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  1. Got some nice cuts but black sand is deep. Buddy hunting with Nox could only use pinpoint to hunt. Still a lot of chatter even with PI. Slowww going. I hear some beaches were stripped down to pay layers, but haven't run across one yet. Moving southward looking for the glory hole!
  2. Hit my SoCal beach yesterday and found a good 8-9 inches of black sand below the storm cut. AQ to the rescue using volcanic mode, sensitivity 3, ATS 4, reject 7. Found a cute little 2.2 gram 14k white gold keeper at about 3-4 inches. 11 on pulse delay. Heading back out today to look for her big sister.
  3. Looks like November 19th! https://www.noktadetectors.com/smf-live-launch/?
  4. KOB, I think these southern beaches are completely void of metal. Better save your gas money and hunt closer to home πŸ˜€
  5. Thanks, Joe. It’s so nice having your new 11 hour battery. Two trips out (2 and 4 hours) and still going strong. Gonna try to run it all the way down today.
  6. Got a couple gold rings this week. One small 10k, .8 grams in black sand 1 scoop down using volcanic mode. Ring was broken on one side and I finished the break while cleaning. The other 14k, 5.6 grams in beach cobble about 8” down using all metal.
  7. CPT Your observations make a lot of sense. An insert into the lead could be used and replaced time and time again with only a little squeeze on the tip. Am trying to locate a local archaeologist to provide a little input on possible usage, but I like your suppositions. Thanks
  8. GB No offense taken at all. Not certain of material. Looking through jewelers loop, slightly porous, some hairline fractures near tip. Feels heavy and dense. I did write on piece of white paper with legible results. Tip looks like lead bullet with 2 grooves.
  9. VL Attached is photo of front and back. No notch on rear end. Small horizontal cut on lead tip.
  10. The hunters on this site have found about everything-hoping one of them can share their knowledge.
  11. Found this in waterline today with AQ. Bone or ivory with lead tip. Really stumped πŸ€” Any help greatly appreciated
  12. I use the wireless Bluetooth 97% of time. I use wired waterproof headphones in the rain.
  13. Joe, hope all is well on the eastern front. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
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