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  1. Jim This is the first time in history that a Old Coot like me has been in demand. You just name your price and I’m sure my wife will say he’s yours. Hope you had luck finding what you wanted. Chuck
  2. I really don’t see how anyone can respond to your question without not one person having one in their hands. I’d call it a wag and that’s a wild ass guess and that’s all any of this guessing has been so far. Chuck
  3. Wayfarer Did you pull in the shaft some and run the coil near your feet? Like you said it’s all about weight and balance but remember it’s not the fall that kills you it’s the sudden stop . I witness that first hand. The Best! Chuck
  4. Gerry If you don’t quit putting things in your mouth other than food you going to be sorry one day. If it’s a nugget we may more patient than your wife if it’s a ring because she may say the heck with this waiting. Then run her hand down your throat and pull it back out. Chuck
  5. Condor I wish you the best of luck and try to enjoy yourself. I know it’s going to be hard to do so being we all are not with you. haha Do keep us posted if and when you can. Chuck
  6. Maybe those who are up in the air about a new detector with their stomach in a knot I just may have a cure. If you out there that has this problem about a half box of X Lax would be a quick cure and no one can say you’re full of Sh__ anymore. Chuck
  7. Hey Jim I’d never heard of Coot before but done a search on them for sale and they come up everywhere. They even have a Cootworld . Chuck
  8. I can’t say if I made a video it would be any better but I guess I just don’t go there and embarrass myself. I do have a grandson that went to college just for making anything doing with filming and one day he wants to be a director. Chuck
  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees this has to be the top worthless video I’ve ever seen. Chuck
  10. Some years back I used a PI detector on the beach and found it’s no limit how far one can dig . I’ve used the SDC in nugget country but I want to reach out to someone that’s used it extensively on the beach. Where I’d plan on using it I’ve got to backpack in. I have other detectors I can use but I want the SDC for it’s compactness and it don’t stick out like a sore thumb . I don’t plan on getting my feet wet so being it’s waterproof is not important. I thank you ahead of time! Chuck
  11. The first thing one will run into is the housing on the SDC has a half moon in it already at 8” . So for a elliptical coil to fit in the recess it couldn’t be over 8” long . I don’t see Minelab willing to make a change to the housing to accommodate the elliptical coil that I would like. Like I said it don’t hurt to ask, Chuck
  12. Dan My daughter and my money went to A&M and I’ve always wanted to return class rings. I have over the years done so but I wouldn’t send it to A&M because it truly will be lost. Steve gave you the best advice to help you in your endeavor. Chuck
  13. Have you ever had your pick bounce like a rubber ball on some of that hard ground and to dig down deeper than 8” for a boot tack ? Just maybe a 8” limit don’t sound so bad. Chuck
  14. Jen What was the best depth did you get get with the 8” coil on the 5000 ? Do you remember what the weight of each nugget you was using for the testing you done? I just find the statement you made that no matter the size of the nugget it’s depth was limited to the same as the 8” coil. I know a detector along with a coil has it limits as a nugget gets smaller on depth but a large one on the SDC would be more than 8” I would think. It’s not like you have a invisible force saying SDC you can’t detect beyond 8” . I don’t know because I wasn’t there! Chuck
  15. Hey Doc I was told that you do have a special going and that’s buy one with the next one free . Just to show you what a great guy I am I’ll take the free one and leave you with the other so you can make some money. Sometimes I just can’t believe what a big heart I have. Best to you Doc ! Chuck
  16. Oneguy I’d say you answered my question in relation to diameter of the coil it has now and how long the elliptical could be. I’m sure it would have a limit on the length beyond the 8” stock coil. Minelab may say son you fell out of a tree on your head but like I always told my kids and that’s the most I can say is no . Thanks Oneguy for your input. Chuck
  17. Jen If you ordered another SDC are you saying you wouldn’t like to have the option of a round coil are a elliptical one . That’s as long it didn’t change the compactness of it? I know I would pass on anything that would change the uniqueness of the way it unfolds. Just seeing it do it’s thing makes it worth every penny that I’ll pay for one. Chuck PS That just shows you how easy I’m entertained.
  18. Jen I just sent Minelab a not so long letter on the possibility of putting a elliptical coil and yet keeping the compactness of the SDC. In no way would I want to lose that. I’ll post if and when I hear back from Minelab . Chuck
  19. Jen if you and I never agree on anything else the SDC 2300 is a great detector to have . I had one when it first came out and I remember that battery problem that I fixed with Rob’s business card.haha I was in Arizona at the time with it and before I left this guy from Canada fell in love with it. At the same time I fell in love with his money. You know rest of the story. I’d wish love ❤️ whatever you want to call it that Minelab would come out with other coils for it . I’m not talking about someone’s else after market coils. Maybe just to keep the size down and compact it could go with a elliptical coil. Hey Minelab sometimes I’m so bright they have to cover my head up in the morning so the people of the world knows the sun came up. What I’m saying Minelab put a elliptical coil on the SDC 2300 and that will make it more compact than before. One thing you won’t have that half moon 🌚 coil sticking up like you do now on it . I’ll put my name in the pot now for one! What dealer out there wants to take my order for the first one out ? My head hurts and I know this happens every time I start thinking. Chuck
  20. So that’s where I lost it! Gold is where you find it and it makes no difference where that is. In the ground are in someone’s mouth 👄.haha The best! Chuck
  21. I really can’t say because I can’t get it to run . Chuck
  22. Jen I’ve tried those one piece but you just can’t wear them in the heat of summer. Joke for the day. Two hunters was going together to hunt deer but one just had to take his wife with him . The first morning the guy with the wife looked over and his wife was in the sleeping bag with the other guy. The other guy said See I told you your wife was going to mess up our hunting trip. Have a great day everyone! Chuck
  23. Gerry Thanks for making the video on the Axiom and what we can expect of it when we can get our hands on one. Keep making the videos Gerry. You just can’t beat the show and the tell it looks like the Axiom can speak for it’s self. I don’t guess the Axiom said when Garrett said when they will be released? Chuck
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