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  1. If not maybe you should ! You get a lot for your money. Chuck
  2. That video is well done that even a nut like me can understand. Chuck
  3. Mark Thanks for posting that video but I wonder where is part 1&2 being this is called part 3 ? Chuck
  4. I was tonight thinking about knocking at the door of Dimitar Gargov again but due to no response to my last email I’m thinking why bother. I’m at a loss why a small company that Mr. Gargov has wouldn’t be more receptive to any question from a prospective buyer than he does. Chuck
  5. GotAU What you just said about your detector turning off and on was the big problem with the 2300 when they came out. The problem was the C batteries was a loose fit and when the batteries loss contact it would go off then back on again. The thing that corrected the problem right away was a business card push down beside the batteries and that filled up the extra space. Who knows maybe your battery in your 6000 has a problem like the 2300. Chuck PS When you snap your battery back into the contacts they may not be top quality and not a tight fit when you first got it.
  6. Northeast Under the picture it says find a 1/2 ounce nugget at 4 ft without getting off your quad . I’ve got the Brooklyn Bridge for sale but do you want it with pigeons are not. All I’m saying is seeing is believing but you got to spend the money to find out if it’s true. Maybe be best if I come down and dig for you.haha Chuck
  7. Northeast Go to this site called hotfootrug .com This coil is a blanket that you can drag behind just about anything you want. Chuck
  8. GotAU I’ve looked at it and others just like it and the price don’t vary all that much. My birthday is one day after Mother’s Day so I’ll see if my return is time’s 10 .haha Thanks everyone for their input. I’ll post a picture if and when I get it. Chuck
  9. I was just wondering if any of you out there with one nugget hunting. I myself have been thinking about going that route and if I do I’m going with one that’s folding. I’m planning getting the 20” with 4” fat tires. I’m open for any suggestions being this will be my first but I’ve had everything else in the past from other two wheel and 4 wheel. The great thing about 4 wheel you don’t have to remember to put your feet down when you stop . That could be my downfall. Chuck
  10. Aaron I think what you said is so true in I’ll tell you when I want you to know and now go off not to bother me anymore. I know it’s going to the correct email address but I’m not going there again. Buying a detector is in its own way like buying a car. I wouldn’t go buy the same car that I bought two years ago. Well buying a detector is the same in with nothing new why put out money for same thing you had before. I really hope Tarsacci company enjoys not making a profit because that’s what it’s coming to if somebody don’t wake up and realize they need us the customer. Detector stuff I still wish you the best of luck on your talk. If you were there and both of you when to the restroom at the same time and he was in the next stall and he was out of toilet paper he may talk with you then if you won’t give him some if he won’t talk with you. I say whatever it takes . haha Chuck
  11. All I can say is I’ve yet to hear a word from anyone from Tarsacci company. I still wonder how many Tarsacci are in the field other than us three here . Chuck
  12. Hey John Be careful out there when it’s lightning because you get hit by it and it can sure do a lot of damage to a good watch. Laying all jokes aside around water you are the highest target and lightning loves that. Lightning has been known to hit a hundred miles away. Chuck
  13. Nuggets I to was pleased with the service and my problem was a defective battery. Chuck
  14. Dancer I’m like you in I have other detectors with coils that will work but I’d still like to have one for the Tarsacci. For what it’s worth I haven’t heard back yet from anyone from Tarsacci company. Chuck
  15. My oldest son and his wife are headed your way but I don’t know when are where they planning on going to what part of Italy. Who knows they may be going to your neck of the woods . The Best! Chuck
  16. I just sent a email to the powers that be if we can plan on a new updated Tarsacci coming out soon. I also ask the question if maybe we could see a elliptical coil coming out in the not so distant future. I myself would like to give the Tarsacci a try at nugget hunting and I can’t do it with the stock coils that’s available now. If and when I do hear something back I’ll pass it on here. The Best To All! Chuck
  17. It’s still out there but you have to be willing to put in the time looking for it. Another thing that’s great about gold it don’t make any difference how small it is it still makes the heart beat fast and it’s still gold. Thanks for the show and tell! Chuck
  18. I don’t know who you are out there doing a rain dance every week but will you please stop. Of all things the river is up from the pictures I posted here a while back. It’s showing more rain is coming all of next week . Any other time we’d be telling the town above us to flush their toilet’s because Seguin needs the water but that’s not the case this time, Chuck
  19. Nuggets The same thing happen to me with a new detector and it was a Minelab. So now I carry extra batteries extra detector and extra anything just in case. My trip was over a thousand miles. Chuck
  20. Redz I have to say your right on one can find are learn just about anything on the net. For myself I’ll take guys like Gerry are Rob that’s been in the field for years doing it and I can turn around asking either that I need help. Instant YT ! I do hope if you ever out there nugget hunting maybe you can get yT on your cell and that one problem you’re having you can find someone on YT that has had that problem. I’ve been at this for over 55 years and I don’t know a 1/10 of what Rob are Gerry know about nugget hunting. Chuck
  21. The only two dealers I’ve had dealings with over the years has been Rob and Gerry . You buy a gold detector from Rob he will give you extra items you should need in the field detecting. He will also give you one day training in the field on how to use your detector. You buy from Gerry he may not give you extra items to go with your detector but in turn he gives you 3 days in the field training with your detector. Both dealers are happy to give you the 15% off if you are a vet and will ask if you are one. Now if I go to the big stores they could care less if I ever learn anything about that detector I bought from them because they don’t know even less about it than you do. I’m not even sure if you are a vet if they will give you the 15 % off and it will be a cold day in hell if they ask. I was told by a Minelab dealer that if he didn’t sale a certain number of detectors Minelab would cut him off as a dealer. He’s not one now because of that. In my opinion any company that sales to the big stores could care less about you the little guy the small dealer but it was you that made them big. When you want something for less less is what you get. Chuck
  22. Thanks Rick but I just shipped it off today and it had both coils. Chuck
  23. It’s several that may live not too far from you on here and I hope they will respond to your question. Being here in Texas I’m not any help to you. The best! Chuck
  24. Wilderland Gerry is one of the best dealers around and he’s not going to lead you astray. If you get out nugget hunting with that 900 play it safe and dig every signal. That’s just my opinion and make it low and slow. If you find any nuggets that’s too small just mark them and I’ll come behind you watering them so they’ll grow. Glad to have you and best of luck in the field. Chuck
  25. Why don’t you go to the classifieds section and put WTB a 5000. I’d say this is the best way to find what you want. Chuck
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