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  1. Salt of the earth, gerry and i have never met nor have we ever even spoke until today, he and i done some horse trading today and i have to tell everyone about gerry. We corresponded back and forth threw emails for a couple days, he called me today and we talked for about an hour and i have to tell everyone here that he is a wealth of knowledge, and we talked like weve known each other for years.. what a wonderful man and the knowledge he has in this wonderful world of metal detecting is amazing.. hes prolly forgotten more then i will ever know, guys if anyone here is looking to buy anything in this hobby call gerry in idaho. I can honestly say ive spoken to the man one time and i have a friend forever..his passion for all things detecting is contagious and i believe you will feel the same, im lucky to have met this fella even though it was just threw emails and a phone call im excited to talk with him again. I just wanted to let everyone here know about my experience with gerry from idaho. Sometimes someone will come into yer life even briefly that truly leaves a mark, a positive mark and gerry done that for me.. check him out guys if u havent.
  2. I bought a deanos when i ordered my equinox a year ago so to have it when the nox arrived and its done a great job protecting the screen, and still in great shape
  3. Same here, back up to my equinox, but im wanting a new toy so gonna let it go.
  4. I know it needs to be in the classifieds and maybe thats where i will put it, but thought id ask what a gently used tesoro vaquero in perfect working order would sell for?
  5. Wow chase and steve, that was some good reading fellas, doesnt really pertain to me but great info nontheless...and shows what good guysu all are to take the time to go so in depth. Thanks for that
  6. My carbon fiber equinox shaft from www.stevesdetectorrods.com was shipped on friday and was in my hands today(monday) and it really makes the equinox feel top notch, no wobble just really solid.Steve was great to buy from...
  7. Thats good news, thanks to nokta macro for working toward some of the best detectors on the market and listening to the users to improve every day. You guys are doing it right!
  8. Just talked to steve over the phone, asked some questions about the shafts, steve will take the time to tell u everything about his shafts customer service is above and beyond. Ordering my shaft today cant get here soon enough.
  9. Yea i cant find a new one near 799, i guess yer right maybe used or with the ws4, is what they mean.
  10. I keep hearing dont buy an orx u can get a deus for the same price, i cant find a deus for that price unless its with the ws4 controller. I know u czn get an orx for about 799, can u get a deus with out the ws4 puck for 799 to 899?
  11. Small probably pistol caliber, havent found one like this before, any ideas?
  12. Thanks for that info, i looked freeloader up and you are right his pouches seem like a quality product and the testimonials are all positive, and he will customize them exactly how you want it...thanks for that info afreakofnature...
  13. Thanks dave for the info, none on amazon or ebay, omega mill doesnt even list it, but i was told they still make them, crazy!
  14. So ive been about 2 months trying to find a coin elite pouch, i actually got in touch with the guy from digginitees who sales them and asked about them and he just said yea i sell em soon as i get them tryin to get more, again that was quite a while ago, does anyone know where a person can get one?
  15. Iffy signal i agree i am extremely happy with the pinpointing on my equinox, ive actually been able to reduce the size of my plugs considerably.
  16. I was wondering if anyone would want to share pictures of there display cases, not so much shadow boxes but anyone with larger display cases. I love old and nice ones so thought it would be cool to see some...ive got one i pulled out of a general store that opened in the 1930s and been working on it for awhile getting it cleaned up, also have a smaller one that i literally seen in a junk pile on the side of the road that ive been working on replacing rotten wood and for sum reason they lined the inside with wallpaper so been cleaning that up to.. i found the smaller one and amazingly the old glass didnt even have a crack in it..
  17. The hanger may be iron, and it has been broken on one of the contact points and flattened out.
  18. No i dont believe is a locket as it is really got some weight to it, but possibly like u said industrial use, it is somewhat concave in shape though
  19. Got out with the equinox, got this old piece of brass i think. Does anyone know what this might be?
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