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  1. The folks who did the software for the V3i left Whites quite a while ago.
  2. Note: I am posting this because of its impact on Fisher production - not my political views or those of anyone else Order issued today by the County Judge in El Paso. Likely to affect AQ deliveries. Public safety takes priority. NOW THEREFORE, TO REDUCE THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 THROUGHOUT EL PASO COUNTY AND TO REDUCE THE INFECTION RATE OF THE PEOPLE CONSIDERED AT RISK THAT WILL REQUIRE HOSPITILIZATION AND TO LIMIT DEATH FROM COMPLICATIONS OF COVID-19, I, COUNTY JUDGE FOR EL PASO COUNTY, TEXAS PURSUANT TO THE AUTHORITY VESTED BY TEXAS GOVERNMENT CODE CHAPTER 418, HEREBY FIN
  3. Old Norwegian expression...”Sooner or later even a blind cat stumbles across a dead rat”. Not criticizing the poster of the video, but the capabilities of the AQ extend so far beyond stumbling across a great big hunk of gold in easy conditions. The AQ is no blind cat - what we are hunting are way less obvious than dead rats!!! Again, no criticism of the poster. He is a serious and experienced operator and will now doubt learn over time what the AQ is really capable of.
  4. Gary - looks like a lot of us have patience and sympathy for your initial progress. Keep on and if you are not a happy - give me “first refusal” on the resale - I hav nearly 50 folks waiting. Good luck and keep working on it.
  5. Thanks for your frank and thoughtful report. A nice blend of expectations vs. experience. Actually getting this kind of data was the assignment Fisher gave me - a sort of “Public Beta” - with the difference that you have to buy your “ticket”. I’m pretty sure that on this forum anyway, the fact that this thing was designed narrowly to find gold jewelry at the beach was clearly explained. If your beaches hold no gold, then a VLF IB machine is the tool you need for coin recovery and whatever else you might come across. For example. my own air tests showed better depth on a man’s gold we
  6. Yes, Joe has the only one “in the wild”. It may or may not be identical to the production version, but I suspect it’s buoyancy will be the same. P.S. Thanks for the well wishes. It was a minor but uncomfortable procedure and as of today - I am pretty much back to normal.
  7. Well, here I sit - recovering from some minor surgery - the sitting part made more difficult - no more details available.... Today I had Fisher ship the 25th AQ LTD. If I had any idea why it is so infernally slow of them to ship the darned things, I probably couldn’t share the details....but the fact that they give me no useful information about such things means that I am spared the decision on what to disclose. Mostly folks who have them are learning what they are good for and the consensus is - I think - that like any other detector - they are not good for EVERYTHING. Happily, the
  8. Really faint targets just give a sort of repeatable “pause”, “drop out”, or “breath” in the threshold.
  9. Maybe the AQ should be known as “My Uncle Harold” - half seriously - (cross threading here - my story about my uncle in the cold winter of ‘43 in the North Atlantic - with only his ears between his ship and those who would destroy it). Primitive sonar in the early 1940’s was used by its most able operators to defeat a threat. OK, enough of the WWII drama - but seriously - a tool has capabilities and an adept user will exploit those to return amazing results. Having said that - no tool is perfect - guaranteeing amazing returns to the least trained or adept operator. That’s life.
  10. The iron ID in multitone and mute mode is highly dependent on settings of ATS and degree of discrimination selected. It struggles with rusty bottle caps and rusty Bobby pins. With the increadibly reactive audio, linear iron - like nails etc. are even readily ID’d even in all metal. Of course that long nail with it’s double response might just be a gold chain! With a VLF discriminator, the same nail would ID as iron - but might be masking a gold ring! That situation would not happen with the AQ - you would hear both of the targets. No perfect detector exists
  11. Exactly described the key principle of the “jobs to be done” theory. Define the task, with full consideration of the desired outcomes, the limiting factors such as (in this case) bottom conditions, probable ratio of desirable to undesirable targets - then choose the correct tool for each phase of the “job to be done”. Even Homo Erectus had figured out how to hit a rock just right with another rock to produce the edge or point needed to kill or skin the prey!
  12. The whole thing was very strange. Loads of Non Disclosure Agreements with would be testers. One wonders if money changed hands? In any event, respects for the man who is now gone.
  13. I’ll give you this Reg - you are persistent. Several folks have explained how the SDC met their needs well - did the “job to be done”. Your criticism seems to be mostly based on MInelab’s failure to design exactly the machine you want for the job you have “to be done”. That leads me to wonder what job you think everybody should be doing so that the detector (which apparently doesn’t exist) would meet the multitude of needs that gold seekers - most of them far away from your own Australia - would be met PERFECTLY by a detector which Minelab is not making. I have been often
  14. Russ is not in Marketing per se, he is responsible for Social Media - an area they badly need him for and where he will do them a lot of good. Russ works remotely, he is not in El Paso and may not have been there yet - since he came back to FTP FTP has notoriously poor internal communications A number of the details he related about the AQ are unlikely to be correct. Here is my view based on what I have heard along the way. I am not infallible on this. Hardwired coil. No. Various size coils - yes Wireless headphones - unlikely 14” coil extremely unlikely Gulf
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