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  1. I posted this on Dankowski as well, and a couple of bright folks suggested maybe FTP could use capacity to produce ventilators. While that is a far reach - they are complicated and need clean rooms for assembly, I sent the posts to Tom Walsh in case there is any critical item that they could make.
  2. The Mayor of El Paso issued a shutdown order of all “non-essential” businesses. First Texas Products - “FTP” (Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter) is in El Paso. A letter issued by the President of FTP, Tom Walsh. So it looks like the factory will continue activities for industrial and security products, but the Treasere/Hobby lines will not be open. Working from home, administrative and customer service functions will continue. Interestingly enough FTP has a lot of experience with working remotely. Their two most senior marketing folks as well as their chief engineer work primarialy from their respective homes in Colorado, Wisconsin and Oregon.
  3. Regarding the depth of targets in the video,I took some stills from the video. They show 1. An overview of the beach - if you click it to blow it up you can see another guy detecting 2.The beach surface when LE.JAG made the video - notice the marks on the pilings - I think the upper part is what was previously exposed and the lower part shows how much sand was shifted, 3.The original installation by the Nazis 4. One of the Teller mines - the bronze disc on the top is the fuse mechanism that LE.JAG found so many of. With the eagle and swastika, I suspect collectors who are into that sort of thing would eagerly buy these!
  4. Paul, I was looking for data on US army pay rates in the 1850’s and ran out of time. I did find this however and I think it’s pretty splendid! https://history.army.mil/html/books/075/75-1/CMH_Pub_75-1.pdf
  5. Closer than you may think. The mounds of issues which caused a cascade of delays have been - bit by bit - at times painfully - knocked down. At the extreme risk of being “the little boy who cried wolf” - I am modestly optimistic for a launch in the not distant future. Of course corona virus is a completely new issue and whether it is supply lines or the practicalities of keeping a factory full of hard-working assembly and administrative folks working the rough whatever comes out way - totally external factors may disrupt not only metal detector production and marketing but our lives in dramatic ways.
  6. I read the previous post.... Brevity is the soul of wit. the AQ will be launched - sooner or later; It will do exactly what it is supposed to do - recover more gold jewelry at salt water beaches than any previous detector .... Or it won’t. As far as whatever FTP will will not introduce - I have mo knowledge. Till then, more words don’t add more knowledge.
  7. Hopefully this latest plague will pass without terrible cost to us all; Many normal activities will likely be impacted and perhaps restricted. but then there is us - solitary headphones on - interacting with no one - just doing our thing. Great plan for avoiding a virus transmitted by touching or breathing in near discharged aerosol virus. Metal Detecting is a great survival strategy!!
  8. When I had a Nox 800 with me for a month or so on gulf and Atlantic beaches, I compared it extensively with a CZ 6 i also had with me. The Nox was deeper on small fluff and the CZ was deeper on big stuff, but the the differences were not major. This was on salt beaches with the Nox in beach 1 or 2.
  9. It may be that in the interests of security and so that they can update software anytime during the production run they want, that they load the software at some point after assembly via the USB port.
  10. Cal, no offense taken. My statement that things are progressing was to address the speculation (not unreasonable speculation at that) that FTP might drop the project. I posted what I did because I have concrete information that it is not being dropped and that they are moving forward toward series production and product release. Folks can either take my word for it, ignore it or publicly doubt it. My information was obtained first-hand in the course of discussing the possibility of my becoming a dealer for the entire Impulse line. As far as this being the strangest product introduction in the history of Metal Detectors, there might be some competition for that title! I believe that the AQ story is unique in several ways - and the many-years-long of its exposure to the public is a reflection of that history. The Manta was revealed and discussed on public international forums for four years before first Texas acquired the project and hired the team It began as a private development by a group in Europe led by Alexandre Tartar, a physicist. He was interested in PI detectors and the first appearance he made on the metal detecting forum scene was in 2012 on Carl’s Geotech forum, asking Eric Foster some questions about the Deepstar. His post started out with this “I am passionate about your detectors technology for several years now...” https://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?19033-Deepstar-history-and-Foster-PI&p=148021#post148021 I noticed that post because I have been interested in PI detectors and have been “tracking” Eric Foster’s work (on Geotec and elsewhere) since about 1990. After that, in 2013, a post appeared describing the Manta project and linking to a video demonstration of a prototype. https://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?20661-Manta-!!&highlight=Manta Alexandre made a series of posts in 2016 announcing the Manta Project. https://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?23177-Manta-Metal-Detector I was delighted in the spring of 2017 when I found out that FTP had acquired the project . I posted about it on more than one forum and the level of interest was extremely high among serious beach hunters. Since then I have posted regularly whatever disclosable information I could come by as well as my own thoughts and at times speculations. Subsequently, LE.JAG - the chief development tester for the Manta Project from its beginning, began to post on the usual forums. Later, Alexandre himself has posted a few times. Likewise Carl Moreland has made a few posts. The integration of a French speaking team, working on another continent with FTP’s engineering culture has doubtless not been problem free - how could it. Likewise designing a waterproof mechanical package for a powerful PI detector was no easy task. Then the FTP production system, built to produce relatively simple machines in extremely large quantity had to be modified to produce significantly more complex machines of a very different design. All this took time - way more time than I imagined and I am confident that FTP management was unpleasantly surprised also. At no time has FTP marketing announced or commented on a possible or planned release date. Until they do. We are all more or less in the dark.
  11. I have no information on exactly when AQ’s will be available and in what quantities.
  12. Things are progressing. Can’t say more, but it is a fact.
  13. Nobody can beat Amazon for delivering exactly what you have chosen in a day or so and at a rock bottom price. And if you want to return, just take it (boxed up or not) to UPS, they scan a QR code Amazon gave you and your money is back on your card. Nobody can compete with that - it’s retail Godzilla. But there is “concierge” service still viable. Offer advice, guidance, near equal rights of return (maybe with a modest restocking charge) - after all I don’t have Bezos’ billions - and unmatchable reach back to not only the producer, but the designer. That’s my plan for the AQ if FTP lets me play in their “pool”.
  14. The whole system of geography exclusive distribution agreements is collapsing. The right to sell X in region Y is toast. World wide distribution and online sales from Amazon and the likes have doomed that, I expect that the Minelab agent in NZ is doing OK for now. It is an old fashioned system based on limited communication and limited payment systems. It will die. The future is either Amazon or the like or a sort of “concierge” system of low friction but high support seller to buyer arrangement.
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