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  1. Hey mike, right now if you had money in hand, nokta impact or equinox 800?
  2. Yea lots of stones in the ground, im finding those ceramic mason jar lids also.
  3. Yip i plan to hit it as much as i can before construction starts on it. In the picture does this look like an old cellar hole to you all? What i really need is a hunting buddy close to me, i dont know anyone who detects near me when i say near me i mean like within 20-30 minutes.i feel like i need a mentor close by lol....
  4. Went down to local park today, across the street the city is clearing off a wooded lot to build a dog park, the park is old so i knew this property is to, its tough to detect because of equipment rutts and roots, so i get back in it and started seeing tell tell signs of old house site, plants blooming in the middle of the woods, broken glass, its beside a creek aswell. Only had bout an hour but its def a old 1800s homesite found very old brick also. Also i found a spoon that just seems to be very old, and what looks like melted lead. Also there is a good size deppression in the ground that i wonder maybe a cellar. Very rocky under the dirt but im gonna hit this place as much as i can before the dog park is built, best part is i work for the city so i will be on the property doing some work from time to time.
  5. Cant wait i dont miss an episode, mike cracks me up hes so laid back and he just goes with the flow, this will be a great show
  6. Awesome, great write up and just keeps me really positive about the 600 which will be the machine i buy..
  7. An interesting interview on all metal modes podcast march 12 show...wow Listen to "George "TEX" Kinsey pt. 2" on Spreaker.
  8. No ive looked at it all evening trying to think of something, i thought maybe a lawnmower but i just think a mower would have done more damage, its like the date was purposely cut out of it.seems to be a pretty even and uniform cut considering.
  9. Good thing is im gonna wait a few months to get which ever i decide, so not to get mixed up in all the hoot a nanny
  10. So listsning to all of this talk about hey buy a 600 for the time being and sell it for the 800 later, or jjst buy a 600 and learn a bit about the nox until u can get the 800, just throws my plans into the mixer, ive been back and forth about which one to buy for 3 months. I hear over and over that the 600 will find anything the 800 will find so i was set on just going with the 600 but listsning to you guys makes it sound like the 600 is just a toy compared to the 800.... thanks for making me second guess my 600 decision yet again not mad just more confused again!! I mean now i feel inferior with the 600 and not the 800, should i?
  11. Yes steve i think you are 100 percent right, jjst weird to me if i owned tesoro and it was baby i just cant imagine sayin screw it will stay like we are and hope for the best..maybe will be open next year and maybe we wont...ive been holding out for the last couple years on buying a new detector in the hopes they would do something new. I guess the equinox just keeps looking better and better.
  12. Hmmm how about the rumors of tesoro closing the doors, any validity to that... i am a tesoro fan and i see all of these new detectors with new technology coming out and although its the simplicity of tesoro that first drew me in i just really hope everything is good with tesoro but it honestly seems to me they need to hit a homerun on some new stuff to stay relevant...something to get us fans excited.
  13. Thought id ask tesoro fans if theyve heard of any new just gotta have one tesoros that may be coming out soon?
  14. O for sure but for me 1000's in metal detectors and digging tools i have no problem dropping 100 bucks roughly for a pouch i will have the rest of my life.
  15. So i found a guy who makes custom metal detecting pouches, its called jolly roger leather works, his name is ken and he started making pouches just this january. He has really great pouches i have ordered one and have spoke to ken a few times now and talk about great service, unbelievable. I am not affiliated with him i just happened across the website and the day after i found him he happened to be on the beyond sight and sound podcast. I just wanted to put this out there if you are like me and just really want something nice and customizable and something to last a very long time you should really check him out. I am super excited about his pouches.
  16. The chevy colorado and gmc canyon with the 4 cylinder turbo diesel is a great choice, u can get 4wd and 4 doors they are compact and we use some at work and ive seen 40 plus miles to the gallon on them on long hwy drives, with tons of hauling and pulling power. Easy to drive if your not a fan of big trucks...much bigger on the inside with a 4 door model then u would think.
  17. Thanks steve, this was the post ive been waiting for, its the 600 for me, but i will wait until the dust settles....gerry out in idaho i will be calling soon.
  18. I have been literally driving myself crazy over which nox to buy, the truth is after reading this i really only need the 600, i do have a rookie question though now that im convinced that these detectors have the same engines so to speak, kind of like buying a mustang gt loaded or one with no power windows and door locks, but will run the quarter mile in the same time. Anyway back to my rookie question im assuming there will be updates to the nox's is there a possibility that the updates will continue to give the 800 more distance from the 600 in what it can do or will the updates likely be basically the same?
  19. Thanks gerry that is what i want to hear, i guess what i really should have asked is who is some good dealers that i can buy from with knowledge and great post purchase service?
  20. Mike i love your show, i listen everyday catching up on all the previous shows, i go to work pop my ear buds in and listen all day long. Thanks for doing this its great for guys like me that really dont have any clubs close to me so to get info on everything metal detecting is great.
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