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  1. Will open the box tonight and should be able to go outside tomorrow before the sun sets.
  2. Not sure on the Rey. Could be from Monterey. I have a large collection of early dug Spanish buttons. Mostly military and religious. I found the Phoenix many years ago.
  3. Nice you got out. 8 inches and ice here. Lost power for 2 days but all is well now.
  4. I asked them if I could assist on the Engineering. got confirmed yesterday so we will have a look.
  5. Never could get use to it. I still use and love the Gold Kruzer. It checks all my boxes.
  6. Black Bear weighs about 600 lbs. Loves to bend down my Bird Feeders for a taste snack. He is a good ole boy.
  7. Net. Compressed VDI turns me off however I hope it works great for all who purchase one.
  8. Tom and Cal. Found near my home except the Rey button. Research that one. Phoenix Buttons found at a Trading Post on a River near my home. Buttons are what I enjoy digging the most.
  9. No worries for him rvpopeye. I'm past my prime. A warn blanket is all I require now.
  10. Meaning dug and a few I collected. Had my day in the sun detecting over 50years with to many artifacts and coins to mention.
  11. Yes you have a good eye. The 15th and 16th century would not come from Virginia.
  12. I still have over 30 of the best ever produced from all over the world. Most grade 9 or above. At 70 years of age my Herd will start to be sold, not because of any new model but to others who want something different in their detecting life. 2022 is my 53rd year as a tester, relic hunter having used many hundreds of detectors in my life.
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