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  1. We shall see. It is hard to see how there is room “under” the Nox 600 for a simultaneous multifrequency detector. All that X-Terra technology waiting for a new mechanical design and a software/hardware “tweak” to let the same coils run at both available frequencies (unlike the X-Terra - and it’s hopeless ‘buy a coil of each size for each frequency” mess). If I am right in my guess, then you are right as well - Minelab will have some fast explaining to do as to why anyone would want anything “obsolete” like a “singlefreaker”
  2. Any citation for the information about multifrequency?
  3. The Nox is essentially non-repairable apparently, there is no nondestructive way to open the control box. Any fault in the control box and you get a new one back. Makes for quick service turn-arounds. expect to see more of this in future machines from other makers - service is a money losing proposition, much faster just to replace.
  4. There is a glimmer of hope. A fellow who not so long ago advertised mods on Tesoros has relocated and although he isn’t set up yet he expects to be able to offer mods and perhaps repairs in the not too distant future, I believe he has schematics for at least some of the machines. He isn’t ready to go public yet, but at least it is a glimmer of hope. I have been in contact with him but he has asked for no further disclosure till he is in a position to do something useful.
  5. I think it might have something to do with that case a few years back in the Superior Court in Sanaa in Yemen. Two Yemeni brothers brought suit against NASA seeking to enjoin them from releasing technical data from the Mars Lander program. Their claim to the data was based on their ownership of the planet Mars. In court they produced a 600 - 700 year old deed to the planet and evidence supporting their status as the rightful heirs. It may be, of course, that this has nothing to do with your issue with your permit - after all, the suit was dismissed! Wallahi Inshallah! (“I swear that this is a true story - god willing” - these words are usually added at the end of a yarn by any pious speaker of Arabic, whether they are Muslim, Christian or Druze). If you ask how I know this stuff - check my profile pic - bad day in big sand - Empty Quarter - Saudi Arabia - a long time ago - it was a new ‘92 Suburban 3/4 ton capacity 4X4 with the 454 Cubic Inch “Big Block” engine. Funny about that - the 1/2 ton Suburbans and Pickups had a logo on the trim low one the side which read - “1500”, the 3/4’s had “2500”. Well, things are often different - one side of the Atlantic to the other, and we had a lot of Brits on the contract. One of them came up to me one day and asked (innocently) - “do you find that 2.5 liters is enough displacement for that size vehicle?” I smiled sweetly - “no, that would never do, of course - happily it has an iron block V-8 - 454 cubic inches - 7.4 liters displacement”. It was magnificent - as our pal, the Italian Cultural Attaché, Alessandro D’Maigret remarked when he first saw it “ Che Bella machina” ’Wallahi Inshallah”
  6. Welcome, lots of us “double dippers” from Dankowski over here.
  7. It’s grams and maybe he should use GM to help us understand correctly. ”Grains” are wonderfully complex and confusing, like most of the traditional English units of measurement - which the British, Canadians, Australians (and the rest of the world) gave up some time ago. If you want a fun read, try this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grain_(unit)
  8. Pecan grove? You might look for these while you are digging. https://www.farmprogress.com/orchard-crops/pecan-truffles-sell-300-pound-if-you-can-find-them
  9. Remember my carefully reasoned prediction of a new tech singlefreaker as the new ML machine? Well, here’s a snipped from Codan’s Investor presentation from March... ”Expanding multi-frequency technology across product range“ Maybe multifreaker after all. How’s that for hedging my bets!!
  10. I’m not absolutely sure, but I can’t think of a single case where a still operating US metal detector company has been acquired by another - with one exception - Fisher by First Texas (their acquisition of Teknetics and Bounty Hunter were - I think - just assets of companies no longer actively in business). In any event, the production facilities - located in Oregon - probably aren’t worth much to a competitor. The current engineering staff is, I suspect not attractive for an “aquihire” - where you buy the company to get the technology and the folks who developed it. Their patent portfolio is large, but only a couple of them are likely of real value as a basis for future products, and even there, it’s not the shortage of good ideas that make us wish for better detectors, its the limits imposed by the realities of running a small business - and all of the manufacturers are small businesses. The realities of limited staff and capital capacity. Even Minelab who boast of the largest technical staff - 30 or so engineers and scientists working on detectors are dwarfed by the resources of large firms. So, it’s probably “root hog or die”. the company will have to make something new out of what they have. Reduced distribution, limited budgets and dim current outlook. We all wish them luck. I have owned many of their detectors and currently have an IDX Pro and an XL Pro and am likely to hold on to them. The XL Pro recently got back from Whites with a couple of new pots and a whole new top deck and meter - beautiful - charge for all that $140!
