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  1. Agreed, i will just keep my nox… more interested in the deus 2 atthis point.
  2. If you are even thinking about the orx just get it, this little machine is a beast. Ive had it for about 3 months now and man it surprises me more and more. Its super fast, deeper then i thought it would be, the weight is almost not real. And to be honest im pulling targets that my equinox missed, im not gonna say 100 percent that my nox missed them perhaps i didnt get my coil over the target but, on a site i have that i take all of my machines to it is finding new targets.my equinox opened this site that i have pounded withother machines and now this little monster orx has opened it again..i really believe the orx is a sleeper..if its a machine you are on the fence about, get it..
  3. Ive been looking to get an xp MI-6 for my orx but try tellin my wife i need another pin pointer lol...
  4. Also what pin pointer are you guys using with yer orx? If im in coin deep and turn on my garret carrot and especially my pro find 35 the orx spazzes out, even in coin fast i get sum interference when i turn on either of the 2 pin pointers..im assuming the xp pin pointers do not have that effect on the orx?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a numbers to target vdi chart anywhere for the xp orx? I test mine with different targets but would like to see a chart confirming numbers.
  6. Light as a feather, lightening fast.ive had my orx for about 2 months now, i liked the price point and how easy it is to use with the deus dna..it really is an impressive machine, it does punch deep sometimes surprisingly deep..and finds the tiniest of targets, loves silver..did i mention its ridiculous light?
  7. Sorry steve wasnt sure where to post this.. i work for the town i live in and was driving down a side street and past a pile of junk in a front yard of a resident when something caught my eye.it looks like it may have never been used, battery compartment is perfect aswell...thought it was a cool find.
  8. I agree relicmeister, i am using the equinox and the orx and have to say its a deadly combo, couldnt be more pleased.
  9. Hello, i was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the xp phone app, i heard it would be out in 2019?
  10. Im looking to buy an orx but, ive noticed the price of them is all over the place, from 899 to 650 i know theres roughly 3 packages or so im looking for the package with the 9 inch hf coil and wireless headphones. Where are you orx owners buying from?
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