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  1. Steve, thanks for the tips. Alexandre said even mute mode may be effective in some of these black sand layers. With the Equinox, all I get is the overload symbol.
  2. This is the type of beach hunting where I see that the AQ will shine. Here’s hoping I get to test it this summer.
  3. Kudos to Rick for being Fisher's torchbearer on the AQ. I can't imagine the grief and torment he has been through these past few years of product development. I beach hunt five days a week and can not tell you how many times I have dreamed of this machine when I run across the black sands - a little more depth, better discrimination and a bit more gold. Rick has kept my passion alive waiting for the Impulse. Thanks, Rick. Steve, I am so glad you are getting one of the first units available for sale. I look forward to your commentary on the unit and hope it brings joy to your summer hunting experience. Hopefully one will be available soon for this old sand fisherman!
  4. As I do 90 percent of my hunting at the beach, I'm all in. After following this topic for almost 2 years, I've seen enough to know it will be better than what I'm using now. Bring on the gold!
  5. Just got a couple pics of a Franklin half dollar recovered yesterday by my buddy after 60 years of sunbathing on the beach. He also found 2 silver Rosies. Hunting in pinpoint mode.
  6. Johnny, were side by side in a patch of black sand and he was pulling silver coins and buffalo nickels. I was wanting to move on when he showed me what he was doing. At first, all I got was an earful of noise and thought I would try it again by myself. Took some getting used to, but now I have another tool to try when the hunting is tough.
  7. Went back out yesterday for more comparisons. Again in heavy black sands (sometimes overload indicator came on), Beach 1 and 2 not very effective. Pinpoint did find a clad dime. Dropped down to wet slope and waterline. Used Beach 1, GB=0, F2=0, 5 tones, but increased recovery from 4 to 6. Found a silver cross, copper ring and a few bits of lobster traps (still dig all targets til I get used to new settings). Even in ankle deep water, Beach 1 very stable with sensitivity at 21-23. Thanks to all who helped me walk through my questions. Now I need to try Jeff's suggestions and see what treasures lie beneath the desert sands.
  8. Sinclair, after doing the comparisons, I was hunting in Beach 1. Gold and Silver found in Beach mode. Re: the ratcheting - hunting in PP, the 800 is sporadic at best, it fades in and out. I just lift the coil in the air when it gets wonky and it seems to settle down.
  9. Well, did some more experimenting. Beach 1 in concentrated black sand is a no. Pinpoint does seem to pack more punch there. Beach 1, GB 0, F2 0, Recovery 4 may have a whisper of an advantage on wet, salt beach (not in the water). But beach 1 is far easier on the ears. Chase, thanks for your comments, they paid off in spades today. Gold ring 14k, 10.5 grams, silver earring, silver ring with stones (needs cleaned), silver links.
  10. Jeff, Thanks for the info. Although the noise can be irritating after awhile, it seemed to help identify additional targets in a salt beach "patch" I was working. Wasn't too sure about gain/loss of depth. Going back this afternoon and give it another shot. Had not thought to use it while gold prospecting.
  11. Will give Beach 1 (same settings) a go today and let you know. Thanks for the tip.
  12. San Diego area beach, high tide line, just after tide going out. Hunted with pinpoint mode, then checked with Beach 2. Depth 8-10" (2 scoops). GB setting 0.
  13. Recently I was beach hunting with a friend (EQX 600) who detected almost exclusively in pinpoint mode and did very well. After watching him pull several silver coins out of the black sand and cobble, I asked him to let me try to hit his next target. Sure enough, my 800, beach 2, recovery 4, F2=0, full horseshoe, did not hit a silver dime. A few days later, I spent 3 hours trying his method. Using the same settings, beach 2 hit about 90% of the targets. The targets it missed were silver dime, wheat penny and copper bracelet. Does anyone know what frequency is used in pinpoint or what is different than regular modes? I tried targets in all metal with no success. Thanks
  14. Rick, I'm in Carlsbad and can offer free room and board for your beach testing - of course I will dig those 18" holes for you! Have some black sand layers to check out here>
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