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  1. The 9 has better balance. The 11 has more depth but I have my Deus 2 extended in length with the longer rod so the 11 flexed when swinging making the 9 my choice. Good luck with your choice.
  2. No program suggestions as I set up mine site specific. I guess those antique detectors I use found most of the desirables and my hearing left the small non-ferrous in the ground. I'm sure in a newly researched site you will do just fine relicmeister.
  3. Only a very few missed targets have surfaced. Will keep knocking on the door and just maybe someone special will answer.
  4. I found my answer. It was sitting in my closest with several other favorites. Not only were the numbers on the visual screen in the mid to low 80's on all my screw caps, but coins also to include silver, clad, and copper came in from the low 90's up to the low 100's. The detector should be obvious so let's just say it's the ..... ..... 71.🙃
  5. My 125 year old country church with a ball field has been hammered by me for many years. It looks like the number must be at least 90 or above to lose the round or mashed screw caps. So far in 3 trips I have dug a pile of caps with only 1 wheat and a silver dime to show for it. Most caps read from 86 to 89. I only will detect here when my colonial permissions have hay. What say you coin hunters?
  6. If some gold pops up I won't leave it in the hole.🤩Better chance for nickels at this sight. It's an old country church with tons of non-ferrous. I have taken out the old silver and copper.
  7. 20 on the deep ones, 26 0n the shallow and 22 to 24 mid-range. But I went to the closet and pulled out my Mystery Master Classic. Who will reign supreme? Well, the "Iron Chef" of course. Bon apatite.
  8. Don's a friend. Need a tall man rod or longer middle shaft for all my detectors.
  9. With the Legend hot on nickles with tight VDI numbers some gold rings are gonna be found. Nice
  10. I did then I pulled out the SE and ran the screen in digital which shows you the ferrous and conductivity of the target. Many variations on the id's. So I may venture to say I don't find it a gimmick it's just not as advanced as my ML SE.
  11. I do at the beach while on vacation. The XS can really drain the battery pack. On land I hunt mostly iron infested colonial permissions now. Not a good choice for that. But I cleaned out quite a few old Delaware schools with the Sovereign. BBS was a Bonafide game changer.
  12. In a long detecting life, you will find large quantities of everything. My partners knew what I found, and my X went to nursing school thanks to some of it. My grandkid's will enjoy what is left. Hell, I even went to the closet and grabbed my Garrett ADS 4. It filled up a small museum. Nice.
  13. Part on my hell for over 40 years when I head 50 miles north.
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