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  1. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Buying Deus With 9” High Frequency As Stock Coil

    Interesting post, Steve. Dealers can order a full set with the HF Elliptical as the standard coil, but not the round HF. Who knows what the future will bring? Wayne
  2. Metal Detecting Stuff

    First Person To Dive With Equinox?

    I saw another video of a guy testing his in the water on gold rings. The Equinox was sitting on the bottom, so it isn't going to be a detector that has has to be pushed down because of buoyancy issues. Some users are adding an empty water bottle under the arm cuff to help it bob when released. Wayne
  3. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    That's a great idea for a training class with everyone hearing the same tones. Thanks for sharing! Wayne
  4. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Why Do We Go To Treasure And Gold Shows

    Chuck, it was nice meeting you at the show. Thanks for supporting us. Hope to see you again soon. Wayne
  5. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Fisher F-Pulse Versus Garrett Carrot

    One other feature is the speaker relegated to the top of the handle. My other pinpointers always seem to get mud in the speaker port on th side, causing a decrease in sound.No more toothpicks! Wayne
  6. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Xtreme Scoops

    I can give you a little background on Xtreme Scoops. John Volek is a Law Enforcement officer, forensic diver, forensic trainer, and metal detecting underwater recovery expert. He designed the Xtreme series of scoops after using most of the major suppliers scoops over the years. He solicited input from the detecting community as well as designed these to meet his needs. If you've seen his recovery videos, you have seen him placing an underwater grid of pvc pipe to grid off his search areas. John wanted an extremely strong scoop that was lighter than the high end scoops currently on the market. These have added support inside the scoop as well as multiple tabs welded on the sides for increased strength. Currently there are three different configurations to assist in keeping small items from falling out of the scoop- X1/X2/X3. He is also releasing a smaller scoop called the Shredder in the next few weeks. These are all made in Texas, laser cut and tig welded. I can vouch for his quality and design process. Check them out on his site or you can order them directly from my website. Wayne
  7. Metal Detecting Stuff

    My New Treasure Talk Blog - Equinox 600 Vs 800

    Steve, this a great resource. Fully explains the differences in the different models. I’ve been providing a link to the blog to clients to help them decide. Wayne
  8. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

    Thanks Steve! I hope to be able to participate in ongoing discussions. As those that know me will tell you, I'm generally a low key kind of guy that try's to help others with answers when I can. Wayne
  9. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

    Thanks Chuck! wsyne
  10. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    Thanks Gary, it will ship Tuesday.
  11. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    Yes, three left.
  12. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    I have four Equinox 600s available. First come first served! https://metaldetectingstuff.com/collections/frontpage/products/minelab-equinox-600-metal-detector Wayne
  13. We got 2 800s and several 600s today. We are one business day shipping from our distributor. So most dealers should get shipment #2 this week. I do have some extra Equinox 600s available on our website, both 800s are presold. Wayne
  14. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

    By the way, Cabelas cancelled a bunch of orders last week and are now estimating delivery after 3/30 based on screen shots I've seen. I think the pre-order guys are back on track! Wayne
  15. Metal Detecting Stuff

    Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

    HI Don, you are correct. Yours came in today and will go out today. Should be in your hands Thursday! Wayne