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  1. Vanquish now on pre-order @ kellyco. Specs listed for each model https://www.kellycodetectors.com/catalog/pre-order-minelab-vanquish-series-metal-detectors?utm_source=Kellyco+Metal+Detectors+Newsletter&utm_campaign=cc41c5716a-Minelab_Vanquish_Preorder_Announcement&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e6ea2c8771-cc41c5716a-91045201
  2. Phrunt, Only had the 15" since Christmas, so about 20 hours on the beach. Like you, I was at first disappointed with sensitivity to coil knock, target ID/scratchy signals. I lowered recovery to 4 in the wet and am now a happy camper. In the dry, I run recovery 5 and am amazed how quiet it is and also the machine's ability to sniff out small targets. Also have spent some time using Field 2, recovery 5 in the dry with pretty good results. Usual settings are Beach 1, sensitivity 22-23, Beach 2, 22-23. For me, targets ID's do vary from the stock coil, especially our despicable zincoln pennies which can register from 12 to 24. I have dug some US clad quarters that registered -6 on ID at first pass. After the first scoop of sand is removed, the signal is more in line with what I am used to seeing. That could be because the target is deeper. With that, I am pretty much digging every repeatable solid signal, even if it falls in the iron range. I definitely need more time with this coil. Sweep speed is slower, but covers as much ground as normal speed with the stock coil. Beaches here are pretty sanded in so targets are few. Got some storms coming in and hopefully they will strip off some of the overburden. Will keep you posted.
  3. Santa put one under the tree, but Mrs. Claus says she will break my fingers if I try to use it before Xmas! Good luck BH and post some pictures.
  4. Thanks DC. It's always beneficial to get additional information from other detectorists. Depending on how I feel, I run N to S and E to W at various times. Never thought about alternating between Beach 1 and Beach 2 when changing direction. Also your comments on IB and threshold have sent me back to drawing board. To be honest, I never considered (or even looked at) the IB and threshold settings. I'm just now beginning to realize how many different tools are available on the 800. Back to the classroom for my next quiz. Thanks again.
  5. Went back out sand fishing today. Ran Beach 2, Sens 22, Recovery 4 and hooked a BIG ONE! 23.6 Grams, 14K, ID a solid 24. Thought it was a quarter. Liking this new setting. Thanks to everyone.
  6. Got out today for a couple hours running Beach 1, Sens 18-20, recovery 4, All Metal. At first, the 800 was much chirpier, but calmed down a bit when I reduced swing rate. I think I learned a lesson in coil control. Managed to find my first cell phone (toasted) at 13 inches, a small piece of a silver bracelet, a 1 oz fishing weight and $1.85. Deepest coin was a nickel at about 9 inches. I will definitely try these settings again. Thanks for all your helpful comments.
  7. Gentlemen, thanks for your responses. Looking back, the 800 has been so good at finding targets, I thing subconsciously, I began to cherry pick. I typically work the water line to the towel line with occasional wading when the waves allow. CG, you are correct in that the beaches are sanded in, but we had a storm with good wave action this week that may have opened up some new opportunities. I will try your suggestions this weekend and let you know how I did. Keep swingin' ?
  8. I have had good success with the 800 using factory settings. Lately, the beach targets have slowed down significantly due to fewer tourists and more detectorists. Will a slower recovery speed give more depth and increase targets? Let me add I use beach 1, all metal, sensitivity around 22.
  9. I just received the 800 and noticed two bubbles on the screen. Took it out anyway yesterday for the first time and found a 14K, diamond and ruby ring at a hammered Southern California beach even though I didn't know a thing about the machine. Love the beach 1 mode. Will using a hair dryer on the display invalidate the warranty? Thanks for all your helpful comments.
  10. undersc0re, It was a wrestling match the whole time. Take it to a pond or fill up your bathtub and try it! Happy Hunting!
  11. Thanks Steve. The beaches here are hit pretty hard and I need to expand my range. As always, your advice is the best I've found anywhere. Happy Easter and Happy Hunting.
  12. I have the ATX with new DD enclosed coil. It's a killer on dry sand, wet sand, shoreline. But when I get into water more than a foot deep, it wants to float. Question - which would be better water coil for Southern California beaches - 8" mono coil or 12 x 10 open DD coil? Thanks
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