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  1. Glad I sold my earlier edition for a nice mark-up a while back. Now I can afford the new one! Lol
  2. Rick Kempf

    Some Manta Tidbits

    Cal is correct. LeJag has used a wide variety of beach detectors including Eric Foster’s machines, Minelab PI gold detectors. He has been part of the Manta Project all along.
  3. Rick Kempf

    This Coil Is Now Battle Ready!

    I Love sho-goo. the stuff comes in black and clear. It’s a synthetic rubber which hardens to make a solid bond with just about anything. I use it to mount receiver sights and scope mounts on old guns which were not drilled and tapped or did not have dovetails. Absolutely rock solid when cured. Excess/squeeze out easily cleaned up with a scalpel or razor blade. When you want to remove it just hit it with your heat gun and it goes soft at somewhere over 250F - you just peel it away.
  4. In spite of having no particular interest in the link which someone posted on another forum to Minelab’s announcement of establishing a repair facility in France, I looked at it anyway. Buried three paragraphs down in this announcement from Minelab about a new repair facility in France was a “gold nugget” which I thought might be of general interest. I have posted the link as well if anyone is interested. I expect that the statement will apply generally - not just for French customers - and it’s very good news in that case.”We have recently received several queries about after warranty support for the Equinox detector and will publish information about how this will be handled. We would like to reassure French Equinox users that fixed cost and affordable repairs will be available for Equinox outside of the warranty period as well as items such as lithium ion battery replacement.” [www.minelab.com]
  5. Rick Kempf

    Equinox Fulfilling My Expectations

    Curious about the zinc pennies - were there none present or did you avoid digging them somehow?
  6. It is clear that the money in the detector business these days is in the African goldfields and under the Christmas tree. Other than nugget detectors, the real money is in the low end. Companies spend a lot of engineering and marketing brainpower to keep their low-end detector lines healthy. Minelab spent a pile of cash - millions of US $ probably - to develop and market the GoFind series for the mass market retailers. This is millions for a machine which most of us have no need for. We (North American committed and informed detector users) are not the market that makes the difference between profit and loss for either Minelab or FT. Minelab has clearly hit a home run with the Equinox, but I would argue that the most important source of Nox customers was found in the existing base of Minelab customers. These folks have been waiting for Minelab to do exactly what Fisher has not done yet - bring out a lightweight, waterproof multifreaker with a fact processor - all at a radically high level of value for money. You are right about the Nox 600 being the target for any company bring out a new top detector. The “open field” in the hobbiest market is the <$500 range. New, modern machines costing between $250 and $500 will make their producers tons of cash. Detectors you can buy as a gift for a relative - detectors you can buy even if you aren’t sure detecting is for you. If you could also make a machine in this price range which did most of what ordinary users want, including water - even salt water - then you would have something. We will see what develops.
  7. Heck Cal - always enjoy reading your stuff and look forward to more - but... you have diagnosed a leadership problem? I wonder what data you have to support that conclusion? Problem? Yes indeed. Several years go by and projects which were expected to reach market in a year or two are still not out there. What about the fact that doing something truly new in the small world of hobby and prospecting metal detecting is hard up against a tight corner in the hard world of physic - getting more target intelligence out of the ground is hard. Add to that fact that the companies nvolved are TINY on the scale of industrial and tech companies. Limited development budgets, the need to continue to develop and refine products for the whole range of the metal detector market world-wide, the fact that there are probably not more than a dozen top-flight metal detector designers in the whole world. You think some of these thing might be the problem - maybe - instead of “leadership”? If Nokta/Makro are receiving Turkish government financal support, do you think that that helps them continue to crank our new models of VLF detectors at a rate just a bit less than the cyclical rate of a German MG-42 machine gun?. Heck no, it’s no doubt due to having a capable and focused engineering group - unencumbered by the need to support dozens of existing models of hobby and industrial detectors. But even at their rapid pace, the “whirling dervishes” (no disrespect intended) of Istanbul haven’t yet managed to bring out a simultaneous multifrequency machine, something which Minelab and Fisher managed more than two decades ago and which ML has continued to further develop culminating in their latest “Wunderwaffen”. It takes Apple with mega billions of net worth and tens of thousands of engineers about 5 years to bring a product from concept to market. Give our favorite companies a break - without them we would be playing golf (oh lord, wash my mouth out with soap)!
  8. Rick Kempf

    Fisher CZX

    If that project sees the light of day, it may be very different than the “roadmap” laid out in this leaked briefing slide from several years ago. As far a “pulling the Equinox off the ladder”, by the time a new top-end machine from FT emerges, Equinox’s actual “place on the ladder” will be well established and what it is good at and not so good at well established. more competition, more choice , more fun!
  9. Rick Kempf

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Beach erosion and storm damage has led to a lot of “beach replenishment”. Older stuff is either washed away or buried. Another storm and perhaps there’s a new chance. Still, it’s clear that our old standby, the gold wedding ring is becoming much less the norm. One possibility is that dedicated gold hunters will get a better PI tool and be able to access older stuff out of reach of current equipment. The bad news is that if that happens, the key word will be dedicated. Even if usable iron ID is added, lots of deep holes to dig and lots of research and scheduling to get on the right beach at the right tide and perhaps after the right surf conditions.
  10. I suspect that you ask too much - but the answer is likely “all of the above”. As Steve wrote years ago “I don’t think even First Texas knows how many different detector models they make”.
  11. Rick Kempf

    All Metal Interview With Dilek Gönülay

    Just checked and my podcast app already has this loaded - I will listen soon. I want to take a minute to plug my favorite podcast app - Overcast. It’s IOS only, but if that is where you are, it’s clearly the best. My favorite feature is an intelligent “trimming” option - the app trims dead space between words, sentences, etc so that you listen about 25% (my estimate) faster without feeling like it is actually speeded up. It’s a free app with no “in app purchase” garbage attached.
  12. So Sheldon, what gives?. Is the whole detector in the coil like the Deus and the phone just the user interface? If so is the App ready and free to download?
  13. Rick Kempf

    Air Metal Detectors

    The phone replaces the user interface. the detector is in the coil, just like the Deus. I think a cell phone would make a lousy interface for metal detecting. Dirty or wet hands, gloves, hard to see in full sunshine, thermal overload if exposed to full sun for hours in hot climate, flaky Bluetooth mating, the lis could be extended. Unless all the signal processing is done in the phone, it seems a poor trade-off.
  14. I worked for a Norwegian oil company for several years and a Swedish Construction company for several more. In Scandinavia, the employer’s right to claim the patent rights of inventions by their employees is guaranteed (like here) but the employee inventors are guaranteed compensation for the benefits which the employers derive form the invention (unlike here).
  15. Rick Kempf

    Podcast - George Kinsey & Makro Gold Kruzer

    A podcast app will do that for you. The one I use is for iOS devices and is called Overcast - it’s free.