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  1. I would have thought you would dig a 2-piece California buckle in the gold fields.
  2. I left all the square nails in the ground for the night hawks to dig.
  3. At 71 I should have put knee pads on. If I ever gave anyone a tip it would be protect your knees from the cold wet ground. Severe arthritis now.
  4. Thanks Cal. I also have 3 of your favorites found at an old trading post site along a local river.
  5. True that. But I mostly enjoyed doing research and the thrill of the hunt.
  6. I had the pleasure to give away to family and friends many belt plates found over the years.
  7. Over the last five years. My first digging partner was "Fred Flintstone". WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Back.
  8. Man I was glad I got to hunt the old D.C. and Baltimore Parks before all the trash. Good work.
  9. Sold to the old guy with too many detectors. Message me. Thanks
  10. I have 35 pristine so I'm not sure what you would like to trade. From old classic to most modern. Thanks
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