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  1. Thanks everyone for the great feedback and advice, will work with the info above and see if I can get this baby figured out.
  2. Thanks for the input Steve, yeah i had my best luck with the CTX the Deus is in version 4.1 and I have neglected using it for the past few months playing with the ctx and Equinox so I was a bit rusty on it, the hot program is one of my favorites and you could easily hear it shotgunning over the nails but rollover falsing on some rusty items. I have to say though the finds were scarce there for all so maybe its just the fact nothing was there but it was a remote site with not so much modern trash. I will continue to study it just might have to take some breaks here and there and not overload my thought process.
  3. OK so I went out this past weekend with the Nox at first, to an old townsite, lots of older trash and big iron. I started the day with the Equinox and got pretty frustrated after a few hours, granted I am still in learning mode for this machine but I finally gave in and took out the Deus for awhile and then the CTX. I tried a few settings I found online to see if it could help but it just got overwhelming trying to pull good targets out of the trash, kept getting rusty nails with a high tone even after adjusting the iron bias...Im sure im missing something and will eventually learn but Im curious to see what settings some of our US relic hunters are having success with... I appreciate any of you than can offer advice and/or settings that may give me some clarity. Thanks in advance
  4. I agree and although still learning the other day I had my nox on a trashy site and could only take a few hours of it finally gave in and got the Deus out and the CTX to finish the day....I even tried some suggested programs and it simply was just overwhelming in that trash, going to keep working on settings but the target info the ctx gives eased the headaches
  5. swing a CTX for a few weeks, I promise you wont notice any unbalance afterwards :) I personally dont feel the unbalance... do you adjust your shaft to the proper length? That helps alot.
  6. yes pinpointing is glitchy hopefully something they can address in software updating
  7. there have already been many tests like you proposed above, read what I wrote above not just watch the video. All the reasoning is explained in the text above the video, he air tested and got 3" so I air tested just the same as he did, besides im not going to go dig a hole for you at 3am... I already know what the detector can do
  8. yes i stated in my comments above that he figured it out, but I already made the video showing my results above so shared anyhow...
  9. I saw on another forum someone posted they were only getting 3" depth on a merc dime with reactivity set at 8, so I knew something was wrong and had to test myself. He apparently found the issue but I had already made this video so I figured I would share for whoever or whatever value it may present. Was pretty impressed with the not so slow sweep speed even on reactivity 1 and still great depth on R8
  10. Steve I could feel a little twitch at the end of each stroke, its more annoying than anything and this is just with air resistance, imagine the drag from swinging it in the water, the water hunters will be screaming here soon Im sure. Anyhow i messaged minelab with this video and my suggested fix with the double headed pin they said they would be looking at it. i can live with or even fix mine if needed with a simple drill and double pin just wanted to help them save headaches for future production
  11. so the biggest dilemma here is it would make the detector about a foot tall and nowhere for the upper shaft to recess if mounted lower.. pulled my deus handle out to show you basically a handle on top of another handle as the control box and battery are built into the Nox handle
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