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  1. KOB, I think these southern beaches are completely void of metal. Better save your gas money and hunt closer to home 😀
  2. Thanks, Joe. It’s so nice having your new 11 hour battery. Two trips out (2 and 4 hours) and still going strong. Gonna try to run it all the way down today.
  3. Got a couple gold rings this week. One small 10k, .8 grams in black sand 1 scoop down using volcanic mode. Ring was broken on one side and I finished the break while cleaning. The other 14k, 5.6 grams in beach cobble about 8” down using all metal.
  4. CPT Your observations make a lot of sense. An insert into the lead could be used and replaced time and time again with only a little squeeze on the tip. Am trying to locate a local archaeologist to provide a little input on possible usage, but I like your suppositions. Thanks
  5. GB No offense taken at all. Not certain of material. Looking through jewelers loop, slightly porous, some hairline fractures near tip. Feels heavy and dense. I did write on piece of white paper with legible results. Tip looks like lead bullet with 2 grooves.
  6. VL Attached is photo of front and back. No notch on rear end. Small horizontal cut on lead tip.
  7. The hunters on this site have found about everything-hoping one of them can share their knowledge.
  8. Found this in waterline today with AQ. Bone or ivory with lead tip. Really stumped 🤔 Any help greatly appreciated
  9. I use the wireless Bluetooth 97% of time. I use wired waterproof headphones in the rain.
  10. Joe, hope all is well on the eastern front. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  11. I don’t know much about opals. It has lots of orange flecks of color inside of stone. Flecks don’t appear to be in any order, just random.
  12. 10k, 2.5 grams, mute mode. Couple junkers and a cross. Sand moving out a bit.
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