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  1. Back about the same time the Eagle 2 came out I got a Fisher detector from Kellyco. I think you just took it out of the box and all you had to do was put the coil on. The first thing I didn’t like about it was it would fall over every time you put it down. The shaft looked like PVC pipe and the little bolts that keep it together would come loose and fall out. Kellyco had this deal if you didn’t like the detector you got you could send it back and get another of equal are more value. You had to do this within 30 days. I make the call and this woman answered I told her what I wanted to do. She then gives the phone to a guy but I could hear her smart ass remarks before the guy came on . I told the guy the same thing and he said no problem. That’s how I got my Eagle 2 and had been using Whites from day one detecting. Kellyco rates themselves at 4.8 % and that’s why I said I must be the .2 % . Now you know the rest of the story. Chuck
  2. I’m not sure if and when I’ll buy a Garrett detector but Garrett I do thank you! I’ve used the 15% discount with Minelab for a long time and I thank Minelab for that kind offer they make to the vets of us here in the US . Thanks Gerry for posting that info. Chuck
  3. Jim I’ll tell you a good one! I’ve got a new 800 and it being my third one that yet touch ground . The next will bring tears to your eyes because next to it is a new 6000 that a friend bought and had it sent to me. The reasoning behind this is my friend has problems and I was going to get him and we’d go together nugget hunting. Now I’m not sure if it would be the best thing for him to take him away from his Dr . I can assure you that I know how your life can change overnight. My wife in 2018 took a bad fall and because of that she’ll never be the same again and she’s 8 years younger than me. The Best To You ! Chuck
  4. We including me got our butts in the air over high gas prices but you can bitch all you want it’s not going away anytime soon. In the past I’ve done with less and I can Sam Hill do it again if the need be .You got to eat at home are wherever you at at the time. So that cost won’t be much different than at home. I know for me it would be less being my refrigerator is not 20 feet away. I can’t say I ever like staying in a tent but if that’s the only way I can go and do what I want then don’t stand in my way. Now days they make tent’s for trucks and back of cars. Heck you can get one that goes on top of one if you like. You sit at home saving that money and yes I know we need to save some for a rainy day but bye the time gas prices go down we may not be here anymore. I’d myself would be on the road now if my 99 year old mother didn’t need her 81 young and tender year old son to see about her. All I’m saying people is get out and enjoy life while you can because we don’t know what tomorrow brings! Maybe after a week you need a fresh coat of dirt check yourself in a motel for a night. I like seeing bumper stickers saying we spending our kids inheritance. Like me I want it to be a sad day for everybody when I go .haha I’m just again saying get out and enjoy life anyway you can but remember you may have to adjust to do it. Chuck
  5. I wonder if the powers that be have ever put a pencil to see how much money the state loses by not letting people dredge each year??? Their elevator may go to the top but their lights get awful dim . Chuck
  6. You may want to try this made out of hot water PVC. Chuck
  7. I think that plate is above a lot of coins I’ve found depending their age. Great find! Chuck
  8. Had the Deus and the dealer talked me into getting the 11” coil and never was happy with it. I later sold it and when the ORX came out with the 9” coil I bought it . If I bought the Deus 11 today it would be the 9” coil on it too . Above all buy what you think will make you happy! Remember it’s your money you’re spending.. The Best! Chuck
  9. Dancer Yes it’s time to go wading but a little hard to keep cool if the water is not bumping your chin . At 81 this week being young and tender I’m going from tree to tree 🌳. Digging in the ground is like driving a nail into hand wood . If you ever done that before then you can relate. What they say something like age is just a number. My mine says I’m 16 but my body says I’m full of Bull . You have a great day Dancer! Chuck
  10. Reno Chris The nuggets was coming so fast it’s like I was fishing one time. That day the fish was biting so good I had to stand behind a tree to bait my hook. Thanks for the show and tell. Chuck
  11. dewcon 4414 Looking over my Beast coil and the new coil cover you show should gave my coil protection for a long time. Not too long ago I got the stock coil with a cover and it be great if it was as thick as what you show . I haven’t had the opportunity to get out with the stock coil and way the heat is running it may be a while. The day they show it will be 102 with the rest of the week all above 95 . Thanks for the show and tell. Chuck
  12. Hard Prospector like you said that’s a not just good deal but a great one. Jim Straight email me and was saying the same thing about that detector. He was using one himself in the desert and having good luck with it. I never meet Jim face to face but we’d send each other reading material. I did get one and like he said it was a great detector at a great price. But stupid here like so many times before I sold it and like you will be I was kicking my butt for doing it. Chuck
  13. Minelab I believe that you have the knowledge to give us a update on our Nox that would leave the new kiddos on the block in the dust. Updates is a brain thing and you don’t have to retool but could boost sales because of it. Minelab you got the ball in your park and I find it hard to believe that you a number one detector company is going to sit on your butt doing nothing. Chuck
  14. When I make mine I’m not trying to win any beauty contest. I just want it to serve the need what it should have had in the first place but they all about the same way inadequate. Chuck
  15. It’s a pain in the backside to buy a detector and the first time you sit it down it falls over like a dead horse. I won’t go out the door with one until I get that problem fixed. Chuck
  16. Make you a stand like the one I made for my ORX and stop that falling over. It’s made out of hot water PVC and paint it black. Chuck
  17. Some time back Aaron made a video showing how to cut out foil and still detect your target below it . I’d have to go find it to be sure In what I said but I think he was using small pieces of foil. Aaron made a lot of videos and all was very educational in relation to the Tarsacci. Chuck
  18. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Be it gem are relic it to is in the eyes of the beholder. Now if it don’t work it may be trash unless you think you can fix it. Reg would have jumped on that with both feet. Chuck
  19. I know what you are saying because I too have been there myself and this grown man cried like a baby for the loss of a friend that dog. Chuck
  20. I see your problem it’s that lazy dog that’s doing less than nothing but we still love them. Chuck
  21. The main thing is never give up and remember what’s being made now is not catching all the gold. I know myself have been working on a dredge that after running it a day all your cons won’t take but one gold pan to clean it all up. I can’t say it would win a beauty contest but it will catch all the gold. The Best! Chuck
  22. It takes all kind of people to make this world 🌎 but some we could do without. I’ve returned items that different ones have lost and some will say thank you so much. Then others wouldn’t give you the time of day. You remember that you done the right thing by returning whatever it is. Happen this morning. I’d been to the store and was getting things out of my car. When here comes two little dogs acting like they wanted to take me on but seen how big I was turned tail and ran . I knew they had to belong to the new people that just moved in. So I went to let them know their two pot lickers was out. The lady did thank me but on the way back here was a dollar bill laying in the grass. So you see it does pay to do nice things for people. Chuck
  23. I don’t know when they will be here but two dealers are saying the price is 169.15. If that’s so it’s a great price for that size coil. Chuck
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