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  1. Dubious

    Vegas Here I Come !!

    I've recently picked up the 15" coil, and have used it a few times in parks, hoping for an extra inch in certain locations. Not sure about the depth question, yet; but I was pleased to find that it handles EMI reasonably well.
  2. Dubious

    The Nox, Part 2

    My feeling is still that the Etrac has advantages over the Nox for deep coins in most park-type settings (in some very junky places where the Etrac is virtually useless, the Nox can still function and separate out coins). I've more recently picked up a CTX as well, but it's more like the Etrac than otherwise (I do like target trace) so doesn't change my opinion. I would say the Nox is at least as deep, though; and admit that as I get more familiar with the nuances of the Nox, I "upgrade" its capabilities with respect to coins. One area, though, in which the Etrac has both the Nox and CTX beat is in the availability of coils. Yes, their stock coils are good, but I would really like to try a few others that aren't presently available (and probably never will be), such as the 6x8 SEF...
  3. In parks, I usually use Park 2 these days, but probably should be using Park 1 for maybe a little extra depth on coins. After all, most coins are sufficiently not vertical to register, and it generally makes sense to play the odds. The coin on edge issue is another reason I wish Minelab would open up its machines to the coil makers. There are coils like the Tornado with reputations for doing a better job hitting coins on edge, and it would be nice to have them for the Nox.
  4. Dubious

    Hacking The White's V3i

    Any success with this project? I almost went the V3i route some years back, but ended up with the Etrac, instead. The V3/i still intrigues me, but I'll probably wait until Whites comes out with the next version with faster hardware. Too bad the V3 user base is so small. If it were a popular computer or even Android phone, we'd probably have a variety of cracked and maybe even rewritten open source versions of the software floating around. As it is, it probably requires a very determined individual with the right skill set and a lot of free time to disassemble and reverse engineer the code. I like Steve's idea of Whites being forthcoming and opening up the detector and its software to hobbyists, but that is probably even less likely to happen, alas.
  5. I also like the mini Samsung, but am shy about taking it to parks--certainly looks less offensive than a long handled shovel, though. In parks, I try for the low key and non-dangerous look. In many places, it is actually a crime to carry a large knife, so I try to use tools that suggest gardening rather than weapons.
  6. Dubious

    Can You Hear Me Now?

    Great idea for those who use hearing aids--eliminate the middleman and turn a negative into a positive! It may also mean that you are now a cyborg 🙂
  7. 11-14 is about right. Because of differences in ground and whatever else is nearby, impossible to count on exact numbers for any nickel, at least where I am. Also, while I agree the Nox is good for seeing nickels, it is even better at finding pulltabs--and none of the tricks used have helped much with that...
  8. For parks, Raptor Model 31. Less intimidating than a shovel, and easier to carry.
  9. Dubious

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    KevinKing, the machine you sent in for repair still belongs to you, so you should be able to get it back, even if Tesoro files for bankruptcy. Of course, when companies cease operating (and I don't know that Tesoro has ceased operating completely), there can be confusion and things can go into black holes, which would leave you with a claim against Tesoro--probably not what you want. I have two Tesoro's, which have never needed repair, knock on wood. If I did need to send one to Tesoro for repair, and it was still in this limbo mode, I might do so, but would definitely want to communicate with someone there first, to receive at least some assurances that its repair operation was still operating. If you can't raise any response from Tesoro, you might try contacting Tesoro dealers. It's very likely some of them have been looking into the repair issue and have answers, since they are selling machines with warranties for which they could be on the hook. I understand your frustration, but for many years Tesoro was actually considered one of the better companies for customer service.
  10. Dubious

    Scams Out There

    Banks like to have agreements making the customer the bagholder if anything goes wrong, allowing them to suck from one account to cover something in another, even if it was the banks carelessnes that allowed the fraud. That's why it's wise not to use the same bank for everything. If you maintain a balance in your PayPal account, that balance is always hostage. I don't know if Paypal will also try to suck from your linked non-Paypal accounts, if something goes wrong and it wants you to be the bagholder.
  11. Dubious

    Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K

    No problem. Good to know, and glad the 24k is working for you. I may get one, myself, one of these days.
  12. The East Coast of the U.S. has slightly older coins, but the West Coast where I am is about the same as New Zealand, coin-wise. I suppose there is a very slight chance of Spanish coins in California (never found one); but, generally, I am thrilled when I find an 80-year old dime :)
  13. Thanks for the videos and explanations.
  14. So in gold modes, the Equinox 800 would sound like a Gold Monster 1000. I thought so, but wasn't sure, as I have a 600. (Someone earlier was considering the Nox and GM and admiring the GM's sounds.)