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  1. MCH2, Hey that’s great advice, I haven’t used mine more than 6hrs. I use it full sensitivity as well, I think fisher could send us out replacements when they fix the bugs ours have. Mine is not perfect at all, I use energizer disposable lithium ion batteries and those seem to work well. Only prob I had is the side button activated against included holster too easy and drained my first set. Cool and thank you for that tip and generous feedback? -spartan800
  2. It sucks that detectorist are experiencing these glitches with the f-pulse. I did a bit of testing on underground plumbing areas and found that the pulse induction HITS HARD on bigger metal objects from at further distances. Case and point: if there’s a treasure chest in the ground the PI from f-pulse will most likely hit on it because of how large it is. But most people won’t dig the first foot of dirt thinking it was just falsing the whole time. when I’m next to metal picnic tables the f-pulse starts sensing it from 5ft away.
  3. Hi Sinclair, I like that the holster is stiff, I just wish the Velcro straps were stiffer too. I love how sensitive that pointer is.
  4. If your using the pin pointer as a digger and not the “digger tool”, well yeah then Youl need to modify the tip for protection. quite frankly, i won’t, and feel like I am damaging a precision tool if I am pushing the tip too hard to the ground even.
  5. Yep pretty much. Until I get time away from work, military and school full time. Otherwise I wouldn’t have the time with how busy I am, to throw everything in the truck and drive off. Want to though.
  6. There might be something a little off with my equinox 600 as when I am detecting in areas filled with trash, I sometimes get mixed signal tones. Like it is hard to tell whether I should dig that area and that also I might be missing more faint deeper signals in the process. This is one reason I adapted to using the F-Pulse to clean up the trash and finding potential fresh drops. Plus I hate carrying to much weight and the pin pointer and a hand tool are so convenient. Its just fun too, sometimes actually most the time, I don’t hve time to throw the 600 in my car so this is a great alternative anywhere to hunt on the go
  7. Hi chase Goldman, because I like using the pin pointer! I get that it’s not as efficient, and you made a good point lessening the sensitivity. I’ll have a go at that technique. Another reason I like this is because some areas It’s a lower profile with hand digger and pin pointer. Heck I can even put it on vibrate. I went to detect a local park in my area on base and within 10 minutes I had the military police pull up and start a conversation about finding treasures! Lol didnt mind the conversation but it definately made me aware other people were watching. I can recover targets, fresh drops in and on the ground faster this way also. But I really need a few more tips using this equinox 600 as I have not found as much treasure already as I have with the f-pulse. My recovery is faster, albeit I’m losing depth. But I’ll go back over these areas again to see what the nox sees when I get more dedicated time to detect.
  8. I would be ecstatic if I found a seated dime like that. What an awesome find! I get excited when I find quarters ?
  9. Well Steve, mr. Newb on the podium here but I would like to say getting trash, small or large out of the ground with the f-pulse before hand helps me detect areas that could be “masking” targets deeper in the ground. That helped me understand why some of these hunted out areas are still giving up treasures for the equinox with its trash separation.
  10. GB_Amateur, i use the pin pointer first to canvas a small area, preferably around shaded areas under trees or somewhere people sit or move about, play sports around. the $ in this technique is having the Fisher F-Pulse because it penetrates the ground deeper than other pointers, enough to get most the trash targets up before using the metal detector itself. This also eliminates “signals” billing out deeper targets. Plus the f-pulse is fun to detect with by itself. The technique is crouching to the ground or on hands and knees using the pin pointer flat to the ground and using a sweeping motion. It’s may be tedious for some, but I quite enjoy it as I am pulling almost everything out of the ground at 4” on full sensitivity. This is also sharpening my skills pin pointing with the F-Pulse on targets unsurfaced in the ground.
  11. That’s a lot of treasure all in one area, I’m checking out more of his videos Voyager32. Great finds! I bet the GoPro still works too, could have been Dr. tones from his Hawaii trip. Lol
  12. Yeah mine does the same thing, I wave it higher afterwords to see at what distance the coil catches the signal of the target. I find using a hand pointer so much easier now.
  13. Voyager32, take pictures of what you find! Curious to see what stuff you pull from the depths of a lake.
  14. I haven’t had a chance to visit the beach here in NC, but I’m curious to see how my nox 600 will handle it. One thing I’m finding that helps cut trash signals 99.9 is using my f-pulse pointer at max sensitivity pulling top soil trash/ good targets 5” then going back over with the nox 600 for deeper in same area. Nuke em about how many hours was put in to find all those coins at the beach? I’m curious as I have not hunted there yet.
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