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  1. Works beautifully with a Bigfoot coil and the “non dfx” ones are still in the $250 - $350 range. when the targets are few, run all-metal and listen with a glance at the meter. It LD’s just fine in AM. Then the trash gets thicker go to disc - iron doesn’t fool it much.
  2. https://phys.org/news/2021-05-scrap-cash-bronze-age-witnessed.html Scrap bronze as the first cash in the western world. P.S. what’s it with “Wampum” a string of beads is cash??? OOps - maybe it’s just the first Bitcoin. An unfalsifiable evidence of work done (like bitcoin mining) worth something because it is concrete evidence of work done????
  3. Bruno, you aren’t comparing “apples to apples”. The $1499 price was for the AQ Limited and was intentionally low to get units in the field. The current guesstimate of the price of the AQ “Unlimited” version is in excess of $2000. The issue of exchange rate is interesting. Fisher will doubtless set their distributor level price in USD. If the European distributor pays in USD, his actual cost for the unit will be FEWER Euros than the amount in USD. European prices are influenced by many factors. There is increased shipping cost, import duties and most significantly - the European price includes Value Added Tax - VAT. US prices NEVER include local sales tax which is added on to the price at checkout.
  4. I suspect it will be released - too much invested to back away at this point - hopefully they have solved the production issues. If they have, they can sell them for 10 - 15 years at a nice quiet rate to serious salt beach hunters. Meanwhile everything learned throughout the VERY painful launch of the AQ Limited will be applied (I hope) to making the Impulse “Platform” a steady moneymaker for decades. We will see.
  5. Alexandre’s details apply to the “Unlimited” production version I believe. The AQ Limited now being sold by Fisher is shown in Arturo’s email as “IMPULSE-AQ-NIMH” - I take that to mean that it is the AQ Limited.
  6. If the above comments are accurate, It is a situation in which I am not pleased at the way Fisher has utilized the marketing information I sent them. I sent the President of FTP a strong email protesting their pestering “declined” customers with emails etc. Imagine my embarrassment when I found the cause of the mess.... I just figured out what the hell happened. MY BAD. I kept a neat list, all you prospective and committed customers, plus a list of those who had been on the list and declined later, plus all the buyers All neat on my iPad in “Numbers” the iOS spreadsheet. I just looked at what Fisher actually got. My spreadsheet converted to an incomprehensible list of Excel spreadsheets with all the data scrambled. MY apologies to anyone who has been inconvenienced. I will also have to apologize to the President of First Texas who I just sent a stiff email to!!!!! I do wish however that they had sent me an explanation of what they intended to do going forward.
  7. Nobody asked me any questions about the list. I was given no information regarding how they planned to use it to market the remaining AQ LTD production. The spreadsheet was clearly divided into prospective customers (thank you all) - “withdrawn” prospective customers - and customers who had purchased a unit. .............
  8. Some weeks ago Fisher decided that the remaining production of AQ Limited units should be sold directly by them. As part of the agreement under which Fisher and I documented ending my role as sole dealer of the AQ Limited, I forwarded to them my list of registered potential buyers. On the same spreadsheet were the details on those who had asked to be withdrawn from the list as well as those who had already purchased AQ’s. The agreement was satisfactory to to me and included compensation to me for providing the prospective buyers list and confirmed my ongoing role as a Fisher dealer.
  9. Fisher and I reached an agreement - they decided to proceed with production of AQ Limited units but felt that it would be best if they dealt directly with the buyers. Since this was a change from what had previously been agreed between us, it was necessary to reach a new agreement. This was done and my list of waiting buyers is now with them and I have received an acceptable compensation for my work in marketing the Limited. I will continue to be a FTP dealer and am very hopeful that my experience with this project over the last nearly 4 years will induce potential buyers to chose me as their dealer.
  10. I just checked Sven’s website and per the field tests he linked to, My factory Hip-Mount Teknetics Mark 1 was introduced in 1985, so I have a “qualified” machine. Here’s a link to his site...lots of stuff on vintage detectors....https://www.treasurelinx.com/tk.html
  11. It is a DFX “locked” into salt mode. It will reward you far beyond your $100 if you get out there and use it. Not great as a deep wading machine - that big case floats like a life preserver. I had one and found it to be useful and sensitive - buy it for $100 and I will pay you $200!
  12. I have no “inside info” except that it costs them way less to sell pallet loads of detectors to one place than a few boxes of them to another. I suspect that for most brands the “usual drill” in the “old days” was to “Sell into” lots of detectors. Make the distributors and dealers buy lots of stock in order to get the best margin on eventual “sell through” - retail sale to end users. That is going away as mom and pop dealers go away. The remaining dealers are online one way or another and other than the “big box” outlets - I suspect that they are on “direct ship” - they get an order and immediately place their order with the manufacturer who ships to the customer.
  13. I had two of the prototypes to test - one in San Diego and back here in AZ and another in Norway in conjunction with their Norwegian Agent. I also was offered the opportunity to purchase the first AQ Unlimited model in December 2019 and I happily did so. All of these functioned exactly as I expected - excellent depth even in black sand at Coranado in San Diego and with useful multitone and mute discrimination functions - nothing like a VLF discriminator, but in some circumstances very useful. Depth, quiet and power. That pretty well sums it up. It’s a PI, not a VLF/IB detector. As far as “selling” goes - it was a one-time arrangement - my 3-4 years background with the Manta Project, which became the AQ - made me uniquely suited to assist Fisher with this “Buy-In Public Beta” arrangement which no one in the detector world had ever tried before - to the best of my knowledge. Assuming the AQ proceeds to the “unlimited” stage, I hope to be a dealer for it - along with others.
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