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  1. Joe, hope all is well on the eastern front. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  2. I don’t know much about opals. It has lots of orange flecks of color inside of stone. Flecks don’t appear to be in any order, just random.
  3. 10k, 2.5 grams, mute mode. Couple junkers and a cross. Sand moving out a bit.
  4. Another reason i don’t post is because a lot of hunts look like this.
  5. Had posted these earlier on Facebook AQ page. Junk bracelet, gold plated silver cross, 14k gold ring, tungsten ring, 25.2 gram platinum ring, silver bracelet, smashed silver ring, copper ring. All found in 50 foot area in about 2 hours. Beach has since become sanded in. Hunting in all metal.
  6. Thanks Steve. I know you had at one time mentioned you might give it a go in the nugget fields and was wondering if you had a chance to try it out. Will be taking the Nox 800 and Gold Bug II. If I get a promising target, I’ll run back to the car and see what happens. SDC 2300 on my mind......
  7. Got a desert trip planned in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone (Steve especially) has had a chance to test out the AQ for nuggets? I got mine at the end of September and it has already paid for itself in beach finds, including my first platinum ring ever, a 25.2 gram monster. I know it's not designed for prospecting, but was thinking about taking along it to play around. I did air test a 2.0 gram gold/quartz nugget with Pulse Delay of 7, max sensitivity and minimum ATS and it was a solid hit at 5" and broke the threshold at 7". For each 1/2 increase of Pulse Delay, I lost a
  8. Steve, thanks for the tips. Alexandre said even mute mode may be effective in some of these black sand layers. With the Equinox, all I get is the overload symbol.
  9. This is the type of beach hunting where I see that the AQ will shine. Here’s hoping I get to test it this summer.
  10. Kudos to Rick for being Fisher's torchbearer on the AQ. I can't imagine the grief and torment he has been through these past few years of product development. I beach hunt five days a week and can not tell you how many times I have dreamed of this machine when I run across the black sands - a little more depth, better discrimination and a bit more gold. Rick has kept my passion alive waiting for the Impulse. Thanks, Rick. Steve, I am so glad you are getting one of the first units available for sale. I look forward to your commentary on the unit and hope it brings joy to your summer h
  11. As I do 90 percent of my hunting at the beach, I'm all in. After following this topic for almost 2 years, I've seen enough to know it will be better than what I'm using now. Bring on the gold!
  12. Just got a couple pics of a Franklin half dollar recovered yesterday by my buddy after 60 years of sunbathing on the beach. He also found 2 silver Rosies. Hunting in pinpoint mode.
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