  11. If you “Dew” think he’s a pain on Dankowski - have a look at the Beach sub forum at Friendly. Rough bunch over there - I got beat up regularly until I was finally declared to be sufficiently trained! Anyway as LE.JAG just said and as others have pointed out, it’s all just talk till experienced and credible operators have used the AQ and report their findings (and hopefully finds!). Till then every guess, opinion and limited report are fair game for anyone to comment criticize or condemn. That’s life. Happily here things are kept within the bounds of civility - if you want something like the bar scene in Starwars, just drop in on an Australian MD forum - wow! P.S. the guy in question is alright - he just gets overexcited and he asks endless questions and is very upset if you don’t answer. We are in Norway visiting friends and my wife’s family and I am reminded of an old Norwegian expression. “En dåre kan spørre mer enn tre vise kan svare” - “One fool can ask more questions than three wise men can answer”
  12. OK, here’s my guess. I guess that MD-Hunter’s post is right and the Finders Keepers one is wrong. I guess that its “VFLEX IQ” and not “Multi IQ”. Why, because this new machine (or series) is likely intended to fill the big hole left in the under $600 range by the near disappearance of the X-Terra line. The sales of these must be languishing and the GoFind isn’t an adequate substitute. The VFLEX Technology was highly touted but 3 frequencies and needing separate coils for each frequency confused the heck out of would be buyers and would put a real enthusiast in the poorhouse. If I’m right, then I suspect this will be pitched as a breakthrough in single frequency detector design using the I/Q technology developed for the Multifreakers. Here’s a bit from Minelab about the IQ part of Multi IQ (just mentally delete the first three words of the below text. Simultaneous Multi-Frequency In-phase and Quadrature Synchronous Demodulation. We can go to a statement from Dr Philip Wahrlich, our principal technology physicist, about a key difference of Multi-IQ compared to the demodulation taking place in conventional single frequency VLF detectors: “Within the Multi-IQ engine, the receiver is both phase-locked and amplitude-normalized to the transmitted magnetic field – rather than the electrical voltage driving the transmitted field. This field can be altered by the mineralization in the soil (in both phase and amplitude), so if the receiver was only phased-locked to the driving voltage, this would result in inaccurate target IDs and a higher audible noise level. Locking the receiver to the actual transmitted field, across all frequencies simultaneously (by measuring the current through the coil) solves these issues, creating a very sensitive AND stable detector” On the other hand, they preached so hard about multi now “obseleting” singlefreakers that it might be hard to go back. The CDX replacement will take a lot longer I suspect as they learn from the shortcomings of the Equinox what the “Supernox” has to be in order to justify a greater than $1k price. We’ll see.
  13. Asking $1.4 million that’s over $100/sq. Ft. - doubt they’ll get it. They took out a $200k mortgage on it a couple of years ago, some bank will want their money back,
  14. If the hot rocks are on the surface, kicking them out of the way is safer - there might be a nugget buried beneath that -9 (or whatever) VID number rock. What we need of course is something which just doesn’t see the hot rocks, not discriminating them out like notching on a VLF, just not registering them at all without being blocked by their return signal from detecting anything else in that spot.
  15. My first TDI was one of the original batch of thru-hole models. It has a pretty warbely threshold about as bas as my SDC2300. The next one had mods devised by Reg Sniff including at least one IC changed. It had a nice smooth threshold and was noticeably deeper at least in air tests. The coil I mentioned was an open loop 14” mono. It air tested quite deep but Paul in CA who I sold the whole outfit to believes it is defective. Folks are justifiably sceptical about the Manta. It’s disclosed that it will be expensive and there has been so much disappointment in the past about discriminating PI’s that experienced users are wary of any such claims. All I can say is wait and see. Based on my limited time with the proto last October, it does what they say it does. The ferrous ID could be occasionally fooled by a fresh bottle cap or a very rusty Bobby pin, bit was otherwise very effective on very trashy beaches in Mission Bay San Diego. They have been working on the discrimination and LE.JAG has posted that it is significantly improved. Alexandre is a bit of a “mad scientist” type - he is absolutely obsessed with detector design. It has been his passion for over a decade and I have the strong impression that it’s about all he thinks about. Like everyone else interested in this Project, I am unhappy with the time it has taken to get it into production. There are lots of good reasons for this, having to do with issues like complex 3 layer circuit boards, very special construction requirements for 7 microsecond coils, thorough testing of the mechanical components and designing and qualifying the assembly and test stations and qualifying the operators. Meanwhile, back in the “Doc Brown’s Secret Laboratory” (I mean Alexandre’s place in France) - “Doc Brown” (I mean Alexandre) is busy with his “flux capacitor time machine” (I mean the AQ and a series of follow on model detectors) - after all, isn’t that what metal detectors are - time machines?? Lol
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