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  1. I love my deanos cover for my equinox, great product in my opinion
  2. Fskafish

    Pinpointing Inaccuracy Theory

    Iffy signal i agree i am extremely happy with the pinpointing on my equinox, ive actually been able to reduce the size of my plugs considerably.
  3. Fskafish

    Display Cases

    I was wondering if anyone would want to share pictures of there display cases, not so much shadow boxes but anyone with larger display cases. I love old and nice ones so thought it would be cool to see some...ive got one i pulled out of a general store that opened in the 1930s and been working on it for awhile getting it cleaned up, also have a smaller one that i literally seen in a junk pile on the side of the road that ive been working on replacing rotten wood and for sum reason they lined the inside with wallpaper so been cleaning that up to.. i found the smaller one and amazingly the old glass didnt even have a crack in it..
  4. Fskafish


    The hanger may be iron, and it has been broken on one of the contact points and flattened out.
  5. Fskafish


    No i dont believe is a locket as it is really got some weight to it, but possibly like u said industrial use, it is somewhat concave in shape though
  6. Got out with the equinox, got this old piece of brass i think. Does anyone know what this might be?
  7. I cannot tell the difference between the minelab wireless headphones and the miccus headphones, basically identical except for the minelab sticker and they are 59.99 Equinox 600 649.99 Anderson carbon fiber shaft 149.99 6 inch coil 179.00 Miccus wireless headphones 59.99 Im good 😁
  8. Fskafish

    Mike And Steve All Metal Mode Podcast

    Actually theres all metal mode, history seekers, relics radio, hardcore metal detecting, american digger, and above sight and sound.
  9. Congrats on the find, was it luck or was it equinox 800 mojo!!
  10. I have a tesoro vaquero and i was looking for everyones thoughts on what other tesoro would be complimentary to the vaquero for another tool in the tesoro tool box?
  11. Yea id like to see more videos and reviews on the multi kruzer also to be honest im on the fence between buying it or the equinox.with yes the equinox a little ahead in my decision but none the less very interested in the multi kruzer.
  12. Thank you calabash digger for all your comparisons and videos some of my favs, do you have an equinox vs multi kruzer comparison or do you plan on being able to do one?
  13. Gotta love the tesoro vaquero, it held its own in calabash diggers garden, man i love my vaquero!!
  14. Fskafish

    Depth On 600 And 800

    Also guys 8 est. this Thursday night on relics radio with diggin with seven, and heath jones from treasure mountain detectors will be talking about the equinox exclusively the show usually lasts an hour plus so should be a fun listen.