltab there is no audio difference, but on the modern eight pulltab you confirm getting an audio difference of double beep?
  6. in the end what is the interest of the mute and tone modes? they seem almost anecdotal or even secondary since one might think that it is not really beginners who will use this detector.
  7. Although I do not know this white, this vdi so high surprised me ... out of curiosity , do you know the scale of euros with this white? I guess we obviously don’t lose them with AQ You have said in the past that the AQ does not discriminate red centimes euros, but what about when they are all corroded and swollen as it is in the sand?
  8. I don't know if I understood correctly, according to the table we lose the item number 16 with the AQ, it’s a common gold ring that we dont want loose it, did i misunderstand or can you explain ?
  9. Finally, I sent a message to Alexander, and he explained to me the reasons (which I will not disclose) for selling the limited only in the USA. so I can understand fisher for once. I got slightly carried away in a previous message under the blow of anger and disillusionment. Please excuse me i will wait the final product.. I remain attentive to the reports of the lucky ones who will have the first version. please don't come and test on the old continent😅🧐
  10. well let me say that i find all your congratulations "bravo rick, well done steve ..." indecent! it seems to see a small group of privileged people gargling with the disappointment of users outside the US. of course it is the fisher strategy that is to blame. It’s as if it would have been said, well the designer is French so it will only be sold a few units in France at half price and the rest of the world will have its "improved" version a year later twice as expensive. What would you have thought? Either we sell for everyone or we continue with confidential testers, this whole circus makes no sense. I do not dive and I can be content with 3h30 4h of battery. Are you serious to tell me that I cannot get this AQ after all this waiting?
  11. The silence of Alexandre and Lejag inpires me nothing good.. the project is give up ?
  12. Footing the sand is the faster way to recover the targets... We dont ear the comments and the sound of AQ in the vidéo... except " viens voir " " la vache " 😂 the nox dont have any signal with the ring ? Did the AQ was able to take this ring at the initial deep in réject mode ?
  13. After that AQ , when will be the aq bipolaire ? Weeks,month, year ? It would be a shame to buy AQ normal and 3 months after come the new bi polaire ..
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