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  1. Gotta love the tesoro vaquero, it held its own in calabash diggers garden, man i love my vaquero!!
  2. Also guys 8 est. this Thursday night on relics radio with diggin with seven, and heath jones from treasure mountain detectors will be talking about the equinox exclusively the show usually lasts an hour plus so should be a fun listen.
  3. Thank u guys tim as always, steve, i was just curious as an in general the type of depth users where getting depending on alot of different factors.also elf thanks.
  4. Hey guys sorry if this question is talked about in other posts but now that theres a good amount of you all using yer equinoxs id like some feed back on depth of the two machines, info that ive been reading is 50/50 its not a deep machine and it is a deep machine, doesnt make me alot of difference either wY but what are yer experiences so far?
  5. Ugggg i hate you, all i can think about was welp there goes my equinox, damn things are made of toxic plastic hahahaha
  6. Yea i thought so to, ive been holding off on getting one just trying to let preorders get filled and them be more available, i was thinking i would pull the trigger end of may or so, sure hope ive made the right move.surely i should be able to get one by then.
  7. I was reading a post on another forum ( yes i know another forum) but a guy said he called a small dealer yesterday who had recieved 2 800s so he bought 1 and the dealer told him his next allotment could be as late as septmember, does this even sound plausible?
  8. Welcome don, im fairly new here myself, very knowledgable people here you will always get questions answered and plenty of info from these guys.
  9. Great show steve hope you are back on with mike soon, cool to put a voice with the head hancho around here!! Listen to "Steve Hershbach" on Spreaker.
  10. Hey mike, right now if you had money in hand, nokta impact or equinox 800?
  11. Yea lots of stones in the ground, im finding those ceramic mason jar lids also.
  12. Yip i plan to hit it as much as i can before construction starts on it. In the picture does this look like an old cellar hole to you all? What i really need is a hunting buddy close to me, i dont know anyone who detects near me when i say near me i mean like within 20-30 minutes.i feel like i need a mentor close by lol....
  13. Went down to local park today, across the street the city is clearing off a wooded lot to build a dog park, the park is old so i knew this property is to, its tough to detect because of equipment rutts and roots, so i get back in it and started seeing tell tell signs of old house site, plants blooming in the middle of the woods, broken glass, its beside a creek aswell. Only had bout an hour but its def a old 1800s homesite found very old brick also. Also i found a spoon that just seems to be very old, and what looks like melted lead. Also there is a good size deppression in the ground that i wonder maybe a cellar. Very rocky under the dirt but im gonna hit this place as much as i can before the dog park is built, best part is i work for the city so i will be on the property doing some work from time to time.
  14. Cant wait i dont miss an episode, mike cracks me up hes so laid back and he just goes with the flow, this will be a great show
  15. Awesome, great write up and just keeps me really positive about the 600 which will be the machine i buy..
  16. An interesting interview on all metal modes podcast march 12 show...wow Listen to "George "TEX" Kinsey pt. 2" on Spreaker.
  17. No ive looked at it all evening trying to think of something, i thought maybe a lawnmower but i just think a mower would have done more damage, its like the date was purposely cut out of it.seems to be a pretty even and uniform cut considering.
  18. Good thing is im gonna wait a few months to get which ever i decide, so not to get mixed up in all the hoot a nanny
  19. So listsning to all of this talk about hey buy a 600 for the time being and sell it for the 800 later, or jjst buy a 600 and learn a bit about the nox until u can get the 800, just throws my plans into the mixer, ive been back and forth about which one to buy for 3 months. I hear over and over that the 600 will find anything the 800 will find so i was set on just going with the 600 but listsning to you guys makes it sound like the 600 is just a toy compared to the 800.... thanks for making me second guess my 600 decision yet again not mad just more confused again!! I mean now i feel inferior with the 600 and not the 800, should i?
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