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  1. Nice clean example of this uncommon nugget machine. Predecessor to the Lobo - uses the same 4 pin male 20 kHz coils as the original Lobo - no other Tesoro coils will work. Works fine and besides the standard 10” DD coil, there is a pristine 6” concentric elliptical coil $300 shipped
  2. I have sold approximately 25 units to date. FTP sold at least a couple to established customers. Thanks Steve for your excellent summary of where things seem to stand.
  3. Here’s a story I’m keen to tell - I put it here. Because I couldn’t figure out anywhere else to put it ...my bad... Ok, this whole fireplace thing has apparently become a thing on our neighborhood FB page. I put this there as my last word a bit ago, but why should the rest of you lot escape the last words I have on the subject of use of the fireplace in my home...? It was a long time ago. In the winter (camping season in Arabia) there was usually a strong inversion overnight. The cooler ground would cool the low air and the warm upper air would form a blanket over all. E
  4. I have no information on FTP plans for release.
  5. The dead desert wood that I collect is what I call “caveman” wood. I can break it up over the sharp upturned edge of a large stone in my back yard.
  6. Having fun with this machine. I have never had one of these and I am amazed at how good it is from a performance point of view and how terrible it is ergonomically. So far I have Read about a hundred old posts on these things covering about anything worth knowing about them sourced new nicads to use with the original onboard charger found (but not received yet) an adapter to use coils for modern Teknetics “Frat Boys” coils with it - in my case an Ultimate 13 and a Tek 11” DD Got a lovely modern chest harness for camera bags which fits it great Have a call in to Ke
  7. Tim and Mike were terminated several months ago as part of a reorganization of the Marketing function at First Texas. It wasn’t part of any larger reduction in force and as far as I know - no other department was affected. I do not know what sort of Marketing arrangements will result.
  8. There is a well documented mod to use 2 ea 9v on the “6 x AA” side and one 9v plus 2 AA’s on the “8 x AA” side. Lithium’s might also be a good move, but I am not qualified to deal with that - but come to think of it, I know who is....and he is on this forum (although elsewhere).
  9. The GB pot is a bit wonky so I may have to do something about that. Sven sent me info on all the mods, so - we’ll see. I need to get it in the field first and see how it does. Ans yes, I assume the pic Sven sent me was a self-port rate.
  10. The most common is Palo Verde. The hottest is Mesquite. My personal favorite is Desert Ironwood. Way too tough to be any fun cutting, but it lasts nearly forever after it dies and the desert is full of dead ironwood trees from decades or longer ago. The really aged ones are slowly termite ridden and gathered can be broken over a sharp edge of a desert stone. Caveman wood. Lights like cardboard and burns quick and hot. Never a spark and no smoke if you manage it. Or course you need wheelbarrow loads of it a day because it’s all eaten up by the termites, but lord - what a beautiful and easy
  11. Enjoying a fire in our fireplace. Thanks to the sun. The dead desert wood we burn is lovely fuel - sparkless, smokeless - if you know how to tend it - and to us - free, as long as I am willing to gather it from the surrounding desert (especially under power lines, where the utilities cut down all the trees which might grow tall enough to touch the lines). As I sit here on Boxing Day evening, enjoying the glow, I am thinking of what is really happening. The sun burns about 5 million tons of hydrogen fuel per second...that makes our planet alive. That is what produced the desert w
  12. This is a prime example of why GOOD forums continue to exist.... Help wanted...help freely given.... No BS, nothing except the shared interest and joy in the shared endeavor ... How does this continue to happen? Housekeeping. Somebody is keeping a tidy house. No rubbish is allowed to accumulate and fester. Thank you Steve H.
  13. A local Craigslist ad had this for $100. I contacted the seller and after some conversation he indicated that in fact he had no idea if it worked or not - it was him moms - had been sitting for decades. He lived 50 miles from me and I an wary of driving much in this pandemic. I asked about the batteries and he looked - they were a mess he said. He said that he would probably trash it and I asked if he had any reason to drive my direction anytime soon. We agreed on a spot halfway and I offered $25 “sight unseen”. The original recargable nicads were in there - a mess. The battery clips (a k
  14. Sorry. They are open, but Felix is on vacation. If you want an RMA to return it let me know and I will get someone to send you on. I am raising the whole issue directly with Tom Walsh - the boss. This needs attention.
  15. The number of failures in the field have been a disappointment. My theory (I have no inside info on how Fisher accounts for it) is that almost everything about this design is totally new to Fisher. That includes the components and the production process. They don’t have the long “learning curve” which they have with their other products behind them to find all the critical points in the device. Having trotted out my theory, I can add a fact that I know. They are treating every failure as an “escape” in their Quality System. Quality Management is well aware of each of the failures and they
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