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  1. Yes I’ve got two battery packs in the mail headed my way now. Chuck
  2. Like I always told my kids it doesn’t hurt to ask because the most I can say is No . Sometimes I did say yes. Chuck
  3. Is it my hearing correct that the window of detection with the stock coil in Disc is more pronounced than the 12” beast coil ? Chuck
  4. It was a video testing different coins in different frequencies and it may been made by Aaron . I first said another but that’s not correct. Chuck
  5. I feel this is a great video that won’t hurt any of us see again. If nothing else I done it for me . Chuck
  6. Chase Thanks for your input and just maybe I do need to take a look at the stock coil. I don’t believe anyone is going to make a coil specifically for me but I’d like to hear the opinion of others. As always talk is cheap. Chuck
  7. I know myself over the years liked to hunt with a small coil but you had the option of a round coil and really was it Now days you can get them in about any variation one would want. I’d like to hear from others if you see the need for a smaller coil like the one I started this post with. Up front I want everyone know I think the beast 12” coil is great and I don’t have trouble swinging it. For myself I see the need of having a small coil would be a advantage to me when not a BeachHunter . The main advantage to a small coil to start with is you can get it in places tha
  8. JCR You’re so right on the old farmer’s always had tarps. They’d use one if it looked like it may rain before they could get it in the barn. They’d say put that tarp over it until we can get back to it . I know what you said is very much true being over my 80 years I’ve been there and done just that. In the winter when we killed a hog it was always put it on a tarp to keep it clean. Then if it like it may rain we’d have another tarp to cover our work to keep from getting wet. Chuck
  9. I love the Nox but I believe the Tarsacci is more a heavy duty made detector . It’s like Chase said he hasn’t heard of a Tarsacci drowning as of yet. I don’t care what brand of detector you buy and how good their quality control is it don’t mean that something can’t go wrong with it. The bad thing is when your detector when out today and your warranty went out yesterday. The Best To All ! Chuck
  10. Hey kaolin washer If you can find their clothes line where they hung them out to dry is a are can be a rewarding place to look . Way back when being they didn’t have a washing machine and no dryer they would shake them out before hanging them. If any coins was still in the pockets out they came when she did. The Best! Chuck
  11. The trouble they were having and the trouble you’re having is two different problems. When it won’t turn off is right there in the on and off button. It’s no way a coil could stop you from turning the detector off. If it did I’d say that would be it would be a first. Chuck
  12. The only hope you have is you can still send it in and get it fixed. Like you said it has the shortest warranty but we all knew that when we ordered it. I just hope your problem isn’t a common problem for all of us. Chuck
  13. Carolina What you saying about the pad it don’t sound good. I hope you have some warranty left on it . I’ve had a detector for over 20 years and never had a problem. Then others had trouble the day I received it. Do keep us informed and hope you get it back soon. Chuck
  14. Oh Steve Just like women I love them all be short big are tall. I don’t believe you can find one detector that will do everything and it’s great to have so many detector companies wanting to please us the customer.. I think I’ve bought a detector from every company that sales detectors over the years. Chuck
  15. A friend use them for washers to hold tin down on a goat shed. It’s cheaper than buying washers in a hardware store. It’s been for years that it cost more to make them than they worth. Chuck
  16. Over the many years I’ve been detecting I’ve returned lots of rings . The thing to expect is you may not even get a Thank You when you hand it back to the person who lost it. You just remember that you done the right thing. That’s what you have to remember when you turn and walk away because the others are long gone. Chuck
  17. Jim Be sure to join the Tarsacci forum if you haven’t already. All those videos that Aaron has gone to the trouble of making is a great help. If you can’t get out when you get your Tarsacci it’s not like lots of other detectors I’ve yet to find anything inside that bothers it. The Best To You Jim ! Chuck
  18. Midalake That’s the way it is as one gets older in we forget. Hey Jim If and when you get a Tarsacci you will find it loves gold . It’s well made. When you push the on button you don’t have to hold it down until it comes alive. You push it’s on and the same powering it down. You don’t have to remember what a I-con stands for because you don’t have any. You have a abbreviated word for each mode are setting that’s easy to understand. You will find the voltage drain is low and slow. If the battery goes out you have a backup that’s furnished. You
  19. Hot dog Jim if we tell you everything we know then you’ll know more than we do.haha I’ve always hunt with the coil lowest to the ground as I can get .My swing is slow and listening for those signals that’s hard to hear . I hunt anywhere I can and for anything I dig up. My first love is hunting around old home places. Being I worked for the phone company that helped to get access to a lot. I know one place that at one time had maybe a fairgrounds that closed up about 1945 and that was a great place to hunt. The detector I started out hunting with was a BFO and then TR bo
  20. Midalake I said the same about the window in Disc is almost nothing. It sounds like every target is standing on its edge. I feel the window of detection in DISC are MIX mode shouldn’t be any different. The only difference between the two is some items will be blocked out depending on the level of discrimination. Other than what I was referring to about I find the Tarsacci is great detector. I do wish Tarsacci would take a look at what may be a problem that can be corrected. Chuck
  21. Jim Like Aaron said the beast coil has great separation and as it’s name it’s been given it is a great coil. I haven’t been out much detecting in the field but testing in house so I can run the Tarsacci without even have to think about it . I’ve found detecting in DISC it has a narrow window of detection but running in the MIx mode the window is wider on detection and louder coming from the speaker. I’ve been at this for a little over 55 years now and all that time I used 6” coil. I’m hopping in the not to distant future Tarsacci will come out with a small coil.
  22. I like watching the show How It’s Made and when I turned the TV on today it was about making detectors. They were at Garrett factory and started out showing how their coils were made plus how each was tested. Then they went through the whole assembly to complete a working metal detector. I’ve seen something like this before but I believe it was somewhat different than the previous one. It was just good to see something American made. Chuck
  23. That odd thing is part a lantern where the wick comes out. My reasoning for calling it a lantern is I don’t see the metal arms that come up to hold a glass that a lamp has . Chuck
  24. Heck it’s no better here in Texas. Any place it’s a state park you can’t go on there with a detector. Along the coast if it’s a state park you better not pull a detector out unless you want a fine are jail time. We have some treasure ship’s along the coast so to make sure they keep you off they made it National sea shore . There they don’t put you in jail they put you under it . like your problem they don’t want to put out the time and money plus all the hard work and maybe still get nothing. They are willing to take it from you like Texas did in 67 from some treasure hunters. If th
  25. Carolina That’s the only trouble with a big coil but what I do is run it just as near to your feet as can. Even when I was young starting out detecting I went with a small coil. Then I could hunt all day and day after day yet never get tired. The trouble now is all my youth went south and I don’t mean South America. The Best To You and never give up are give in. Chuck
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