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  1. I did not buy an Apex to use in Culpeper. I used the Equinox long enough to know it had limited abilities in Basalt and Diode rock. If I ever go up that way I use a GB Pi. I used it mostly on colonial iron sites. I'm not interested in digging low conductive metal to find something good with a similarTID number. Ponderous. I have sonic hearing. Good luck with your selection. Maybe we passed each other one day in the field.
  2. Yes. I too did this search many years ago. The band can be narrow in places wide in others. I'm in "The Red Diabase Zone" most of the time. The"Basalt Zone" is no fun either. Five bar dirt. Great job Joe.
  3. My soil in places is some of the worst . I live south of Culpeper Va. Both Multi and VLF have limited depth capability. I tested both the 600 and 800 in a more milder ground. I did not care to have to dig small non-ferrous which your kinda of forced to. I use a Tarsacci now. It will not be for most detectorist's. A keene ear is needed to understand the sounds. Having the ability to not only do a standard ground balance and then to be able to balance the salinity in the soil is a big factor for me hunting pastures with livestock whose urine will cause issues. You must also understand the bala
  4. It has limited depth performance in my ground. My GB came in at 90. Pure ferrite GB at 95. All detectors work here. Some better than others. The FBS, BBS, suffer the most. The Vanquish falsed and responded to the bedrock with good Visual numbers. The bedrock is very magnetic iron based. If you place a non-ferrous object on some rock it turns your signal to ferrous.This is why a ground balanced PI works. With this one I will hunt the milder soil.
  5. I had no issue testing the recovery speed. Hunting in the relic program with a minnie next to a large square nail I found it interesting when I turned down the iron audio to zero I would get a good one way tone . Good target next to iron. Since I already know MF does not work in my evil red dirt it will be fun to see what the single frequencies do.
  6. Missing the flap that covers the outside battery recharge port. I was at my dealer when it arrived. Looks to have been opened by someone prior to shipping. You can also see where it was torn off. He has four more coming so I will let you know if they also shared my fate.
  7. Tom, I hunted DC and Baltimore Parks back then. The Metrotech 220A I had was hotter on low conductors. Gold rings you could get maybe 4inches. A little less on silver coins. But both DC and Baltimore parks were Training and Camp grounds at the beginning of the War. I would find Minnie balls between the sidewalk and curb in certain parts of DC.
  8. I know what my Granpa use to tell me when I wanted something." People in Hell want Ice water but I don't think their getting any".
  9. And send a Test sample to Central Virginia if you want to know if it can handle the cruel red dirt. Come on Dilek.We have done this before.
  10. Yes Tom. Found in1979. I started in 69 with a Metrotech 220A. That even looked "Alien" Hope your safe and well.
  11. We did in 1963 when one flew over our house in Silver Spring Md. Classic shape. Silent.
  12. I have the ORX and added the WS4 headphones version 5.2. Best of both worlds using either X35 or HF coils.
  13. Found this at a local recreation center. 1939 worlds fair pin. I was using a Whites CM4.
  14. I have the one pictured. Best rod ever. Will need another when the new Apex arrives. Hope it's a match.
  15. I use to sample pots for health issues only. Nice job.
  16. Stay with it. It's worth your time. Hope your safe and well.
  17. I field teasted version 1 and was very impressed. You made a great choice.
  18. Imagine It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to Fight or Shame for And no Nox and MDT too Imagine all the people living life in peace, you You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join me And all Forum's will be as one.
  19. I had the pleasure to know Reg from the TDI project we both worked on. Great Guy and would help anyone solve the mystery of PI Detectors. Will miss you Reg . Condolences to his Family and many friends.
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