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    Black Forest, Germany, Close to the french and swiss border
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    Archeology, History. Metal Detecting and my Land Rover
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    Whites VX3 with wireless headphones, 950 concentric, 15 x 12 SEF, 10" D2
    Tangra Relic Hunter 2 (basicaly a Golden Mask 4WD) with 9" Spider and 12" Spider
    Makro Pointer, Minelab ProFind 25

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  1. But... if I got that right - the coil size affects the optimal refresh rate. With a small coil the chance to have two objects under it during a single "refresh-cycle" is close to zero. You could run the coil with a lower refresh rate allowing for more depth and a better signal. With a big coil the chances are high to have (at least) two objects under the coil while the signal is being processed. You would like to select the highest refresh rate possible to make the detector see both objects faster?
  2. Let me just check, if I understand the essence of this Topic because I am not a native English speaker. The 600 offers less finer steps in changing the R(ecovery)S(peed) than the 800 does? The 800 in addition allows for a bit slower AND a bit faster RS? So, if you want to use very small coils that allow for a slower RS or large coils (vice versa) then the search results with the 800 are likely to be a bit better?
  3. for less than half the price of the CTX that Minelab is still selling….. The only question is: Have the aussies been fooling you for years or are they fooling you now?
  4. Watched the whole video. She said they are working on it, but they dont want to sell something like the NOX that is basicaly a castrated V3i or CTX - between the lines… that is.
  5. At 0.41 they are talking about a simultaneous multi-frequency detector...
  6. Found some clubmates discussing who (and when) invented the first pinpointer. Google just found some hints. Feel free to discuss...
  7. 10 years after hitting the market... the V3i is selling like cake, you know. ? One other thing about the factory reset issue and the "cannot be done" fairytale. Users outside the US have been told for years that changing languages and from inches to metric units both are V3i only features and not available on the VX3. In the VX3's hidden factory reset menu you can select all languages available for the V3i and select metric units back and forth without any drawback.
  8. I got me used VX3 too. It came with the 950 concentric coil. I added the wireless headphones and the white Detech 10 x 12 SEF coil... all found on ama5one or eebay. I really enjoy the Whites on farmland while I tend to use a lighter Golden Mask 4WD while hunting in forests, riverbeds and for stealth operations because it fits in a bagpack and is lightweight. :-)
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